Chapter 8: Unpredictable

"I don't believe this," Greg gaped. Donald just stared.

Unicycle was knocked out, lying spread-eagled on the floor of Kori and Lilly's dorm room. Donald could distinctly see a huge lump beginning to form under his afro. That was proof to how big the swelling was.

Donald turned around and stared at Lilly. "…why?!"

Lilly glared back defiantly. "He tried to break into my dorm." This was the loudest sentence they'd ever heard her say.

All four of them turned their eyes back to Unicycle's crumpled form on the floor.

"Do…do you think he's still alive?"

"Unlikely," Greg was still in shock. Donald noticed that he was still holding his bag of onion rings. "Do you see the size of that lump?"

Harry fell to his knees and grabbed Unicycle's limp shoulders. "Wake up! You can't die yet!" he bawled, shaking him harder. "You still owe me that 50 dollar pizza voucher you stole from me last week!"

Unicycle stirred feebly. Both Donald and Lilly felt their hearts start to resume beating.

"Dude, wha—" He groaned. Then, he looked up and saw Lilly.

"Eurgh!" Unicycle yelped and scrambled as far as he could from her. "Help me!" He clutched at Greg's shoes and screwed his eyes together.

Laughing with relief, Donald bent down and grabbed his shoulder firmly. He could feel his friend's clammy skin and trembles even through the thick material of his sweatshirt. "Chill, man, you're safe."

"Safe from the crazy Asian chick with the aluminum baseball bat," Harry muttered, standing up and brushing dust from his jeans.

All of them turned their eyes to the baseball bat.

It was bent.

"Holy shit, Lilly, how hard did you hit?!" Donald was half screaming.

Lilly met his horrified gaze nonchalantly. She shrugged and sat down on the floor cross-legged.

"Your head must be made of cement blocks, Uni," Harry whispered. "No human could've lived through that."

"I can still see stars," Unicycle groaned. "And the room is spinning. Why is it spinning?"

Greg shook his head and threw his now empty bag of onion rings into the garbage. He grabbed both of Uni's arms and helped haul him to his feet. "C'mon, big guy. We need to get you out of here before you get nutted in the noggin again."

"Let's get out of here, the Asian aura in here is scaring me," Harry whimpered and helped Greg half-drag, half-carry Unicycle out of the room.

Donald and Lilly stared at each other.

After several minutes of awkward silence, Donald cleared his throat and said, "I think I should leave…" and backed away to the door.

"I'm really sorry about scaring you or hurting your friend," he tried again.

Lilly looked up at him and raised the bent aluminum bat. She smiled sweetly.

Donald was out before she could blink.

"I'm back, Lils!" The door slammed open and Kori pushed herself in. "They were all out of soup though, but I got you your favorite ice-cream."

Lilly just looked up from the book she'd been reading and smiled affectionately at her best friend.

Kori shrugged her coat off and hung it on the peg next to her desk.

"Hey, why is your baseball bat so bent?"

Lilly shrugged and turned back to her book.

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