The life of one A-lister is forever changed when her dad buys her her first car. Who knew that a beat up, old IROC could strengthen bonds and forge new ones?


A fist impacted with the snooze button on the clock/radio, killing the annoying sound that woke the sleeping girl from her dreams. The delicate hand was attached to a slender arm; cream complexion with the barest hint of a tan. Under the thick blankets the rest of the girl's body was hidden, except for a mop of blonde hair that was currently styled in the latest craze: Bed-Hair.

The blonde began to move about, trying to pull herself from drowsiness, a few moans and groans sounding within her room as she stretched. One or two pops in her back and one last long moan, and she was fully awake. Unlike the rest of the A-listers, Star had no troubles getting up in the morning for school. For the pretty blonde getting to sleep at night was the hard part.

Today was a Thursday, just two days of school till the weekend, till she could hang out at the mall or whatever. For now however, she needed to get her morning hygiene; a shower, brushing her teeth, makeup, etc. 40 minutes later and she was ready for school, the only things left to do were to eat breakfast and to grab her backpack. Shouldering her purse Star headed downstairs to fix up a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice.

Sitting at the dining table was her father, Jeremy Thompson, eating his plate of eggs and bacon, dressed for work. His short brown hair was gelled up today, a face free of wrinkles and usually set into a content expression. Her father worked as an investor for a bank, sometimes putting 60 hours a week into work, leaving little time for her. That wasn't anything new however; he'd thrown himself into work since she was 11, when her mother died of cancer. Now at 16, Star was used to a strained relationship with her father.

"How'd you sleep hun?" Jeremy asked after taking a drink of tea. Most likely Green.

Star placed her glass down and wiped her mouth with a napkin. "I slept ok I guess. How about you?"

Jeremy shrugged lightly, looking up from his plate to his daughter. "I've had better, but there was something I wanted to talk to you about." His eyes were serious, more so than normally.

"About what? If it's about that test I failed, I'm sorry Dad, I just really suck at Trig." Star was a little worried that perhaps he was angry about the D on her latest Trig test. While she was a very smart girl, up there with Foley in book smarts, Trig was something she constantly struggled with.

Imagine her shock to see her father begin to chuckle, a small smile appearing to show pearly whites, with one fanged tooth out of place. "No Alistar, it has nothing to do with school."

Star's face reddened in embarassment at hearing her real name. "Dad! You know I like to be called Star."

"Yes I know, you want to look cool for all your friends in school. You should be proud of your name though, your mother is the one who picked it out." Jeremy went from playful to serious once more, the memory of his wife naming their child tugging at his heart.

Star went still for a moment, she'd never known that little fact. "I...see. Well, I guess it doesn't hurt to use it at home." Seeing her dad smile made her feel good. "So, what did you want to talk about then?"

Jeremy finished off his tea and placed the cup back onto the table. "Well, remember the deal that we made for your birthday?"

Star perked up at the thought. Of course she remembered. "I pass my driving test, don't get into any trouble at school, and you'll buy me a car. Yeah, and so far I've been trouble free." She searched through her purse for a second before pulling out her wallet, and showing off her license. "Passed the test Monday and made sure to smile for the camera."

Jeremy nodded in agreement with her explanation, setting his silverware down, his meal finished. "Well, if you're done eating, there's a surprise waiting for you in the driveway."

Star's face went from curious to beaming in an instant. Her father had bought her a car! "Sure, just let me put the dishes up." Oh wow, how awesome was this?! She would be the only A-lister that had a car and the license to drive it. This was a guarentee of her shooting to the top of the A-list, to the top of the Casper High Food Chain.

Star followed her father outside, nearly running him over to see what kind of car he'd gotten her. Oh how great it would be to show off her fancy car. Perhaps it was a BMW, plenty of good looking blonde girls drove them, vampire books said so. Or was it maybe a Audi? Lots of rich kids in California had parents buy them an Audi, it was like a rite of passage. Maybe it was...

A piece of crap.

She didn't know what kind of car it was, but it was boxy, and kinda low to the ground. The paint was a cream color, with a tan-like color along the bottom. Even from a distance she could see the paint was faded, chipped away in some places, and there was a thin crack in the windshield. WTF?

"What...what is it?" Star did her best not to sound disappointed, but by the look on her father's face she may have failed.

"It's a 1986 IROC-Z Camaro Alistar. Quite the car back in the day, and still popular today, 20 years later." Her father had his hands on his hips, looking from her to the car. "Well aren't you gonna check it out?"

Hesitantly Star walked closer to her new car, well obviously not new, but it was now hers it seemed. The hood had weird looking black things going down the center, they caught her eyes first. "Um, what are these Dad?"

Jeremy moved closer so that he would be about to point things out if needed. "Those are breathers, they let air into the engine bay to help cool the motor and force more air into it."

"Uh...ok." Star really didn't know what to think about that. Moving on she looked at the wheels. They...weren't too bad, at least they were silver instead of an ugly black like she'd seen on some old cars. Further along, she took note of the IROC-Z on the bottom of the door in tan coloring. Dad said it was an IROC-Z Camaro after all, but before today Star had never once heard of such a vehicle. She knew what the Camaro was, almost everyone did, but had never known of an IROC-Z. Looking up, she was surprised by another thing she'd never seen.

"Dad why is their glass in the roof? Is that safe?" Star looked from the glass to her father, frowning in unsure irritation.

Her father chuckled at her confusion, which only irked her more. "It's supposed to be that way. These are called T-Tops Alistar." He moved to the glass and put his hands on top and on bottom, the drivers window was down so he had plenty of room. "What you do if it's a nice day and you want to feel the air, is pull up." He carefully removed the T-Top glass and held it in front of her. "And put it in the trunk. Then later just put both back in place." Jeremy set the glass into it's space gently, then turned to his daughter. "And then you're set again."

Star looked from the T-Tops to her father and sighed lightly. "Well, I guess that's kinda cool." She could admit that the T-Tops weren't bad; it would almost be like having a convertible, just have to manually take out the glass. Her hand moved down to the handle and pulled open the door. It's hinges groaned as the door was pushed wider and wider, the sound making the blonde teen cringe.

The interior was all black, which to her teen fashioned mind, didn't really match with cream and tan all that well, but it could've been worse she figured. Looking around however, she realized that it could be worse. Several places on the seats looked like they'd been slashed with a knife, the yellow-orange of the material inside visible to all. Looking at the floor she could see what looked like a few burn holes in the carpet, most likely from someone dropping a cigarette like an idiot. The dash had a few cracks in it, but it wasn't too horrible. Then she saw something that was very horrible.

"Is that a tape player Dad?" Her voice almost paralyzed in shock.

"Yeah. They didn't have CD players or IPods in 1986 you know." His response was playful and chiding at once, causing her to grimmace.

"Dad I don't have any tapes! I don't know anyone, besides you, that has tapes." Star was a bit miffed about this. Couldn't her father have installed a CD player for her?

"I'll buy you some, maybe let you have some of mine. If you'd like we could make some mixtapes with your favorite singers on it or something." Her dad was looking a bit nervous, what was he nervous about? She couldn't tell.

Star sighed again, but held up her hand in the negative. "It's fine Dad. You don't need to do that." She felt something inside her twist when he looked hurt by that, but he covered it up quickly and reached into his pocket to hand her the keys.

"Well, if you don't get along soon you'll be late for school. Make sure you drive safe ok." Jeremy picked up her discarded backpack and handed it over. His daughter placed it in the passenger seat and turned to him once more.

"Thanks Dad, for getting me a car." Going on impulse Star wrapped her father in a tight hug, their first in a year.

"No problem hun. Now get along."

Her father headed back into the house, leaving her to sit in the seat of her car. The realization of her owning her own car finally sinking in. Looking down she took note of the manual shifter, thanking her dad mentally for teaching her to drive a stick when she earned her learner's permit. "Well, her goes nothing."

Putting the key in the ignition and turning it, Star placed her feet on the clutch and the brake, then turned the key. The car whined for several seconds trying to start, before it came alive with a purr. Taking her feet off the pedals Star sat listening to her car idle, the purr continuing to fill the driveway. "I guess it's...not all that bad." Putting the shifter in reverse and easing out onto the street, Star lastly buckled her seatbelt and shifted to first, heading to Casper High School in her IROC, the car purring along as she paid attention to the road. No need to get into a wreck the first day of having it after all.

Perhaps I'll continue this, IDK atm. But it kinda jumped into my head and would not leave. Would you like more?