life in highschool
it was bugs's first day of highschool he got up and woke up daffy they both ate breakfast and walked to the bus stop soon the bus pulled up bugs got on and daffy did also they sat in the row on the right they got to talking bugs said "well daffy what are your goals for this year?" then daffy said "my goal is to not be socialy awkward" then bugs said "yeah good luck with that doc" then the bus arrived at the next stop and a huge muscular boy steped on and came up to bugs and daffys seat "that's my seat" then bugs says "well i don't see your name on it" then the large boy said "i'm jack and what jack wants jack gets now get out of my seat" daffy who was panicking dashed into the seat behind him
but bugs did not budge jack then said "get out of my seat" then bugs said "you mean my seat" then jack said "no my seat" then bugs said "my seat" then jack said my seat" then bugs swiched it and said "your seat" then jack said "your seat" then bugs said well ok if you insist" then jack said "why i ought to" then the buss driver yelled "sit down back there jack then snarled "this isn't over" then daffy moved back to bugs's seat and asked him "how'd you do that" bugs answered "reverse psycology" then daffy said wow thier first 2 classes wint by pretty fast but then it was time for gym they went and suited up when they came to the gym jack was standing there then the coach came out and said you all can just call me coach ron now how many of you know the rule's of dodgeball jack and bugs were two to raise thier hands then the coach said "we'll i've got to go to the officeyou two give a demonstration while i'm gone" the second the coach left jack picked up a ball and chucked it at bugs who was facing the other way bugs heard it wizzing through the air and instinctively side stepped and turned around the ball barely missing his face then jack through two more bugs bentback and the first ball went right over him then he went into a hand stand and pushed backward and poped upinto the air dodging the second one and landed on his feet jack just stared dumb founded along with the rest of the gym class then bugs picked up a ball and threw it at him jack then saw the teacher coming and dileberately put his face in harms way then the ball hit him and he lurched backward onto the ground and then got up and ran to the coach "did you see what he just did coach the coach then started yelling at bugs "bugs you never throw a ball at someone's face" then bug's said "but he..." no dodge ball at all this week instead you'l be running the track
the rest of the week was horrible jack got bugs into truble as much as he could but before bugs knew it it was the weekend.

bugs woke up on saturday to an obnoxious gargaling sound it was daffy his room mate gargaling mouthwash bugs said to him angrily "what are you doing up this early" daffy then says "getting ready for school" bugs then says "daffy its saturday" daffy says "why are you upset you have to go to work anyway right" then bugs's alarm went off bugs then said lowering his eyelids "i do now" he then went to his room and got his vest and name tag on and headed to the garage he then strapped on his helmet and headed for had a job delivering news papers he got on his company moped and headed out as he was on his run he thought to him self "man this year is my first year of high school and i am nervous i'mean daffy is going to be in alot of my classes again probably..." then bugs noticed a beautiful girl bunny who was walking on the side walk listening to her music as she walked across the street then a car whipped around the corner going very fast bugs jumped from his moped but before he could get there the car cliped her right leg she fell down and was in shock bugs then ran over to her her headphones had been knocked to the ground "are you okay" he asked she said in pain "i think its sprained" bugs then introduced himself "i'm bugs bugs bunny" the girl then introduced her self i'm lola bunny" bugs then said "i could give you a ride or do you have some one you can call" she handed him her phone and told it to "call home" bugs took it a man answered bugs assumed it was her father
he told him "your daughter has been hit by a car" the man then said frantickly "what do you mean" then bugs told him don't worry she's fine just give me directions to your house and i'll bring her home" she then told him it was her freshman year of highschool bugs then said "me too are you going to acme high lola then said "yes iam and i'm guessing you are to" bugs then said yes and i'm so ready for it" bugs then said so about that ride" lola then said "sure" bugs then gave her his helmet she put it on and asked bugs "where's yours" bugs then said "that is mine" "oh well thank you" she then got on the back of his moped and grabbed his shoulders. bugs then said "hold on this things faster than it looks" he then reved it and they took off.

they had arrived at lola's house once they got there a larger bunny who was very muscular came out "who's this lola" lola then answered "this is bugs he's the one who called you" the man then said "how can i ever thank you" then he reached into his wallet bugs stopped him " no you dont have to pay me" then lola tried to walk herself to the door and fell but bugs caught her and said "here let me help you in" and scooped her up and carried her just then lola's mother came to the door and said "oh my gosh what happened" bugs then carried her in and put her on the couch then her father told her mother what happened and then she said "my what a gentlemen" bugs then said very politly "well i'm glad to have helped you lola see you at school tomarrow then her father said "now hold on i've got to repay you somehow" then her mother said why dont we give him dinner to go then her father said "why don't we let him call his parents to see if he can eat with us" then bugs said "well thats nice but i cant call them becase my mother is on the road traveling and my father left when i was young besides i wouldn't want to intrude" then her father said "oh nonsense how can you pass up grilled carrots" then her mom said with carrot cake for desert" then bugs said "we'll ok but when will you guys be eating" her father said in a few hours" then bugs said ok i'll go home and tell daffy my room mate" then her mother said"why don't you call" bugs then said "well iguess that would work to he called and told daffy everything then he sat down next to lola her father came in the room with some gause and wrapped her foot up and said "we'll get you those cruches from the basement then lola said "thanks dad" lola then said "let's look at eachother's scheduals and see if we have any classes together" as it turned out they had all of thier classes together they both laughed "what are the odds" bugs said with laughter "no kidding" lola said laughing later that night bugs ate dinner and wen't home after that

the next day bugs and daffy went to the bus stop lola's mom came by a minute or so later and dropped her off daffy asked quietly"whos the hott girl" bugs then introduced lola and daffy she said "hi daffy nice to meet you" daffy then said you are so ho..ouch" bugs stomped on his foot" her mom then said "lola don't forget your books" she then tried but couldn't carry her books so bugs said "here i'll carry them for you" then he took her four books and put them in his back pack soon the bus rumbled up the bus driver then said "well whos this
are you new here" "yes" lola answered the bus driver asked her for her name she told him then bugs got on and said "here give me your cruches so i can pull you up once she was on the bus bugs lead her toward's the back once they sat down lola sat accross from bugs soon the bus rumbled on the next stop came then bug's said "oh no i forgot about jack" "jack?" lola asked then jack stepped into the bus he didn't even notice lola he just said well if it isn't bug's the bug and his little quier of a friend lola then said "what the heck bit your hind quarters thismorning" he turned suprised and said "well hello doll" lola then glared at him and said "dont call me doll" then jack said "ooh fiesty i'm sitting by you"lola stopped him with her cruch "no your not" then he said "c'mon doll i' dont bite" lola then said "ooh youre a bad boy" and got up as if she were going to kiss him bugs felt his heart sink but then she winked at bugs and then racked jack with her cruch grabbed him by the shirt and got in his face and said "don't ever call me doll" and pushed him to the floor of the bus then the bus driver yelled "get to your seat jack" he then sccrambled to his seat then he looked at lola and said this is not over you little b... then bugs said "jack if you wan't to live i'd suggest you don't finnish that sentence" then jack said "ohm bugs has the hots for the new girl" then a smile of pure darkness appeared accross his face "this will make messing with you easier" bugs was then confused wondering what he meant

they were now in gym and coach ron told lola to observe since she couldn't play then coach ron had to leave and told jack to start a mach jack threw two at bugs bugs then ducked under one and jumped over the next lola was in the stands along ewith everyone else she then asked "how'd he doo that " one boy answered because he's a boss" then she asked "why are they they the oonly ones in the mach" another boy answered "because it's like a school fight no one want's to get hit accidently" jack threw one up in the air picked up two and chucked them and kicked the third bugs did a cart wheel one went beside his arm another between hiarms and the last between his legs then he popped back up and then jack said "if you don't want to be pummeled help me" imeadiately every one got up and was on the court even daffy who tried not to particepate bugs rushed at him only to tap him on the shoulder with the ball the cowering daffy was relieved
then bugs picked up four balls threw themall in the air then threw two on the ground then he punched the four as they came all going toward jack he grabbed another team mate and blocked the balls with him then tossed him aside like garbage he then told everyone to fire back they all did bugs turned and started running two balls chased him and hit the ground going upward bugs then rann up and kicked off the wall spinning around throwing two when he landed he caught two there was every one on the bleachers eccept jack and bugs lola said " holy cow whered he learn this then some one said "he is a ninja that's how" lola was staring in amasement at bugs's then picked up the dodgeball bugs was ready to cach the dodgeball but then jack got the same evil grin on his face and turned and threw the ball towards the bleachers towards lola before any one seen him bugs was there and caught it bugs then said "and that's game" the room exploded with cheers lola said wow where'd you learn all that bugs bugs then said "well i don't realy know my self they both laughed then the coach came back in and said "next wensday we'll be playing basket ball" then lola said "awsome i'm a very good basketball player" "me to" said bugs

they now were at lunch bugs carried lola's tray they then sat down at a table with daffy then they saw a student walk over to the jocks table he asked "c ca can i sit with you g guys" then one jock mocked him "we well l lets s see um no" then the jock pushed him back bugs then told porkey "there's a seat over here" then porky came and sat down he said "t th thanks m my names porky porky pig" bugs then put out his hand "bugs bunny then lola said "i'm lola" then porky said "ni nice to meet you" then daffy blurted "and i'm daffy" then bugs said " man those guys are jerks huh?" porky then said "yeah every day it's th tthe same thing" lola then said "yeah some people just don't have a life and use thier time insulting people" then to get attention daffy said "wach this" he then shot his empty milk carton at the trash can it bounced off and fell to the floor. bugs then said "its a good thing were diong basketball next week cause daffy needs the practice." they all laughed. it was then time to go. the rest of the day wen't by fast bugs enjoyed spending time helping lola the final bell rang and they all went to thier lockers bugs went with lola to help carry her books once they were on the bus lola set next to bugs as the bus drove bugs noticed lola dosing off she then fell asleep once the bus was at thier stop bugs woke her up and said "long day?" lola woke up and said "i guess so" they then got out and lola's mom was there waiting for her lola got in then bugs started to walk away but lola''s mom stopped him and said "well can i give you a ride?" bugs answered "um sure thank's" once they got to bugs's house bugs got out and wen't inside. he knew daffy would be at porky's house for a while so he decided to get some sleep while it was quiet . a while later he got a text from lola but since he was asleep he didn't get it" the rest of the week wen't by fast and on friday lola could walk without the cruches

it was the weekend bugs got a call from lola she asked him "hey bugs do you wan't to come over to my house and shoot some hoops so we can get some practice for next week?" bugs answered "sure i'll be over in a minute or two". Bugs soon pulled up to lola's,she was outside with a basket ball bugs got off of his moped. she passed him the ball and said "you first" then bugs passed it back and said "no i insist girls first" lola then said "well ok if you insist" she then dribbled it and bugs rushed her playfuly she bounced it between his legs she then came up behind him and was about to shoot it when her leg gave out. she then fell bugs then caught her she then said "he he i guess it's still a little tender" bugs then said "thats ok we can just shoot hoops and practice our aim" she then said " ok i dont think i will hurt my anckle doing that" then bugs said "it wouldn't be likely to happen" then she passed it to him he then told her "hey let's play long shot" lola then said "how do you play that" bugs then shot it from about right under the hoop then it went through he tossed it to then told her,"stand where i was".she did then,he told her"now take two big steps back" then she did,and said "oh ok i've played this before then she shot it, it went through bugs then said "good one" she replied"thanks bugs".theyplayed all afternoon then bugs said "whew lets take a break. they went inside and lola asked bugs "tea or water?" bugs answered "tea and thankyou" lola's father was at work and her mother was lyingdown they then got to talking lola then asked bugs "why are you different" bugs then said "differen't what do you mean?" lola then said "well most people don't like me they say i'm just another pretty girl" bugs then said "who ever said that about you your nothing like that" lola then said "are you saying i'm ugly" and she was about to cry bugs then stopped her and said "your so much more than that your funny and sweet and not to mention beautiful" she then said wiping the tears from her eyes "that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me" then she gave bugs a big hug and kissed him on the cheek "thankyou" bugs then said stunned "no problem"