John. NSY. Now. Don't bring Sherlock.


John blinked his eyes, finding himself rereading the short message over again. Lestrade had once more sent him a seemingly urgent text.

"Well, that makes fourteen texts in a matter of five minutes." he mumbled out loud, sleepily. The tired doctor struggled to pull himself away from his beloved chair, fatigue still lingering from last night's crime chase. He couldn't even drag himself to bed once they arrived home during the late hours, and instead, settled in the comforts of his armchair.

His back, however, gave a clear protest.

Slowly trudging towards his flatmate's room, he found the great detective sprawled on his bed, limbs splayed, dominating every corner of the sheets and mouth slacked open in exhaustion.

It was quite a remarkable sight.

he gave the sleeping occupant a quick smirk of amusement and shut the door quietly.

Lifting the phone up once again to his face, slow and steady fingers created a message of reply, completely ignoring the fact that Lestrade gave him a message of urgency and desired no texts back.

Why not Sherlock? Is it Mycroft?


It didn't even take a minute before a buzz vibrated in John's fingers.

Oh for god's sake man, just get over here.


Not wanting to waste anymore time, John Watson sighed and pulled up his trousers stepping back out to the city of London.

"Ah and here he is!" Greg Lestrade opened his arms wide for the confused, and slightly lethargic Watson entering the main office of Scotland Yard. A strong hand smacked an equally strong shoulder as Greg led John into his office.

"Um. What's going on?" Puzzled and confused about the D.I.'s surprisingly excited exterior, John let himself to be led through the maze of cubicles and workers buzzing to and fro the building. Looking up, he spotted a crinkled smile from Lestrade. He once again blinked.

Whatever it was Lestrade wanted to show John, it must be good.

That or the fact that a tall, deducing someone wasn't there complaining or already solving the content of the surprise.

Greg was ecstatic. John was a lot more fun to share things with.

As they stood in front of the bleach white door of Detective Inspector Lestrade's office, with one hand on the knob and the other on John, Lestrade looked him in the eye, playfulness aside, returning to his professional manner.


Watson scrunched up his nose.

"Wha-? What do you mean-"

Before he could even finish his sentence, the two entered the stark quiet room, breaking the silence and letting in the noises of telephones and footsteps and chatter. With a slight force of the hand, the door was once again shut, and silence was once more.

Now, John is a man who could very well accept any kind of silence, (spending years with bombs, gunshots, and blood curdling screams blasting in his ears is a factor) but the noiselessness in the small office was far too abnormal, considering the fact that there were a surprising amount of people all smushed in one place. Not a sound was heard, not a breath, not even a squeak of a shoe sole.

Yes, this silence was definitely uncanny...but it wasn't uncommon. The military doctor knew right away what they were.

They were the products of strict training and harsh learning.

They were soldiers.

As Lestrade began to introduce John to a man whose posture, behavance, and dress clearly reveals that he is one of the seniors of the group, Watson felt himself standing straighter, his head held up even higher and his eyes growing a bit colder. All this stemming from old habits.

"John, I'd like you to meet Admiral Eugene, one of the high ranks of the new Starfleet. He's a medical professor also, and...yeah."

Ignoring Lestrade's painfully awkward actions compared to the strictly trained, John gripped the Admiral's firm hand.

An old smile widened on the man's face, revealing lines of wrinkles that seemed to be gained through experience rather than age. John thought of this as a peculiar thing. A superior, smiling an old man's smile.

"And Admiral, I'd like you to meet Doctor John Watson, a brilliant mind, I assure you."

And brilliant mind John Watson, for a split second, lost his military focus and gave Lestrade a startling glance.

"I-uh...wait what?"

As he stammered, Admiral Eugene continued on with the greetings. "Ahh doctor, I don't believe that Inspector Lestrade have given you any details to the happenings. I'm sorry, I was the one who requested your presence when the dear inspector told me all about you."

Another blink of the eye.

"Um. I'm sorry I still don't quite understand..."

Another smile.

"Why don't I let Inspector Lestrade tell you all about it?" The Admiral turned to take a seat, and with a wave of his hand, the others behind him repeated the action.

John looked back at Lestrade, hoping that all this confusion would be cleared up before his flatmate woke up and start bombarding his phone with texts of "where are you's". He sat down next to the old Admiral, who was seated right across Lestrade, who returned to his chair and leaned forward on the great desk in between them, hands clasped together in a professional manner.

He took a quick look at the Admiral, nodded, then back at John.

"Well, John, you've heard of the new Starfleet organization, correct?"


"About space, and science and whatnot-"

"Go on."

"Well, Admiral Eugene here is in charge of-well-created, a new project for Starfleet's scientific discoveries."

"The Eugenics Project. Clever, isn't it?" The Admiral added in proudly.

"Yes, that's right."

"Wait," John interrupted. He dug through the science folder of his mind, searching for that recognizable term.

"Eugenics...isn't that improvement of human hereditary traits?"

Lestrade grinned, nodding to the doctor.

"That's right, and that is what our Admiral Professor here has been researching throughout almost all his life. And now his research have been proved successful."

"That's...that's amazing!"

The old, wrinkled crinkle of skin appeared once again as a response to John's amazement.

"But, why am I here for, if you mind me asking, and why inform Scotland Yard about it?"

The gleam in Lestrade's eyes hinted that the news to come was very worth hearing.

"Like I said, the research is successful. Now it's time to test results. Scotland Yard was not only informed of this, but also asked to be part of it. You see here John, they needed different people with different kinds of traits, strength, intellect, abilities, Scotland Yard harbors all these varieties. And I've recommended you John, to be a part of it too."

Watson's eyes widened. "Why?"

Lestrade chuckled, as if John couldn't see the answer dangling right in front of him.

"Oh come on man! You were an army doctor! You've experienced the battlefield, and let's not forget that because of you tagging along during crime scenes and even involving yourself in the captures of criminals, you ought to be labeled as a police officer and a detective."

"And that is why the Inspector recommended you to me himself. He's quite fond of you doctor Watson."

John looked at both Greg and the Admiral in awe.

"So let me get this straight. Scotland Yard has been invited to be part of the Eugenics experiment and you want me to join in?"

"Right," answered Lestrade with much gusto, seemingly pleased by the fact that his division was chosen to represent one of science's greatest achievement.

"Ahh but you're not a part of the project," Admiral Eugene stated, "You are the project. You see, we are going to be developing a group of genetically advanced supermen, the varieties found here will help distinguish different enhancements produced."

As he explained, he noticed the slight askance look on the doctor's face.

"Rest assured doctor Watson, Starfleet is a worldly approved organization and its researches are highly encouraged. I've worked on this project for many long years now, and I am, dare I say, a hundred percent certain this will be a success."

John Watson sighed. He knows that even after the reassurance, this still was a big risk. He's basically giving his body to science! But...

There was a spark in Watson's adrenaline hungry head that felt the excitement in all this, maybe even the same spark that Lestrade obviously has.

Deep down, he found this thrilling.

And right now, it was tempting.

Eugene noticed the doctor pondering over the matter. "After all," he continued, "isn't the idea of being superhuman quite fascinating?"

Bam. That was it. that was the trigger.

"Alright," he sighed, giving in to temptation. Lestrade smiled and leaned back on his chair, feeling accomplished, and the Admiral once again showed his lines.

"I'm glad you can join us docto-"

"On one condition."

Admiral Professor Eugene glanced at John, his mouth slightly agape with the trace of the unfinished sentence hanging on the tip of his tongue.

Lestrade's eyes widened in surprise at John's sudden interruption and sat up quickly, his eyes scanning the two men in front of him.

"Go ahead doctor," Eugene spoke, "I'm here to listen."

John Watson, his eyes gleaming with loyalty and determination, looked over to Greg, giving him a microscopic smirk, knowing the reason of why the dear inspector had asked for John and John only,then back to the Admiral.

"You must include one person of my recommendation," Greg leaned back with a sigh and shook his head in a playful, immature annoyance towards John.

Simply ignoring the action, he continued on with his request.

"I want you to include Sherlock Holmes."

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So yeah, I watched Into Darkness with two good friends and holy hell instant headcannon!(Surprisingly I wasn't the only one who thought about it!) So this is a Sherlock/Star Trek crossover AU, and I'm going with the movie's plot line, not the series. Some of my own imagination will leak out to allow the story to flow, but other than that, it can fit with Into Darkness's story. I'm really excited for this fic and I specifically waited for school to end so I can focus entirely on the story! Reviews are helpful and welcomed! :3

Title of the story taken from the unreleased Star Trek Into Darkness OST