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Edward was gritting his teeth he was pissed if one more person referenced him and Carlisle in the same sentence he would go postal and he was only halfway through his first 48 hour shift. Just then his pager went off and whipping it off of his waist he looked at it and went running at the 911 flashing up at him.

"What's going on?" he rushed into the room.

"Code blue." One of the nurses said as Edward grabbed the paddles. "Charge to 300." He spent long agonizing minuets trying to revive his patient.

"Time of Death. 10:56" he sighed stripping his gloves. He knew it was a part of his job but that didn't mean it didn't hit him hard and strong. He leaned against the nurses station filling out a chart when he saw a shadow descend over him.

"I heard you lost a patient I'm sorry to hear that." He glanced up to see Carlisle standing over him.

"It's all part of the job right." He shrugged.

"It's still hard I've been doing this for almost eighteen years and it never gets easier."

"Edward felt his stomach drop at those words but he pretended that they didn't bother him. "I'll keep that in mind." His eyes went back to the chart ignoring Carlisle who just sighed and walked away he wanted to get along with his step children but they never seemed to want to be around him. Even Alice was stand offish at times.

Edward watched him go and shook his head. This would be a long shift.

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