Even she herself didn't know why she chose to forgive him.

That horrid memory when he betrayed her would come back to her at the oddest moments. She felt like crying every time she allowed herself to think of that. It was painful, too painful. Sure, she knew that Sasuke was beginning to change before that happened, she'd sensed his chakra getting darker... Scarier... But she didn't want to think about that. Though she wouldn't admit it, she loved him. She would always follow him. Even though she would never say this, she even had trouble admitting it to herself, but it was true.

She was willing to stay by his side no matter what happened.

Only when he actually stabbed her did it fully register on her mind that Sasuke had truly changed. The evil look in his eyes proved that, his disregard for her and the rest of his "organization". How could he? Why? After all they've been through together? To just turn his back on her like she was nothing to him. Was that all she was to him?

"Karin, you're nothing but worthless to me if you can be taken hostage," was all he said to her with that sick, maniacal look in his eyes.

She remembered seeing the candy pink haired girl sobbing as she healed her, and thought of her as pathetic. Crying in front of the enemy, showing your emotions so freely like that and letting them get in the way of the goal of the mission, whatever that goal was. She calls herself a shinobi? Please. Karin wasn't one to talk though, she too felt like crying, but Karin was a big girl. Big girls didn't cry.

She stayed silent as she watched the kunoichi cry, listening to the battle between Sasuke and his former sensei below her. She almost didn't want the girl to heal her, what was the point anyways? She'll be taken back to konohagakure, interrogated most likely, then be held as a prisoner of war.

Though these things didn't scare her in the least. What she was really saddened about was that she'll never see Sasuke again.

And as she leaned back against the wall of the bridge and listened to the fighting going on down below, she found herself worrying over Sasuke again.

'Sasuke, I healed your wounds, but if you continue like this...' she realized what she was thinking and mentally shook herself, looking down at the ground in front of her, 'No, I don't care about him anymore,' she mentally reminded herself, her hands clenching into fists by her side.

'I only wanted to see his smile again.' She found herself thinking as she closed her crimson eyes and let her body lean forward a bit.

She was locked away in prison for how long now? She lost count of the days. But she didn't allow herself to sink into a deep depression. She wasn't just wasting time in that prison cell, she was plotting her escape. Sasuke did plague her thoughts almost everyday, but she tried her best not to think about him as she paced around her cell. No, she wouldn't think about him. She was angry, and hurt, but she knew that one thing was for sure.

She still loved him.

Outside the prison walls, the fourth great shinobi war raged on. The majority of Konohagakure's ninja were out on the battle field, fighting. It was the perfect opportunity to get out.

After she managed to, she was trying to figure out where she should go next. As she walked through the village, she sensed a familiar chakra, and almost didn't believe herself. She checked again, reading the familiar chakra over and over again, but there was no doubting it. It was him!


He was in the village?

Okay, she had two choices.

Walk away. Just walk away and pretend that she didn't sense anything. Go live a healthy and happy life somewhere far away from here and never have to hear from or see Sasuke Uchiha ever again.

Then there was the second choice, she could confront, yell at, and demand answers from the Uchiha.

And of course, she chose the ladder.

She flew in there ready to kick some ass. She had ran up and kicked Suigetsu right across the face, then proceeded to pound on him, taking out all her anger and frustration that was directed at Sasuke on Suigetsu. She was yelling things, some of them which she didn't remember, but she knew a "I'll never forgive you!" was thrown in there. She expected him to just stare at her with that emotionless face of his, but then he did something that she did not expect.

"I'm sorry, Karin."

His apology had shocked her so much, she did something she never expected herself to do. She forgave him. She forgave him for what he did to her, and even smiled at him and told him that 'it was okay'. Maybe it was because of the drugs she was still on, because she knew that he was still speaking half gibberish, but she forgave him. She was more shocked to see Orochimaru with him, did Sasuke revive him for some reason? Whatever, she only cared about Sasuke now.

She analyzed his chakra again, and found herself inwardly smiling. His chakra changed again, it was back to the way it was before the kage summit. He was back to his old self, there wasn't any insane look in his eyes like last time.

She abandoned Suigetsu there and ran to Sasuke as Orochimaru pointed out the obvious, "I see that Sasuke-kun is still your soft spot."

"C- Can't help it," Karin had mumbled as she leaned on him and hugged him tightly, she felt his body tense up in discomfort but he didn't push her away Which made her happy in some sense. The kages were talking about... Something, but she didn't pay much attention to them. She was busy gazing at Sasuke in wonder, thinking about what could've happened to make him turn back to his old self.

Either way, she was happy.

Karin stood back and watched Sasuke and his former teammates fight the Juubi and Madara. She stayed back, tending to the weak and healing their wounds. The only reason she was doing so was because Sasuke told her to. She felt slightly jealous a how well Sasuke worked with Naruto and Sakura, especially with how much Sakura was being all gushy towards Sasuke already. Just who did that girl think she was? She turned away however as she continued healing some random shinobi's wounds, her crimson eyebrows drawn together and a sour look on her attractive face.

She didn't think much of Sasuke's declaration of being Hokage. Though she herself as shocked, she didn't believe that he actually meant it. But, she hadn't seen Sasuke be more serious about anything before. She wondered why Sasuke wanted to be Hokage, his goal was to destroy konoha not a week ago, right? Now she was all confused, but of course, didn't linger on the thought for too long.

The battle raged on, more and more of Konohgakure's allies fell. The fight between Madara and Hashirama was intense, btu she tried her best to stay as far away from them as possible. Sometime during the battle, Sasuke was severely injured. Karin finfished healing the shinobi she was working on and rushed over to him. She had a sense of deja vu as she pulled up her shirt sleeve, "Here, hurry up and bite me!" she commanded him and offered her arm to him.

He obeyed and leaned up, biting down into her arm. Karin cried out and threw clenched her hand, but let him suck the chakra right from her It was only then when she noticed now much of her chakra was gone, she probably used it up on all the shonobi she healed. Once she was done, she released the breath of air she hadn't realized shed been holding in and slumped forward a bit.

Sasuke wiped his mouth and pushed himself to his feet, his wounds now healed, "Thanks for that, Karin," was all he said.

"Yeah, sure," she mumbled softly.

That was the only interaction the two had during the entirety of the war. Other then him giving her the occasional orders, they didn't really talk one-on-one really. She wanted to talk more about his apology, but there was no time for that. So she continued to follow what he told her to do, just like before.

Why was she listening to his orders? She thought to herself at some point later on in the war. Then she remembered that she already forgave Sasuke for all he did. She tried not to think about it, and pushed those thoughts away. She already decided to stay by Sasuke's side from now on, but she couldn't help but wish that Sasuke's apology was a bit more... Sincere.

She bit her lip, no, that was selfish of her to think. At least she gotten some form of apology. It was unlike Sasuke to be the one to apologize, and him saying he was sorry was enough for her.

At least, that's what she told herself.

Now, she found herself standing behind Sasuke, staring at the back of his head. Though, he was silent, everyone was silent. She knew why, too. So she didn't dare to say anything as she let her crimson eyes fall to what he was staring at on the ground.

Naruto Uzumaki and Madara Uchiha's lifeless bodies lay there. They died in a huge explosion that was caused when their jutsu's clashed. Karin herself felt little bit sad, she had grown a liking to Naruto Uzumaki. His kind nature yet happy cheerful attitude was refreshing. Though she could only feel relief that Sasuke was not hurt. She licked her lower lip and adjusted her glasses, just waiting to see what would happen now.

Sasuke shifted, and a murmur slipped past his lips. Karin thought she misheard him at first, but no, he definitely said it.

"I'm sorry, Naruto."

He then turned away from his fallen teammate and looked at his old companions, not sparing her a glance as he declared, "My mind is now made up," he straightened up as if he just hardened his resolve, "I will become hokage, and I will better this village in honor of both my brother and Naruto. I don't care what any of you think of me."

Silence was met with his declaration. Awkward silence. It was obvious that almost everyone present disagreed that Sasuke would become hokage. She could see on the pink haired girls face that she too doubted that he would become hokage. Yet she claimed to love him, it didn't seem like she truly loved him, ore like a twelve year old crush sort of love.

Karin knew she loved Sasuke.

She would stand by him no matter what.

It was fate, she was sure of it.

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