Chapter 1: Eyes

"Whip it!"

Donald started beatboxing along to the tempo of the song. It was a new year at Barden, and once again the Treblemakers had to face the chore of recruiting. Again.

He was tired of this shit. Donald had been standing there all day, and he was super bored. Plus, his throat was sore from three hours of solid beatboxing, and he desperately wanted a Coke.

Bumper the Jerk was making weird jazzy moves and trying to hit on girls. Snorting, Donald rolled his eyes and went back to updating his Twitter.

"We both are here to have the fun, so let it WHIP!"

Impatiently, Donald pushed his black framed glasses up his nose. The Activities' Fair was making him sick. The sound of Bumper's (in Donald's opinion) piggish voice was driving him batshit insane.

"Let it whip!"

Sweet baby Jesus, the awful song was finally over. Donald slumped against the wall tiredly.

"Yo, man, you alive down there?" Greg laughed, sitting on top of the wall. He flicked at one of Donald's curls and handed him a warm can of Sprite. "All we got, but it's better than dying."

"Thanks, Blondie," Donald croaked, pooping it open and gulped half of it down in three seconds.

As Donald drank the last few drops of Sprite, he noticed a pair of huge eyes staring at them behind a tent. No, wait, staring at him.

He blinked and they disappeared. Huh.

"Okay, Donald, get ready. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark in 5, 4, 3…" Bumper barked.

Donald sighed.

This is a horrible way to start the year, he thought.

As he beatboxed along to the opening of the song , he found himself thinking about those large eyes again.

Sorry, guys, I know this is horrible but I needed an opening. I'll get back on it soon I promise, sorry again.

Love, Shay.