(Wake Me Up Inside Extended - Part 4)

It had been at least a year since Phillip had been trapped inside Aurora's dreams, but it had felt like an eternity. He had just sat there in the dark: nothing to eat, do, or say. Life meant nothing to Philip anymore. He had lost everything he had once called his. It had been so long, he was beginning to forget what Aurora - the woman he loved - looked like. The whole situation was a fading memory. How had he even gotten here - he didn't know.

But where there is darkness, there will soon be light. Phillip looked up, squinting. He hadn't seen something bright in a while. Out of the darkness stepped a woman. Behind her stood a large pack of people. Phillip stared, unsure of what to do.

"Phillip," the woman said, running like her life depended on it. She thrust herself onto Phillip, bursting into tears. "I've missed you."

Not knowing who this strange woman was, Phillip said nothing. She scooted off of him, taking his face in her hands. His sunken cheeks and blank eyes shocked her.

"Do you...remember me?" The woman wiped her tears and looked at him intensely. Phillip shook his head slowly. The large crowd behind her gasped. "I'm Aurora."

Phillip studied the woman. She had long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. This could surely be Aurora, but he would never know for sure. "You don't believe me." She looked down sadly. 'Is there any way I can prove it to you?"

"I'm sure we can," a plump fairy - leading two others behind her - said. Without permission, she waved her wand over Phillip's head.

Suddenly, Phillip saw what seemed to be the past. His first meeting with Aurora flashed before his eyes. It was true that the woman in front of him was Aurora - she was just older. When the vision ended, Phillip's face curled up awkwardly into a smile.

"Now you remember!" Aurora wrapped her arms around Phillip.

"How are you here?" Phillip asked - no longer skeptical, just curious.

"I should have realized this much earlier, but you can do anything in a dream. Anything! It took me a while to face reality and realize that there is no way we can get out of this situation." Phillip looked down, regret washing over him. Aurora lifted his chin, and met his gaze. "But, all I ever needed to do was dream of the whole kingdom being with you, and it would happen."

Phillip laughed without meaning to. It - of course - was no way to solve his problem, but it was better than living with nothing inside. He pulled this dream Aurora in for a hug, feeling bittersweet tears come to his eyes. Aurora's effort was astonishing.

"Thank you, Aurora."

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