Wake Me Up Inside

(Sleeping Beauty)

The air was filled with nothing but an bitter silence tonight. Nothing sounded except for the hard, steady pounding of Prince Phillip's steed. He past every village seeing nothing but a blur as he sped off toward the castle. If it wasn't for Aurora's fairy companions, he would surely have been dead. They saved him from the evil clutches of Maleficent and informed him on what was happening. Before he was captured, Maleficent terrorized the kingdom, putting all citizens under a spell that sent everything but their bodies elsewhere. Subsequently, Maleficent cornered Princess Aurora and forced her finger onto the sharp spindle of a spinning wheel. Immediately after, Aurora became frozen inside of a dream world.

"Would you...Would you just slow down?" Merryweather snapped, shaking her tail feathers in the way she always did when angry.

"I'll do you one better, and stop." Phillip slowed to a halt before dismounting his horse and turning to the three fairies behind him. He gestured to the sights in front of him. The castle stretched out before them.

"Oh!" Merryweather seethed under her breath.

"Well, I'll be on my way, then," Phillip said, breaking into a sprint for the glowing tower.

"Not without us!" Fauna yelled after him. It only took them a couple minutes to reach the tower. When Fauna blew open the door with her wand, Phillip ran inside.

It was Aurora's bedroom. It looked somewhat empty apart from the bed and mirror that occupied the room. Phillip ran to Aurora's side, taking her hand in his. Nothing looked unusual about her; everything just felt wrong. Her hand was felt frozen. He touched her face and felt how cold her forehead was. "Aurora, wake up! Oh, my dear, will you ever awake?" he asked, answered with Aurora's quiet stillness.

"Please don't let her be dead," he prayed, rubbing her hands in-between his for warmth. The fairies fluttered to his side and all pointed to her chest in unison. It was rising slowly, as if someone was struggling to get out. "Oh, thank goodness! Now, how do I get into this dream world?" Phillip asked, scanning Aurora's limp body. It troubled him deeply seeing her in such a state. He had only been visiting Aurora for the past few months, but he had already fallen fast for her. She was more than a beauty with shiny yellow hair, but also an amazing songstress and a kind heart. Phillip had seen the way she cared for animals in the forest.

"See into her eyes," Fauna started. "They are the open doors that will lead you down into Aurora's core, where she's her numbest. Do you understand?" Flora asked. Phillip shook his head, very confused.

"Try a simpler explanation," Fauna suggested helpfully.

"Okay, let's see...Without a soul, Aurora is sleeping frozen inside her core, accompanied by a sleeping spirit, so she can't wake up. Aurora won't awake until you find her there and lead her back home. Understand now?" Phillip nodded.

"Down there you'll be facing the forces of evil, so you'll need these," Merryweather said, brandishing her wand and making a large sword and shield appear in Phillip's hands. She looked at him expectantly, waiting for his thanks.

"Merryweather, th-" Phillip started.

"I'm afraid you need to go now, Phillip!" Flora said, gesturing him towards Aurora's limp body. Merryweather's stubby body shook with frustration.

"Oh!" she said, eyeing Flora. She ignored her and reminded Phillip of what he needed to do.

Phillip sat on the edge of Aurora's bed and pushed a stray piece of blond hair out of her face. When his fingers met her skin, he could feel how much colder she was. Whatever trap she was in would surely kill her if he didn't hurry. Suddenly, Aurora's eyes shot open. He jumped back, then felt at least six tiny hands pushing the back of his head down until he was nose to nose with Aurora.

"Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you, but i had to open her eyes, or you'd never get in!" Fauna said.

Never, since they had met, had he ever been even remotely close to her. He blushed with embarrassment, but gazed down into her light blue eyes. They looked dilated and almost scared. "Focus, now," Flora prompted.

"I know, I kn-"

"Shhh!" the fairies hissed in harmony.

Then before Phillip could respond once more, something popped in his mind. Everything went dark, then light returned. He rubbed his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting, and looked at what was before him.

To Be Continued

in Part 2

Bring Me To Life