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Naruto's dull cerulean eyes slowly opened to see the inside of the tent he was sleeping in. His chakra sensing abilities extended immediately to feel for hostiles. He grunted in annoyance at how Mei and Kisamu were leaking out chakra like there was no tomorrow.

If Zetsu weren't on watch they might have been dead due to enemy assassins. Well Mei and Kisamu would have been.

Naruto sat up before he rolled his neck making several popping sounds resonate from the vertebrae. He put his hands on the ground to his left before he pushed in that direction making his back pop as well. He did the same with his right side. One had to be limber for a day's worth of travel.

Once Naruto was done he sat straight up before putting both hands on his head and then running them through his hair to rid himself of any knots that would have accumulated throughout the night. Once satisfied he looked down at his current attire.

His sickle (Kama), gunbai, and armor were each sealed along his arms and his shirt was beside him leaving him shirtless. He picked up the article of clothing before throwing it over his shoulder. He slipped on his closed-toe sandals before exiting the tent.

His pupils dilated as they met the early morning sun, taking in the light. He stood there, breathing in the air of the unpolluted forest.

His mind drifted…While calming, walking to Yugakure will take quite some time…more time than I have allotted myself, we will make it there by nightfall and if my two 'students' cannot keep up, then that is their problem, Naruto thought as he reached back inside his tent to the satchel. He pulled out a scroll about the size of the summoning scroll he had used to be reverse summoned to Kyodaina Yama (Colossal Mountain), and held it.

He stretched his arms and legs before putting the scroll onto the ground. He channeled chakra to his left leg before kicking the scroll open. A moment later a large poof of smoke came from the scroll and once it dissipated it revealed several weapons. Katanas, Broadswords, Zanbatos, and other assorted weapons came from the scroll. They were cheap weapons meant to be used in battle, broken, and then get a new one to replace it. He was no novice to bukijutsu but he also was far from the best outside of his kama (sickle/scythe) and gunbai.

He exhaled deeply as he put a hand on a plain looking zanbato with a silver blade, grey hilt, and regular cloth wrapped around said hilt. He disappeared in a burst of speed and if someone were nearby, they would hear trees falling. But one thing was clear to him. He would get an actual zanbato, one that he could use in countless battles. And he knew just who to get one from. It wouldn't be easy and he didn't know the location of the sword's owner but one way or another he would acquire it.


Previous Night: Konohagakure… Point of View: Kushina

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. There he was, my baby boy, furiously trading tongues with this woman, Otoha, was her name. Despite just now being knowledgeable of her existence made a bad taste roll around in my mouth.

It made me proverbially sick to my stomach to watch this carry on, a small pit forming as well.

Why did this aggravate me so much?

Why did this annoy me? Why did this make me want to snap this woman's neck in the most violent way possible?

I was prone on a nearby building with grey tile on it with my hands clasping onto the center tile for support. I clenched my eyes shut as I put my head on the center tile. I swore I heard cracking from the tile I was holding myself up with but paid it no mind. I glanced to Tsume and Mikoto that were on either side of me and saw that both had their eyes glued to the window we were looking through.

The glazed look they had in their eyes didn't go unmissed by me either…

I briefly acknowledged Shisui say something about what he was doing was 'going against the bro code' but I paid it barely mind even as he jumped away.

I clenched my eyes once more as I pulled myself up just before I forced my orbs open to see Naruto pulling his shirt off and the waitress in her undergarments both reigniting a furious lust-filled kiss. I recognized Hinata and Ino's chakra signatures leaving at this point, probably too light-hearted for it.

My eyes traveled back to my son's body. Oh my, I thought as I looked at his chiseled torso.

I refocused on the scene to see the waitress now straddling Naruto while he was sitting on the couch, the other woman in the room stealing the occasional glance at the pair. I saw him reaching behind the waitress' back to unclip the bra in one swift motion with a single hand.

He must be good at this… I inwardly giggled slightly though I felt my face heat up again. Damnit, why was this getting to me?!

This made me recall my love life before the divorce with Minato. Before we married I loved that man with all my heart. I didn't look at another man, didn't speak to another man, I didn't do anything. I was so in love with the Fourth Hokage. The first time we had sex, after our honeymoon, was so special to me but I quickly noticed that Minato didn't have that much of a libido so even after giving birth; we didn't go at it like rabbits. I found that I myself didn't have much of a libido either save every couple months or so. Hell, even after the divorce I didn't masturbate that much.

However this act, this little peeping session, was making me ache. Ache for the touch of another, for all the pent up frustration to be released.

No, I thought. I've controlled it. I won't turn into a two-dollar whore just to please my own urges, I had told myself that many of times. I was absolutely positive Tsume and Mikoto were like that too.

I zoned back in to see Otoha grinding on Naruto as he expertly licked on her breasts and sucked on her nipples as a breastfeeding child would. She was moaning uncontrollably and rocking back and forth, moaning Naruto's name. It made my skin boil to watch this but I had to, no I needed to watch this…though the reason I needed to was unknown to even myself.

He detached himself from the right breast before proverbially attacking the left one. He raised his right hand and caressed the previous one, the waitress moaning even more than before.

I saw him reach his unoccupied left hand behind her to grope her behind. Minato was never one for foreplay so this was new to me. He never did anything other than missionary either.

What was Naruto to me? Was he just my son? Was he no longer my son? Was he something…more?


Point of View: Mikoto…

Naruto attacked the waitress' lips once more, claimed them with his own as she writhed above him. I saw him use his left hand to caress her mound was that still clad in its panties.

Oh how I longed to feel pleasure like this girl seemed to be feeling, the touch of another, it must have been wonderful. The faces she was making, the sounds my chakra enhanced ears were picking up, and the body movement she did, it looked simply wonderful. Oh if I weren't born as an Uchiha and some simple, clan-less girl, then I wouldn't have been signed away before my birth and or conception.

If only, I sighed dreamily. However, as much as Tsume and Kushina said I didn't have it, my Uchiha pride wouldn't allow me to sleep with a simple commoner, it demanded someone who was not weak or a commoner.

But he's a kid! Kushina's child no less! I rationalized to myself.

Then again this isn't something a kid would do, I thought as I looked away from the scene, a slight blush on my face.

A moment later I looked back to see the waitress kneeling in front of Naruto, a sultry grin on her face as he caressed the back of her head. I saw her hand reach for the zipper in his pants, the bulge clearly visible as she ran her fingers across his black trousers. She unzipped them and parted the slot before unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down. She took off his shoes for him, pulled his pants off of him, with some of his assistance, and before I knew it he was only clad in a pair of red boxers.

The waitress grinned again before she reached inside Naruto's boxers and pulled out his very large member. I could hear Tsume and Kushina gasp while I did as well.

Naruto's member was nothing to scoff at as it was standing at a proud eight inches and with him being only fifteen he still had room to grow.

Definitely bigger than Fugaku's, I thought as my face was now sporting a full blown blush as a slight grin was brought to my face.

"Mmm, Naruto-kun you sure do live up to your reputation," Otoha smiled sultrily as he kicked off his last remaining article of clothing before she knelt in front of him.

He gently put a hand on the back of her head and guided her to where she was right beside his shaft. "Hmm, you want this don't you?" I heard him say. One could practically smell the arousal she was exuding.

"Of course~," she said as she rubbed his manhood with her left hand before putting her face right next to it.

"Well I don't think you deserve it," he said with a slight smirk making her gasp in a playful manner.

"Oh my, Naruto-sama, that is bad…perhaps I could provide some…incentive to help you change your mind," she said in a low tone before reaching out with her tongue and licking the side of his shaft.

"Please me and I'll think about it," he said with an amused expression. She merely smirked in a playful manner.

"I think I can do that," Otoha smiled as she lowered herself and she began to lick at his sensitive testicles before grasping his member with her left hand. She then began to make a pumping motion making him smirk in a feral manner.

As she worked his shaft he looked over to Shiho and he seemed to like what he found.

Shiho's glasses were off to the side on a nearby table revealing her heterochromatic eyes, one blue the other brown. However they were both closed shut as she pleasured herself, her right hand pleasuring her mound while the other was sensually rubbing her left breast. She had taken down her pony tail and a few strands were on her face and she was sweating. She had her mouth clenched as she seemed to hit a particularly sensitive spot.

Her sleeveless red dress was pulled down to where her breasts were clearly visible and she had long laid her lab coat beside her. I could see her toes curl as she played with herself; all sorts of shame that would have come from a clear-minded individual were long gone as this girl's mind was taken over by lust, her carnal desires, and her desire to finally get laid.

Or at least that's what I thought about the matter but I was also probably right.

Yeah, I was right.

Point of View: Tsume…

I shivered.

And then I shivered again.

And once more.

Oh my Kami, I was so horny.

Just watching this was getting me off!

C'mon, Tsume girl! Pull yourself together! I thought as I watched Naruto dominate the two girls. He had pulled the second girl, Shiho into the mix by pulling her into his lap, kissing her while using one hand to finger her and the other to guide that waitress, Otoha.

It seems that he's done this before, I thought as I watched. Sure, I had read smut before, rented some late-night dirty flics but that was nothing compared to what was happened before me.

I knew for a fact that my panties would be wet if I checked them. Did I like watching Naruto have sex with these two women?

Judging from the little voice in my head screaming at me to take the young fifteen year old man home and have him ravish me to no end, as a matter of fact, yes, yes I did like watching this.

At least I know what I'll be masturbating to tonight, I chuckled dryly. I then tried to reign myself in.

Oh my kami this is so wrong!

But this feels so right….

But he's a kid!

Should kids be doing this sort of thing in the first place?

He's Kushina's son!

He's an Alpha and you know it!

Yukifaru, Kiba's father, was a brashman and I often wondered if that was where Kiba got his attitude from. Yukifaru was fairly attractive, not amazingly hot but he was still good looking. Yukifaru had always wanted me, and then when I woke up next to him after a drunken stir, he had a grin on his face but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, he ran away like the coward he was.

But Naruto had an air about him. It was like he was confident but calm, rational, and quite at the same time. From the time I had known him after he returned from the forest of death, he was cold. I honestly didn't like that.

Where was that sweet little bundle of blonde energy from seven years ago? It was like he just upped and left without even a goodbye.

He was replaced by this, this man before me; a cold-hearted man that had seemed to have a very high libido.

I chuckled dryly after that remark.

I saw him unzip Shiho's dress before pulling the one piece dress off of the cryptologist leaving her in a pair of white and red panties and bra. He chuckled as he stuck out his tongue before leaving a trail down the woman's neck making her moan loudly.

I looked back down to Otoha to see Naruto's shaft now gone as she had engulfed it in her mouth, furiously sucking and licking at it. She seemed desperate for him to cum.

A loud groan seemed to alert her as a moment later he proverbially exploded in her mouth. She sat there for a moment to make sure none was left before she moved away from Naruto's manhood of which was still standing proud.

She waved a finger at Shiho who was still trading tongues with Naruto. The cryptologist stopped her inexperienced ministrations before looking at the new nurse. Her eyes widened as she found herself in a lip-lock with her roommate, the latter of which still had Naruto's semen in her mouth as I had not seen her gulp.

The cryptologist's eyes widened as a warm substance was put into her mouth from Otoha before she eagerly accepted the salty substance.

I looked back at Naruto and he seemed amused at the least if that smirk on his face was anything to go by.

A moment later of watching the two, Naruto arose from his spot on the couch and grabbed Otoha by the hips before guiding her away from Shiho. He was smirking as she was kissing his neck before she was put on the couch; chest first so that she was still standing by her legs and her ass was in the air with her face on the back support cushion all the while angling her neck so that she would be almost facing Naruto.

The only male in the room didn't even bother removing her panties opting to simply guide them away from his prize. A pink slit was revealed to me. It had a patch of black hair above which looked to be neatly trimmed to say the least.

I honestly didn't know how deprived I was until tonight, and honestly…I knew who could fill the hole in my life. (Pun intended)

Point of View: Third Person…

Without much warning, Naruto slammed into Otoha, gaining a scream of pleasure for his work. He smirked in satisfaction. Her moans were music to his ears and the pleasure he was receiving himself was no small consolation prize either.

He hit her cervix repeatedly as he pounded into her, her moans progressing to screams of ecstasy before regressing back to moans and then back to screams. She had obviously not been fucked like this before and he intended to give her the ride of a lifetime.

He stopped abruptly making her finally release a breath she didn't know she was even holding. That was only before she yelped as he picked her up, plunging her deeper onto his shaft all the while sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her system.

Naruto turned around and sat on the couch making her get up to turn around and face him before placing her knees on the couch on either side of him. She smiled sensually at him as she lowered herself onto him making a smirk appear on his lips.

He bucked up suddenly, hitting her cervix in the process. She gave throaty moan before Naruto leaned forward. She latched on him, burying her head in the crook of his neck and putting her arms around him using her fingernails to claw at his back.

Naruto really didn't mind the clawing as Yoshino was worse. He often left the Nara compound with bite marks on his neck.

Still smirking, he bucked again making another throaty moan come from her throat. He continued this as he snaked both hands around to her backside, massaging her somewhat bountiful behind making her smirk above him as she continued to ride him.

Up and down, that was the rhythmic motion that an onlooker would see. Grunts and moans filled the apartment as the two gave into their lusts. Otoha gyrated her hips against Naruto's as he watched the hypnotic movement of Otoha's breasts bouncing up and down.

"Oh~ Naruto-sama, you are so good at this. It's no wonder Haruno-san was talking about this herself when she was in the Akimichi restaurant earlier this week," Otoha purred as she turned around and got off of Naruto. She then sat back in his lap before guiding his member to her waiting snatch.

Naruto merely chuckled. "It seems that Mebuki does not know how to keep her mouth shut. I might have to teach her a lesson later this week," he said more to himself with the smirk still in place.

"Oh, Naruto-sama, maybe I can get in on this, too-," Otoha was cut off as Naruto abruptly slammed into her.

"Enough talk," he almost growled making her already pouring sex wetter.

Her eyes bulged and her mouth opened up in an 'o' shape. Her back was pressed against his chest as Naruto raised his back and hips before he began to slam into her repeatedly.

"Oh, N-N-Naruto-s-sama! I've cum so many t-times! I c-can't hold it!" she screamed as her eyes began to roll back. Ecstasy was the only thing she could feel right then.

Naruto released a loud grunt. "Oh Naruto-samaaaaa!" she screamed as her inner walls clenched around him. He released a primal growl as he passed the point of no return before he stopped abruptly.

Otoha released a loud, satisfied moan as she was filled with him.

After a few seconds he pulled her off of him, and sat her on the couch making both of their juices spill from her snatch.

He looked over to Shiho expecting to see a whimpering woman only to find said woman, waving a finger in his direction as if enticing him to claim a prize.

"I presume you looked at a multitude of pornography films?" he smirked as she simply nodded before spreading her lower lips, a small smirk of her own in place.

Naruto's smirk seemed to grow slightly as he picked her up by the sides, her legs wrapping themselves around his own sides. She crashed her lips to his a moment later, not caring how sensual the kiss was; only that she had contact with him.

He unclipped her bra and threw it away before he began to lightly nibble on her left teat making a moan escape her lips. After a moment he slammed her against a nearby wall making some previously unknown masochistic tendencies surface as she seemed to scream in both pain and pleasure.

"You're inexperienced. So I suggest you let me handle this. And after the first few moments I won't be gentle," he told her, his breath right on her skin. Her face flushed as she turned away to avoid eye contact.

"H-Hai," she stuttered slightly as he looked down to see that her panties were already off. Naruto smirked.

He lined up his member before taking her lips in a sloppy kiss. She accept it none-the-less but a moment later her world exploded and her eyes watered as he penetrated her, her hymen breaking in the process.

She came…what a little masochist, Naruto thought as he smirked once more.

"N-Naruto-kun," she said timidly as she tried to get his lips in a kiss. Oh how she loved this.

He pulled out on by a bit. She whimpered at the loss only for her walls to clench one more as he slammed back into her, her back hitting the wall in the process.

"You're tight," he said absently as he developed a good pace. "Tighter than that other woman," he said with a grunt as her walls tightened again signifying she had cum again.

"You're so-o good at this, N-Naruto-kun," Shiho said as she bit into his shoulder as he hit her cervix.

"I've been told," he said with some amusement in his voice.

"I'm close," Naruto said after no small amount of strokes.

"N-Naruto-kun, cum with me!" Shiho shouted as her walls tightened.

The tightness became too much as Naruto gave into the pleasure. Shiho screamed in ecstasy while Naruto merely grunted as he unloaded into her.

After a minute he looked up to her face to see that she had passed out. With her legs still around him and member still inside her, he walked over to the couch before sitting her down, his shaft exited her. He looked over to Otoha to see her passed out as well in the same position as Shiho, sitting on the couch with their legs spread wide.

He smirked in victory and gathered up his clothes before going to find their bathroom.


Ten minutes later he exited Otoha and Shiho's apartment fully clothed and he was confident that his stalkers were gone only to look down to see one person he didn't expect.

"Danzo-ojii-san," Naruto nodded in the older man's direction making him nod back. Danzo had brown hair with streaks of grey and charcoal eyes. He also had an 'x' scar on his chin. For attire he wore the top half of a kimono that was white in color. For lower clothing he wore a simple black mantle tied together with a white obi. On his feet he wore a pair of black sandals. He also had a cane in his left hand.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Danzo chuckled drawing a smirk from Naruto as the two began to walk towards the Sarutobi residence. It was eleven and like it or not, Naruto had a curfew of twelve and he would abide by it.

"Yes, yes I did," the younger of the two chuckled.

"I remember when I had a libido," Danzo laughed lightly as well as Naruto. After a few minutes the latter spoke.

"You usually don't visit for pleasantries. I can only assume you have a mission for me?" Naruto asked him making the old man lose the smile on his face.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do," Danzo said with no playfulness this time.

Believe it or not, the Forest of Death was only so large and those that looked for Naruto during the two years he was missing would have eventually found him. They were all highly trained shinobi and Kunoichi and he was simply an eight year old boy. After six months of living off what wasn't poisonous and learning the layout of the training ground, he was found, but not by Hiruzen or any main Konoha affiliates. He was found by ROOT or Ne operatives.

If Naruto would kill one, two more would take their place. Training for three years and knowing the landscape of the grounds, Naruto put up quite the formidable fight, earning his stage two Sharingan in the process, but he was overpowered and taken to the secret base below Konoha.

He awoke in a warm bed, new clothes, and he seemed to have been bathed.

Danzo was the first person he saw after he woke up and the old man had congratulated the young Uchiha for lasting so long.

After the first month of being completely hostile to the old man, Naruto thought of a plan to simply use the man as a catalyst to attain a higher level of power and Danzo knew full well of what the youngling was doing but said nothing.

The reason Danzo did what he did was because he wanted an heir. He was infertile and sadly could not have children of his own and he would not allow the roots of Konoha to wither and die.

A year and a half later, by then Naruto saw the man as a grandfather figure and had lost his power-hungry views and on his thirteenth birthday, Danzo named the young Uchiha the second in command of root.

During the time between his tenth birthday and the present, Naruto had accomplished many missions and was no stranger to killing or leaving comrades behind. They were replaceable just as Danzo had said they were.

"You know I have no love for Konoha yet you continue to deploy me in its name. Why is that?" Naruto asked curiously as he crossed his arms all the while walking as he did.

"I know this, Naruto-kun. I have known this for many years now," Danzo paused, not looking at Naruto as the younger of the two did the same to Danzo. "However, you are the only one able to complete the missions I give you."

"What is it?" the blonde asked.

"I wish for you to make sure Konoha's assets are in still dispensable. I wish for you to go and check on Tsunade Senju. She is currently in Yugakure," Danzo spoke in a business-like fashion.

Naruto nodded.

"You leave at four in the morning and are expected to be there in two days time. I trust you have a sealed shadow clone for this occasion?" Danzo asked.

"Yes, I do. They have been gathering chakra since one month ago in a storage scroll in my room," Naruto explained as they drew near to the Sarutobi residence.

"Excellent. Drop by the headquarters to acquire your mask before you leave. I trust you will not fail this mission, Karasu?" (Crow) Danzo asked and no wasn't an answer.

"Hai, Danzo," Naruto said as he nodded his head. He refused to use the suffix 'sama' on anyone's name.

"Complete this and I will give you a graduation present," Danzo said with a chuckle as he turned around to walk in the other direction. He didn't bother to say goodbye as Naruto was already gone.


Present time: With Naruto and co...

If anything, Naruto was a patient man.

He had to be. It took time to get one's chakra under their command. Chakra control took enormous amounts of time for him to learn especially with his reserves. He had to be patient to relearn chakra control exercises after augmenting his chakra capacity with the Yang Kyuubi's.

But this. This was simply wasteful of his time.

He had arrived at Yugakure by 8:00 P.M. from his position in Nami no Kuni (Wave Country), evaded Konoha Shinobi all the way through Hi no Kuni (Fire Country) and was in the capital of Yu no Kuni. (Land of Hot Water)

But how difficult was it to find two women and a pig?!

He drew many stares from women and men alike, the latter with a look of envy while the former was mainly lust. The envy came from being around a beauty like Mei and an exotic beauty like Kisamu while the lust was directed more at Naruto making his two students glare at the women.

He was deemed a genius by his own grandfather and the one the one thing he didn't understand was women. They were truly odd. He had known Mei and Kisamu for three days and yet they were already showing signs of a small infatuation with him? Ludicrous.

The young Uchiha had his arms crossed and his eyes closed. Mei and Kisamu were in awe at all of the hot springs and elegant looking hotels and clubs. They had most-likely never been outside of Mizu no Kuni (Water Country) so it was understandable.

He almost growled as he took a scroll from his pocket and took off his armor in the middle of the street before sealing it as well as his kama and gunbai. He needed to visit a black-smith at a later date. He needed a collapsible kama. Now that would come in handy. He drew many strange looks as he sealed his weapons and armor but from Naruto's knowledge, Yugakure used to be a ninja village but that was some time ago so it was understandable that the civilians here had never seen a ninja.

"Boss-kun, why are you looking for this Tsunade Senju? You never told us," Kisamu asked with a raised eyebrow as the three walked.

Naruto didn't respond as he concentrated on his sensor abilities as they extended. He really hadn't practiced with them so it only had a maximum range of one hundred yards. It honestly shouldn't be that difficult to find mid to low-kage level reserves even without his sensor abilities.

This woman must have been very adept at black magic…

A moment later his head turned to the left, acknowledging Kisamu's question. Acknowledge? Yes. Answer. No.

"I suggest you seal away Samahada, Hoshigaki-san," Naruto told the blue-skinned woman absently.

"What? Why? And you never answered the question," she said as she stopped walking, her arms being crossed in the process before a skeptical look crossed her face. Mei stopped as well.

Naruto merely kept walking. "You will get your answers indirectly if we find the Senju," he said making Kisamu and Mei blink owlishly before both of them rubbed the back of their heads sheepishly, small, nervous chuckles escaping from their voices as well.

"Hehe, sorry, Naruto-kun," Mei said as the two resumed walking, five paces behind Naruto as Kisamu sealed the large, semi-sentient zanbato into a scroll.

"Why don't you want to answer the question?" Kisamu asked as she sped up a little bit only to resume a normal walk on his right side, which surprised Naruto to say the least. She must have been much faster when the massive sword was not on her back.

"Too many prying ears," he said curtly as he scanned the crowds which were parting like the Red sea as he and his 'entourage' walked.

"You sure are a secretive person, Naruto-kun," Mei said absently as she caught up to Naruto as well, walking on his left side.

"The shinobi world is an unforgiving place. One can never be too careful as an enemy will capitalize on the slightest mistake," Naruto responded with his eyes still closed. This Senju woman was so very close to him hunting her down hunter-nin style.

"I'm pretty good at sensing chakra, boss-kun, and there are only civilians around. The highest only has genin reserves and from the way you handled those ANBU a few days ago, I'm sure you can handle this one," Kisamu said as she looked at Naruto.

He opened his eyes to a sliver. "I began teaching you two on a whim. I can easily go my separate way if you don't stop prying," he told her with a sideways glare.

Kisamu held her hands up defensively.

"Sorry, sorry," she said as Mei giggled at her friend making the blue-skinned woman glare.

Naruto didn't respond as he closed his eyes again only for them to open abruptly. "Finally," he said as he sped up his pace in only by a margin.

Mei and Kisamu both raised an eyebrow as they saw their teacher walk through the crowd with a majestic fluidity as he moved to a casino.


Tsunade Senju was many things.

She was a Sannin, the best medic-nin ever produced, the granddaughter of the Shodaime Hokage, older sister to the long deceased Nawaki Senju, and one of her more known aspects, a person with a drinking and gambling addiction.

Her usual attire consisted of a grass-green haori with the kanji for gamble on the back in between the shoulder blades which was inside a red circle while the haori had black trimming that stopped mid forearm. Underneath the haori she wore a grey sleeveless, kimono-style blouse with black trimming. Holding it together was a rather broad, bluish-grey obi. For pants she wore a pair of bluish-grey capri-like pants that stopped a little below her knee but not fully at her mid-shin. For shoes she wore a pair of black, high-heel sandals with straps around her ankles.

For physical features, she was quite beautiful. She was about 5'5'' and she held exotic amber eyes and a blue rhombus on her forehead which signified the Creation Rebirth and Strength of a Hundred techniques. Her breasts weren't anything to scoff at either both standing at a borderline E-Cup or high DD-Cup. On her fingernails and toenails she had painted them both red.

"Aha! Take that! Full house," Tsunade grinned as gambling chips were pushed her way. The Sannin downed another shot of sake. Beside her, her apprentice, Shizune, smiled happily their pet, Tonton, oinked with what seemed like a smile.

Shizune was a fair-skinned woman with average height and a slender build with black eyes and hair. Her hair was straight and shoulder-length with bangs that covered her ears and framed her face. Normally, she was seen in a long bluish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi, and open-toed sandals with low heels. Tonton was simply a pig with a red vest and white trimmings with a white necklace.

The others around the table grumbled as they lost money. Most were mob bosses and were ill informed. Though one had a grin on his face.

His name was Gato of Gato Shipping. He ran the majority of casino's in small countries though he did not own this one he funded it heavily.

Gato was a small man with black sun-glasses, a business suit, and a red tie. He wore business shoes and had brown hair with a receding hair line.

And the only reason he was in town was because he was sent a message by a close associate.

Tsunade and Shizune were speaking, the latter worried about her master's winning streak while the former said she could mill these old farts out.

The entire private room was interrupted by a knock on the door. The man guarding the door opened it to reveal a similarly dressed man before the one that knocked whispered something to the one that answered. The one that answered looked behind him before nodding.

Five seconds later a very familiar face to Gato walked in. There was Naruto in all of his intimidating glory accompanied by two beauties, a fair-skinned red head and blue-skinned, blue haired woman.

Naruto's eyes scanned the room, stopping on Tsunade briefly. He thought she was beautiful even for a fifty-year-old but the thought was gone as soon as it arrived as he nodded silently to Gato.

"This isn't place for kids so I suggest you get out-," one of the yakuza bosses began before he was cut off by a man that came in carrying four large stacks of poker chips.

Naruto merely sat as his designated seat before Mei and Kisamu stood on either side of him. He intertwined his fingers and put them on the table before the faintest of grins made its way onto his face.

One hour later….

The last two occupants of the table were Tsunade and Naruto. Tsunade had a cocky grin as well as a drunken blush on her face while Naruto remained impassive, his calculating gaze looking into her intoxicated and cocky amber eyes.

Tsunade also had several large stacks, everyone's that had participated in fact, and most of Naruto's own.

Meanwhile Naruto only had one stack of poker chips left.

"Alright, brat, you had your time in the big leagues but it's time to leave the gambling to the big boys and girls," Tsunade said while Gato was sitting off to the side of the only two players. The rest of the bosses had left in a huff after they had lost all of their winnings to Tsunade.

But Gato had stayed and the grin on his face had stayed throughout the entire game. He had lost ten million ryo but what was that to him?

Shizune was biting her teeth in nervousness. This boy's expression hadn't left him the entire time he was there and that was most troubling. She knew he was up to something.

Mei and Kisamu had left ten minutes prior to get a booth at a nearby restaurant pre Naruto's orders.

Naruto looked at the cards in his hand before his chips. He had prolonged the game enough to where Tsunade had indulged a large amount of alcohol to ruin her decision making skills. Just as planned.

"All in," Naruto said simply as he put his cards on the polished wood of the table and pushed his chips towards the center.

Tsunade waited a second before she laughed and looked at her cards again. The boy was just another person with a good poker face. She would indulge him. There was no way he could be a straight flush. She smirked.

Naruto saw her smirk. All according to plan.

"All in," she said as she put her cards on the table and pushed her chips to the center.

"T-Tsunade-sama! Surely you don't have to do this," Shizune tried to reason with master and Tonton squealed in disappointment.

"I've got this," the female Sannin said to her apprentice and pet pig after raising her right hand in dismissal.

"Kid, you've just lost. Take this!" she yelled as she flipped over her cards, showing them her straight flush.

She looked at Naruto who just simply sat there, completely impassive. She guessed she had won and he simply wasn't admitting defeat. Shizune sighed in happiness. They could finally with pay off their debts with this money.

The two women then noticed the smirk.

Naruto raised his right hand and one by one flipped over his cards and when he was done, he looked Tsunade in the eye.

He had a royal flush. In a 1 in 649,740 chance and he got it.

"I do believe those are my winnings," he said evenly as the bodyguard in the room pushed the winnings over to Naruto.

Tsunade got up to leave, a completely unreadable expression on her face with Shizune in tow, a look of sadness on hers before the still sitting Naruto passed the latter a note seeing as how the former would have ripped it up in an instant.

As the bodyguard left the room it was only Naruto and Gato left.

The cards then shimmered before they were a two of a kind. Tens and eights and a single two.

"Thank you for being here, Gato. I do believe I never would have entered without your exception," Naruto bowed his head slightly in thanks before he stood and began to put all of the chips in a bag.

"No problem, Naruto. I 'm sure you will pay me back for the missing million ryo?" Gato smirked.

"Three fold. I will have your money in the morning," Naruto said to the small businessman of which nodded and grinned. "I trust your men will be on standby guarding the place if the Senju decides to go on with the operation?"

"Of course. Just like I said. But what's the extra two million for?" Gato asked with a raised eyebrow.

"To insure that we stay friends. I need allies in this world and in your mind, a broke ally isn't one at all," Naruto smirked slightly.

"Damn straight," Gato grinned as Naruto got up before leaving the room.


Naruto walked out of the casino to a nearby grill and bar where Mei and Kisamu were. He entered, the waiter at the door nodding his head at the blonde man before leading him to the booth that was requested. Naruto figured that Mei and Kisamu had described to the waiter what he looked like so it wouldn't be a hassle as to find the right person.

The waiter led him to a spot with a view over the spas and other hotels throughout Yugakure in the back of the restaurant. The booths were lined with red leather and had a dark brown mahogany wood.

He then spotted Mei and Kisamu. Those two were talking amongst themselves while Shizune and Tsunade were sitting across from them, the latter with a bottle of sake in hand, gulping heavily on it while the former had her pig in hand and a worried expression almost engraved on her face.

Tsunade was obviously sour about losing and he had honestly thought she wouldn't have come. However the reason she consented was beyond even his high intellect.

The four noticed him and he noticed how Mei and Kisamu seemed to brighten up at his presence. How…odd.

He sat down after Kisamu and Mei had scooted over and placed the briefcase beside himself.

He ordered two bottles of sake, their finest brand, and merely watched Tsunade for the entire time the waiter was gone to get his drinks. Kisamu and Mei spoke and even tried to get Shizune in on the conversation but failed as Shizune simply wanted to know why the two were here but Kisamu and Mei didn't seem to know either.

"Senju-san," Naruto said evenly after a moment ceasing Mei and Kisamu's banter.

"What the hell do you want?" Tsunade grumbled as she sent a glare Naruto's way.

Naruto waited a moment before he spoke. "You seem…angry," he said making her turn fully towards him.

"You're damn right I'm angry! So punk just strolls in that casino while I was busting my ass getting that money myself and then in the final hand takes it from me! You're damn right I'm angry!" she repeated the last line with emphasis as she cracked the table with her fist.

Naruto merely looked calmly at her, condescendingly; before he put the briefcase he had on the table and pushed it towards Tsunade.

Tsunade had to raise an eyebrow before she sat her saucer down to flip the briefcase open.

Tsunade's and Shizune's eyes widened at the stacks of money before she looked at Naruto with a critical eye.

"If you think I'm a prostitute, kid, then you're wasting your time-," she was cut off by Naruto raising a hand.

"I show you money and the first thing your mind goes to in prostitution? I'm surprised at your lack of decency, Senju-san," Naruto smirked lightly. Mei giggled and Kisamu cracked a smile.

Tsunade had the decency to blush.

"However, there is a reason I am here and a reason why I showed you the money I had just recently won," he said, all signs of joking eluding him as he slapped a seal on the wall beside Kisamu, a small green field covered the entire booth and its occupants. It pulsed before it became invisible.

Naruto then unsealed the top of his armor and then unsealed the jar with his grandfather's eyes. A moment later he resealed the armor.

"In exchange for the money, I wish for you to transplant these eyes," he told her with an even gaze, his dull cerulean eyes boring into hers.

She then noticed the Sharingan in the eyes and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

"If you think I'm gonna let you get the Sharingan then you're-," she was cut off again as Naruto's eyes bled red.

One tomoe, two tomoes, three tomoes. Her eyes widened as did Mei, Kisamu and Shizune's. Tonton just shrunk into Shizune's bosom.

"I do have the Sharingan, so you will not help me 'attain' it. I am merely attaining it's higher existence," Naruto said cryptically. He needed to be slightly open with the information or Tsunade would surely decline. He needed a master medic to transplant the eyes and he would accept nothing less. "And I most certainly an Uchiha."

A moment later Tsunade spoke.

"I have a condition to where I am afraid of blood so you are wasting your time here," she said bluntly as her arms crossed beneath her bosom, lifting them up before she crossed her legs as well.

"All of this money would surely pay back your debts. Are you sure your fears are being misplaced? There is ten million in front of you. For you to either pay back your debts or blow it all. A simple operation is all I am asking for and I will only accept the best. The chakra tenketsu's must be in perfect alignment and even though I do not know your apprentice's skill personally, I am sure she has done nothing like this," Naruto exhaled after he spoke. "Is your little phobia worth ten million ryo?"

Shizune looked down. Dojutsu transplants were always tricky and had to be perfect for the eyes to work and even though the strange looking Uchiha in front of her had the Sharingan eyes, if the procedure messed up, he would lose either eyesight or lose the transplanted eyes all together. The only known person in Konoha to successfully preform this was Rin Nohara but she was dead. Tsunade had never preformed a dojutsu transplant but given the basics, she could undoubtedly succeed in the endeavor.

Meanwhile, Kisamu and Mei had their own thoughts of Naruto's heritage.

Tsunade went to speak again, of course in protest, but Naruto beat her to the punch. "You are a Sannin! You have fought in the second and third shinobi world wars, you fought Hanzo the salamander, ate A-Rank nins from Kumo and Iwa like they were breakfast. You stopped when your brother died. You were covered in blood trying to save his life and thus developed your phobia there. However, blood is just a substance. It is the essence of what keeps us going, it is the life that we live. However, when I asked for a professional, I expected the best. However, how can you be the best medical-nin if you are scared of the one thing that you used to shed for the village of Konoha? You might as well not even be a medic. Your apprentice here must be the best medic alive seeing as how she isn't afraid-," he was cut off by a loud cracking sound. He looked over to the Sannin to see her cracking the table in anger.

Shizune, Mei, and Kisamu all looked at Naruto who was smirking.

His plan was to use her pride against her! They thought.

Tsunade put a hand on the suitcase. "Fine, if you want this operation, then let's do the operation," she said with a disturbing grin.

Honestly, Shizune was happy her master seemed to overcome her fear. She then thought that no one had the balls to talk to her master that way. Well except the person in front of her.

"If that is all, I will go speak to the Yugakure hospital to reserve a surgery room for the morning," he said as he disengaged the silencing seal to get up to leave before regaining his usual calm and calculative demeanor.

"I have to know the name of my patient," Tsunade called after him.

"Naruto, Naruto Uchiha," he said without turning his head as his Sharingan faded before he left the restaurant completely.


In Yagura's office, an ANBU knelt in front of the small Mizukage while

"Mizukage-sama, we have just received word that the same man who helped slaughter your ANBU has just entered Yugakure with a member of the Terumi clan and Hoshigaki clan however we were forced to pull back due to Shinobi patrols by Konoha," the ANBU spoke.

Yagura nodded. "That is fine. What were the casualties from Hoshime Island?" he asked referring to the civil war they were currently in.

"The Hoshigaki Clan is currently putting up a large amount of resistance. And our intel believes that the main force of the bloodline rebels will soon come to their aid," the ANBU said making Yagura sigh.

"Dismissed," Yagura said making the ANBU stand and bow before leaving.

A moment later Obito, clad in his orange mask, walked from the shadows just as black Zetsu emerged from the ground.

"So you're going to find Tsunade Senju, brother? Most interesting…" Obito spoke aloud.

"Indeed," Zetsu said simply.

"Zetsu, have acquired any intelligence on my mother?" Obito asked after a moment.

"No, Obito-sama. I have sent clones and looked everywhere. When I was spying in Konoha, the Uchiha Clan there didn't even know she was gone. Hell, they didn't know who she was," the black counterpart spoke.

"I don't know what happened but I intend to find out…" Obito spoke as his Sharingan spun ominously.



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