Wrath: Cowrite between Exile Wrath and Magpies and Pie.

Summary: Former-Inspector-turned-Enforcer Tsunemori Akane maintained a Crime Coefficient of 120 on purpose, so then she could work on the side of the law and not draw any questions as she hunted for the man that gave potential killers the tools to kill. In reality, she could lower it anytime and waltz out the doors, but behind the doors of the MWPSB was the last place Makishima would expect her.

Pairings: onesided!GinoAka, ShoAkaShin triangle.

Abyssal Path

"I'm disappointed in you, Tsunemori Akane."

It was becoming a ritual, echoing those words every morning. Otherwise, she'd forget. That was quite scary - that she could forget to be angry at him.

"I'm disappointed in you, Tsunemori Akane," she recited to the mirror.

Five pairs of eyes looked up from their computer screens to their boss, Inspector Ginoza.

"Eh, a newbie is joining us next month?" Kagari asked, saving the game on his console. "I thought we got zero applicants from training schools this year."

Ginoza skimmed through the profile on his screen. "He's not a 'newbie,' he's a fully-fledged Inspector from Unit 6. The ratio between Inspector and Enforcer is much more balanced with them so transferring one of their members to us won't cause too much trouble."

"Is it that hottie Inspector Kokubo?" Sasayama chipped in excitedly.

Unfortunately, Ginoza remained fairly unimpressed. "No, Sasayama, it isn't Kokubo Hitomi. It's Kougami Shinya."

At that, Kagari lost all interest and Sasayama sighed in defeat. Just another elitist Inspector who doesn't even at least have a cute face. Kunizuka rolled her eyes at their response, but the other two Enforcers remained curious.

"Kougami Shinya... isn't he one of the last students ever to be taught raw forensic psychology?" Tsunemori inquired.

"I heard he's pretty skilled," Masaoka commented. "Quite a workaholic too, mind you. Looks like Nobu and the girls will get along perfectly with him."

Kagari made a snort of protest. "That's a low blow, Masaoka-san! I do my fair share of work too!"

"Then what's that in your hands, idiot?" Kunizuka snatched the game console from his fingers and stabbed a thumb on the 'off' switch. She then shoved the console inside her desk drawer, ignoring his horrified expression.

Sasayama only laughed at Masaoka's words. "Does this mean I finally got some competition around here?" he chuckled. "The ladies from the other units say he's quite the looker too." He then wheeled on his chair to face Tsunemori. "Don't let him flirt too much with you, Akane! Or I might get too jealous and steal you away!"

"Rest assured," Tsunemori deadpanned. "I have no time to flirt with anyone- neither do you, Sasayama-san."

"Buuuurn!" Kagari whispered loudly behind them. "How many times does this make?"

"Get back to work, all of you!" Ginoza barked.

Behind the dark circles and deep-set frown, Ginoza was secretly relieved that there was going to be another Inspector to shoulder some of the work. Not to mention, Kougami Shinya was an experienced and resourceful detective, who had apparently scored the highest grade in the year when he graduated from training school.

His story sounded fairly nostalgic.

Tsunemori caught him staring and he quickly hid his face behind some papers. News of their latest case: ''accidental' murders at a drone factory.

Even though Kagari had spent the past month complaining about 'their new babysitter was coming' he was jittery with excitement in the police van.

"Hey, I heard that Inspector Kou knows how to fight," Kagari babbled to Kunizuka. "Wanna place bets on him versus Yama-san?"

Sasayama chuckled from the other side of the van. "Oi brat, don't get me involved in your games. Also, do I look mad enough to hit an Inspector?"

"Yes," Kunizuka replied flatly.

Tsunemori's mouth twitched into a smile behind a digital screen. It was only for a second, but Masaoka still noticed and nudged her with an elbow.

"I'm betting on the new Inspector," he announced abruptly.

"You're such a traitor, old man," Sasayama lamented.

Kagari grinned. "And Tsu-chan?"

"Masaoka-san," she replied.

"You too, Akane?!" Sasayama faked a stab in the heart.

Small talk continued until the van crunched to a stop. The doors hissed open and light spilt over their shoes. Akane switched off her computer-watch. It was like every other outing they had- the humming on the walls soothed out and Unit 1 Enforcers marched out to group with their Inspector.

Oh wait, Inspectors.

The outing this time was a little different.

Ginoza regarded the Enforcers with a stiff nod. "All of you, this is Inspector Kougami. I'll remind you again that he is experienced and can handle command over you responsibly."

He gave them a few seconds to take in the new face. Kougami Shinya nodded in acknowledgement at the Enforcers but said nothing.

Akane dipped her head in a short bow just to be polite, but it was Masaoka who broke the silence by engaging in a quick conversation. A really quick one, since Ginoza was already greeting the chief supervisor of the drone factory.

Kagari twisted his head to Kunizuka's direction. "I'm betting on Yama-san," he whispered in confidence.

Prodding a fork at what he was assuming a meatball, Kagari's face wrinkled up in both disgust and fascination. He scooped it into in his mouth anyway and scanned the grey cafeteria walls whilst doing so. The hallways were grey too, and the debugging rooms and the storage rooms... their entire tour was just filled with grey.

"The isolation facility does a better job at cooking than this," he commented with his mouth full. "I think I'd rather commit a crime than be stuck working in this boring dump."

Kougami sat down next to him with a cup of coffee.

"You shouldn't say that so openly in front of your Inspector," he advised and took a sip of the coffee. He paused. "Actually, I'll take that back."

Opposite them, Tsunemori was staring intently at a screen from her computer-watch again. Bored of his food as well, Sasayama tried to lean in to get a closer look of the screen as well.

"You trying to call someone?"

"Calling is impossible," Tsunemori reminded him. "To prevent hacking on the drones, this factory has no connection to the net. It's a wonder how they get by with entertainment."

Sasayama opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted by the sound of a meal tray tipping onto the floor. A plump, young-looking employee began frantically gathering the spilt food together and fruitlessly cleaning the front of his jumpsuit.

He was completely surrounded by his co-workers but none of them were bending down to help him. Instead, they just watched and laughed instead.

"Hey, 'yellow-green' bastard, you gonna eat your lunch in your private little room again?" one of the workers taunted, kicking the tray again to create an even bigger mess.

Tsunemori's eyes narrowed a little. Sasayama rested an arm on her shoulder and whispered, "To your left, do you see the big-shot Chief who runs this place? He's not even looking at what's going on."

"Relieving your stress by scapegoating, huh?" Kougami remarked as he pushed off the bench.

He spun on the his feet and stalked towards the circle of jeering workers in wide, confident strides. Everyone watched in slight disbelief as he knelt down next to the soft-faced victim in the stained uniform.

"You okay?" Kougami asked, holding out a hand to him.

In the corner of Tsunemori's eye, she spotted the disapproving frown crease the Chief's face. She couldn't help but smile in satisfaction.

It didn't take long for the smile to sour again.

The soft-faced employee, Kanehara Yuuji, was being displayed on a wide screen. Seven chairs lined up along a table in front of it.

"We may be lacking evidence, but we still can solve this logically," Masaoka explained in front of the screen. "Hue checks are made public here. If anyone gets too cloudy they're moved out of the workplace, but no one's got transferred in the past 12 months. All we have is this lad, who is at most risk of getting kicked out- the one with the yellow-green Hue."

The sneers of 'yellow-green bastard' echoed faintly at the back of Tsunemori's head.

Masaoka changed the screen to show the recorded data of the Hues over the time of the workers' deaths.

"Everytime Kanehara Yuuji clouds too much, another employee mysteriously dies, getting ripped to pieces by a 'faulty' drone," Masaoka continued. "Factory unspoken entertainment is to vent your anger on someone else, right?"

Ginoza's eye twitched. "This proves nothing," he hissed, voice dangerously low. "I'm sick of hearing your so-called 'detective intuition.' It's nothing but a delusion. Don't place your opinion so highly, you latent criminal!"

As biting as he tried to make his words sound, he only earned a brief smile from Masaoka in response. Sasayama appeared to be stifling his laughter.

"Ginoza-san," Tsunemori said in warning.

The change in title suddenly caught Ginoza off-guard.

But before Tsunemori said anymore, Kougami leaned forward a little on his seat.

"Masaoka-san, right?" he spoke for the first time since the meeting began. "I want to go with what you're saying and try out a plan to test Kanehara's innocence."

Now everyone else was off-guard.

"Thank-you, Inspector Kougami."

Kougami paused from the cables he was fitting. He glanced over at her.

"Thank-you, for listening to Masaoka-san," she elaborated. "Ginoza-san doesn't always approve of the Enforcer's style so it creates conflict. You're putting faith in his hypothesis anyway, I'm grateful for that."

He held her gaze for a few moments. "It's not everyday I get thanked by an Enforcer."

"It's not everyday I thank an Inspector."

Kougami raised his eyebrows in mild amusement and shrugged his shoulders. "My bad, I shouldn't touch on that line too much. We're both detectives, that's what I should be saying. And because we're both detectives, we both have a professional opinion which we're entitled to share."

"Detectives?" Tsunemori echoed. Hearing someone regard her something other than 'enforcer' and 'latent criminal' was something new, also frankly quite... encouraging.

"It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view," she chanted. "I wonder why I haven't ever thought of it that way before."

Surprise flashed in his eyes a little. "George Eliot's Middlemarch?"

"I didn't pin you for a reading type, Inspector," Tsunemori admitted, or maybe it was just his unruly haircut that made him look like a gruff sort.

Still, she was impressed how quickly he guessed it and let it show through a quirk of a smile which Kougami returned in an instant.

"I didn't pin you for a reader of social criticism."

Well, that was true. Tsunemori never did enjoy those books at all, they were often dark and crabbish in her opinion. But she used to be persuaded everyday to go a chapter further and 'broaden her horizons' so she could develop a deeper understanding of the human sou-

"How's it looking?" Kagari peered over their shoulders.

Kougami finished fitting the cable and took a step back from the cart. "It should work fine. I'll-"

"Lemme try!" Like a child eager to get onto his favourite swing, Kagari jumped onto the weapon-cart and stomped on the pedal. It jerked forward almost throwing him off instantly, he clenched the bars with both hands and began swerving the cart round clumsily. "You know, this is actually kinda fun!"

Whilst Kagari began creating skid marks on the concrete, Kunizuka finished setting up the satellite dish on top of the police van.

"Transmitter ready," she reported.

"Say, how far can we go on this again?" Kagari asked, watching the cable slither behind him. "200 metres was it?"

Kougami tapped on his computer-watch to study the factory blueprints.

"Assuming we go through the backdoor, we can't go past the second floor elevator hall," he muttered to himself. "One of us is going to have to drag out Kanehara out near the front."

Sasayama picked himself up from the floor. "I might as well do something before I start looking like a team mascot."

"It might get messy if he turns out to be the real culprit," Kougami warned.

"Listen Inspector, we're the same age so don't mother me. It's creepy as hell," he said flatly.

Tsunemori put down the wire cables she was dragging around and dusted her hands off her trousers "I'll go with you then, Sasayama-san."

"Aww, is Akane worried about her Mitsuru-nii?"

"I'm more worried about what you're going to do to Kanehara-san," she countered. "For instance, why do you need a shock-baton when all you're going to do is talk?"

Before she even gave Sasayama a chance to explain, she already confiscated it and looped it inside her empty holster

"Hey, I was only going to use it as a prop! Come on, I'm not that bad."

However, ten minutes later, he had kicked down a toilet cubicle door hollering "Found ya, you yellow-green bastard!" and dragged a startled Kanehara out who was secretly trying to have his lunch.

Tsunemori almost facepalmed.

The meal tray spilt across the floor again but that was the least of the suspect's worries.

"You caused the last three 'accidental' deaths, right? You killed them all!" Sasayama's face was so close to Kanehara he was almost spitting at him. "I don't have enough goddamn evidence to slam you. But screw that, I don't like you, so I'm going to slam you anyway. Why don't I start on the net? 'Kanehara Yuuji is a killer with a tainted Psycho Pass?' You won't be able to leave this factory without getting eaten ali-"

Kanehara didn't wait to hear the rest. He shoved past Sasayama and staggered out into the hallway, he barely noticed Tsunemori was right by the door.

The two Enforcers watched him escape.

"That went overboard," Tsunemori scolded.

"I had to be convincing, right?"

"If he is the culprit, and attacks us with a drone to keep us silent. The amount of collateral damage we're going to have to deal with might break a few records."

"Not our problem. As long as we get the proof we need to show yellow-green's the killer, my paycheque is happy. And besides, our kind and duty-bound Inspector Kougami is taking full responsibility over toda-"

They barely walked the length of the corridor when Kanehara returned on a drone. His soft, furrowed face was twisted past sadness and into something more desperate and fearful.

"Y-You're evil," he stammered. "M-My heart gets cloudy when everyone gangs up on me... if I can get r-rid of you... I can be cleansed!"

"For a fatty he sure got his shit together pretty quick," Sasayama growled and began yanking Tsunemori in the opposite direction.

The drone began to roar and it stalked forward with spidery legs, closing the distance furiously.

"You won't escape! You definitely won't escape!" Kanehara screamed over the whirring machinery. "I'll kill you right here!"

Metal clamps were snapping towards them, edging closer and closer like a creeping predator. Tsunemori shoved Sasayama to the side, sending them both sprawling into the emergency staircase. The drone zoomed after them but the door was too small for the entire construct to fit inside.

Kanehara impatiently slammed on the controls, willing the drone to squeeze into the frame, but the walls stood firmly.

The two Enforcers stumbled to their feet and flew down the stairs.

"This is your fault! All your fault!" Tsunemori yelled, glaring daggers at the man running in front of her.

"My fault? It was the newbie Inspector's idea!"

"He never said to provoke the suspect like that!"

"Context! It was all in context!"

"It's still your fault!"

They were about to pass another floor until they heard a scream. Eyes locking with each other, they realized instantly that their plan was in shambles.

"I thought we got this area evacuated," Tsunemori whispered.

"Goddamn it!" Sasayama cursed and burst through the door.

A factory employee who Tsunemori recognized as one of Kanehara's bullies in the cafeteria was being trapped by a drone. Eyes wide, the cornered worker began babbling in hope to calm Kanehara down, but every passing second just seemed to darken his temper even more.

Sasayama let out a string of swear words and rushed towards the drone.

"Hey, Mr Criminal! You bored of me already?" he called out. "Or maybe you want to show off your crimes a bit and let me post your wins on the net after all!"

Tsunemori was tempted to slap a hand over his mouth. Still, they got the attention they needed as Kanehara moved the drone off the other employee, though he looked torn to what he was meant to do next.

The frightened bystander took the opportunity to run away, scrambling down the hallway with his pleas for help echoing along the passage. Kanehara blinked rapidly, as if waking up from a deep sleep. He turned his head slowly towards the direction of the echoes and without a second thought, gave chase.

"Oh shit no," Sasayama groaned.

Kanehara was going to take the drone into the main building- where all the other employees were. Which also meant the transmission cable was useless as it wasn't long enough to stretch to the other side of the factory.

In other words, they screwed up pretty badly.

A few seconds went by as both Enforcers stood in shock, listening to the heavy steps of the drone fade away. Sasayama reached for the communication device on his wrist- only to remember that the signal was blocked and wouldn't be able to update the rest of their unit.

They screwed up really badly.

"Sasayama-san, please go and tell the others what had happened," Tsunemori instructed. "I'll go after Kanehara-san."

"Oi oi, you're not planning to give some flowery speech and make him calm down, right?" Sasayama said with a frown. A brief memory of their first case together came to mind. "Besides, no way I'm going to let a woman go after a literal killing machine like that."

Tsunemori offered a small smile. "One of us is going to have to report back and make new plans with the Inspector. I'm a new face to him, so hopefully it won't be as provocative in compa- behind you!"

She pulled Sasayama forward, and the space he was standing on crunched. A second drone hummed as it realized it didn't crush its target and pounced again. Both Enforcers were forced to dive at different directions to dodge it.

Sasayama gave up trying to argue. "Fine, let's do that, Akane. I'll take this drone back with me to the others. Try not get your limbs torn off, eh?"


Sasayama began taunting at the new drone, making as much noise as possible to keep its attention on him. The moment Tsunemori disappeared down the corridor, he slipped into the emergency staircase again and the hunt was on.

The only experience one could compare to being chased by a rabid Drone would be being chased by a bear after somehow ending up in a zoo facility, and Sasayama was highly regretful that he now had both experiences under his belt.

Thankfully he was a good runner (not as fast as Akane of course, she had been on her track team and was almost inhuman) and was able to dodge the dangerous clamps without losing any momentum. But he knew that he wouldn't be able to keep running forever.

"How does one stop a rabid Drone when they have no goddamned weapon- I shouldn't have let her see that shock-baton," Sasayama found breath to complain.

As he ran past the same room for the third time (he had been running in circles to make sure the plan didn't fuck up any more) he got the glimmer of an idea.

Looping around, the Enforcer quickly ducked into an off-room and grabbed a set of industrial cables, slinging the bunch over his shoulder and running out before the Drone could try to trap him in the room. Sasayama allowed the cable to play out behind, himself weaving back and forth in front of the Drone. Eventually, they had made another circuit and he dashed into the room once again, hooking the last few meters of cable on the door latch several times for good measure before pulling.

The laid out cable sprang to life around the Drone, tightening around each of the arms and legs and the main body and head as well. It flailed in the air several times, trying to cut its entrapments or loosen them, but all in vain. The arms were constricted all too soon, and movement just tightened the Bowline Knot around the door latch.

Sasayama slumped against the wall, yanking his tie to loosen it a bit. He had caught his... but Akane had to deal with and its creator at the same time. The intelligence of the the robot would be much different.

Sometimes this job was really exasperating.

... that was a tremendous understatement.

"Forget collateral damage, this is going to turn into a psycho-hazard," Tsunemori groaned.

Whether on purpose or not, Kanehara had chased after his year-long bully right into the direction of a rec room. Which was probably filled with factory employees taking a break from work. A psycho-hazard just waiting to happen.

"Kanehara Yuuji, stop!" she yelled. "If you cause any more trouble, it will only worsen your crime record! Stop before you do something you regret!"

"Then I'll just kill you all before they can get to me!" he raved madly, spittle flying from his mouth. Akane grimaced, she hated when they wouldn't listen to reason.

"Humans are creatures of emotion, Tsunemori. Reason and emotion do not cooperate well." She shook her head, trying to kick out his voice. She did not need flashbacks in the middle of a case- "Then I'll just stun you before you can kill anyone else," Akane stated flatly, ducking and rolling to the side of the clamps that had just descended on her former position by the doorway.

In an instant, she stabbed the shock-baton into the socket of the clamp and clicked on the charge. Electricity and shrill tweeting flashed from the joint she hit. The clamp twitched in defiance a few more times but screeched to a stop.

Wisely, the other (sheep) employees began running out the door after she had managed to maneuver the crazed man away from it, only to end up backed in a corner. Again.

The Drone leapt up, obviously going to attempt to physically crush her. Another few rolls to the side prevented that easily, (brainless fools that have no true knowledge of the art of fighting) and then Akane belatedly remembered their location; the rendezvous point was two stories down and thirty meters to her right.

But how does one go through two layers of thick concrete to the possibly only spot available to destroy an enemy? ('Let the snake bite its own tail' he stated simply, waving a hand at a picture of a mouse facing a snake) "Great, so now I have to let its weight crush the ground for me. This is wonderful." Akane stayed still for a few seconds, dodging some swipes and getting Kanehara confident enough to try another jumping- attack on her. She dashed to the side, making sure that he landed on the same place as the first time.

If Kagari was here he would be making game analogies right now. She thought sardonically, barely moving out of the way in time to dodge a fourth jump, which ended up breaking through the floor as per plan.

Her landing on her back hadn't exactly been in the plan. Ignoring the pain, she repeated the routine, wincing with every roll.

Thank god Shion still had that hospital bed with her name on it.

Once again the floor broke through, and this time though, Akane made sure to at least try to land on her feet.

('Akane, if you don't land on your feet then you may end up being killed for reacting slowly, you know.')

Meanwhilst, the weapon-cart skidded to a halt in front of the second elevator hall. Kougami hopped off it and stared incredulously at the wide empty space. The silence was swallowing them up, along with the obvious questions of where were the two other Enforcers and Kanehara Yuuji.

Kagari and Kunizuka exchanged worried looks, it is not like their co-workers to be late.

"Where are they?" Kougami finally said out loud. "They should definitely be here by n-"

His voice was drowned out by a solid chunk of concrete erupted from the ceiling. A familiar female Enforcer tumbled down with the rubble, disappearing behind the cloud of dust blossoming from the fallen souvenir of the above floor.

She flung herself out of the dust and began sprinting towards Kougami's direction.

Right behind her was a slavering madman on top of a clearly hacked drone.

"What the-?" he began.

"DOMINATOR!" she roared.

Kagari scooped up the handgun in a fluid sweep and plugged in the transmission chord.

"Catch, Akane-chan!" he yelled, throwing it accurately into her waiting hands.

The moment the grip touched her hand, she heard Sibyl's voice ringing in hears.

User Identification: Enforcer Tsunemori Akane. You are an authorized user.

Right then, more concrete crumbled and collapsed in front of the drone. It moved to pick it up to toss it at her with its remaining functioning arm. She halted sharply and sprung a different direction. Her legs prickled as she visibly felt the weight rush past her.

Tsunemori aimed the Dominator at Kanehara. His wide, desperate eyes followed.

Crime Coefficient: 265. An Enforcement target.

Kanehara flinched violently. He flopped backwards, unconscious before he even landed on the pile of concrete. His drone resumed its mayem without him.

Another piece of concrete narrowly missed Tsunemori's foot. She darted back in an instant, as if she had just touched fire. ('Don't let anyone corner you, or you may end up with some unpleasant surprises.' He had cornered her the next day and stole all the food from her plate.') Her eyes spared a second to measure the distance between her and the wall behind. She was too close.

"Tsunemori!" Kunizuka alerted her.

The drone had already lifted the next piece of broken concrete in the air. Tsunemori blinked in alarm.

A teal light engulfed the drone. Not a moment later a deep hole had melted into the machinery. The concrete dropped uselessly next to it.

Tsunemori didn't shoot the drone though. She craned her neck and saw the muzzle of Kougami's Dominator slide back into place. He gave her a curt nod.

It took awhile for her to nod back.

"Where's Yama-san?" Kagari asked worriedly. Akane paled slightly before bolting towards the wall, Dominator in hand.

Before Kougami could voice any confusion at her actions, she had scaled the wall and pointed at a ventilation hatch.

"Kagari, let me use the cart. I'm going to lift myself up there," she announced. "I should be able to find Sasayama-san's whereabouts near the other side."

She was responded with confused stares.

"You're going through the ducts?" Kagari asked in disbelief. "You do realize this place cancels out radio waves. If you get stuck or lost, we won't be able to track you! The end!"

Tsunemori sheepishly tapped the side of her head. "That's okay, I've been memorizing the blueprints all day."

Kagari took the opportunity to mutter something under his breath about geniuses and workaholics. Kunizuka was faintly bemused, aware that it was usual Tsunemori-behavior. The new Inspector looked slightly flabbergasted.

"Is this normal behavior for her?" he managed.

The other two Enforcers just rolled their eyes to themselves and moved the cart over to where she wanted. It took only a few seconds for her to pop open the vent and a few more to squeeze herself in, not that it was a tight fit or anything.

"I'll be back in a few! Someone should check up on Inspector Ginoza before he bursts a vein or something!" she felt her voice bounce off the enclosed passage.

The blueprint she had been constantly staring had opened up behind her eyes. She crawled forward with the Dominator hugged to her chest. Two left turns. Straight. One right turn. Left again.

Sasayama Mitsuru normally had high amounts of faith in his fellow coworkers, especially the former Inspector. But now he was despairing as being in the same room with a hog-tied Drone was just... boring. He supposed he could play around with the cables for a bit, but he had only just figured out how to properly tie that damn Franciscan loop-

Then one of the ventilation hatches (which he had also hooked some cable on) popped open. Several things ensued.

One, Akane tumbled out of the air ducts. Two, the Drone got loose. Three, he messed up on the damn knot. Four, his kouhai tossed him a Dominator.

He was sore after losing the knot that he had been working on for fifteen straight minutes. User Identification: Sasayama Mitsuru. You are an authorized user. Dominator Mode: Destroy Decomposer.

Sasayama fired off a shot straight at the head of the Drone. Unfortunately, the energy beam overshot and there was also a nice U-shaped hole in the wall behind it. "THAT was for my knot," he scowled.

Akane whacked his head. "THAT was for the property damage paperwork we'll be getting later on."

"The new Inspector certainly likes to cause a ruckus, doesn't he?"

Ginoza glanced over his shoulder. "You were joining in, were you not?" he snapped dryly.

A casual smile lifted on Masaoka's face and sped a up a little so he was walking at Ginoza's stride.

"The kids left me to protect the van, after all the work I did to find our suspect," he chuckled. "Still, for Inspector Kou's first day with the new team, he sure gave us quite the show, didn't he?"

Ginoza didn't reply.

"I feel sorry for him though," Masaoka continued, somewhat still cheerfully. "Though we managed to wrap up the case quite nicely. There's about forty or so workers in shock, and I think a floor blew up-"

"He did what?"

"Actually, the floor was ojou-chan's work. Still as active as ever, isn't she?"

Ginoza felt tired. He barely participated in whatever scramble his fellow Inspector was operating but he just felt tired.

"And then of course there are the drones. Plenty of collateral damage too... Sasayama helped, from what I heard."

He could already see the piles of paperwork needed to clean up today's mess, the apology letters needed for the Ministry of Economy and the CID's finance office, the report needed to explain the chaos which he allowed to occur for Chief Kasei...

"What is this, Ginoza-san?" The factory's supervising Chief suddenly appeared in front of them, face set in with displeasure. "This can not be in your jurisdictio-"

Pushing up his glasses, Ginoza gave him a dismissive look. "We came here to stop a killer. We are here to prevent crimes. That is the job of the CID, and that is what we did. There are costs when it comes to stopping killers, of course. but if you are willing to submit a report of your grievances, I'll be happy to include a detailed examination of your oversight in my case report," it was all said in a tone that made Masaoka want to weep with joy.

The overseer cringed and backed away from the duo, who continued walking towards the cars. "That was a good thing, Nobuchika," Masaoka softly commented.

"I was doing the correct thing as an Inspector, old man."

It's what she would've done back then, if it was her.

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