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Warning: Alcohol, cuss, yaoi (gay), adult content, mpreg, lemon, sensitive, blood, emotional, psychological, and grammar sentence structure (due to the fact I am deaf and it affects how I write and I lost my hearing as an infant, but I am proud to be deaf anyway.)

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The weather doesn't seem to hold up well for the promising easy day. It was too depressing, let alone looking at it, and the sound of it was not good at all. The worse thing is…I picked the worst city to go to college! Here I was, running to my apartment and the rain falling down onto me. Why did my bag have to rip today? I had to carry all my books and notes and trying to refraining them from getting wet. The rain was getting a bit too much and there were people around me. Too many people might be watching me and there was no way I'd risk my secret for their sight to expose me over to the world's population.

Here I am, stumbling right into the entrance and almost collapsed to my clumsy act. Thankfully, there isn't much tight security in this type of an apartment and it was worth the price anyway. I knew there wasn't an elevator, but my sister suggested that this place will do well for me. I headed up to the third floor, knowing it'd take about five minutes to get up there, and I was really wishing for my bag had not ripped at all. What a disaster! I grumbled and figured I'd buy another one…if I could afford it that is. Then again, I could ask…no, Fenton, Mom will be having a fit that she had brought that bag a year ago. There was no way I want mom to complain that I destroy stuff less than two years. I'm just one year away from finishing college and I can make a living for myself.

I turned to my left and went three doors down. Three-seven-nine B is the reading on my door tells me and it tells me it is my place. At least the bill is cheap over summer to stay, I needed to take some summer courses and hoping to finish by Winter. My head shook and thought it was crazy talk, but it could get me home sooner. I sighed and trying to find my key in my pocket…if I can find it.

My brows united and kept searching for my keys. I groaned and slammed my head against the door. Did I lose my keys again?! I practically hate my third year of college and want it to be over as it is! I sighed and looked around carefully. No one's shadows nearby the door, no flying cars – thankfully that only happened once, and no one is coming up the stairs. My intangibility triggered on and I walked right into my room. I dropped my bag on the table on my right and glad it was Friday. I knew I'd be getting those taken care of by tomorrow.

I muttered about how ridiculous the weather had to be. I wanted to go soaring, but no, the weather wants me grounded. I turned to my door rack on my entering and exiting door and couldn't believe I left the keys here all those times! Way to go, Fenton!

"That was the fifth time this month! I really need to stop staying up past eleven," My head shook and sighed.

I grabbed it and shoved it into my pocket this time. I headed over to my counter and picked up my cell phone. Apparently, some of my professors refuse to allow us to have our phone with us at all. I knew it was pointless to bring with me, so I kept it here. My phone showed that I had two missed phone calls. My head banged on the cupboard and I knew that wasn't good.

"Two months until the final, Danny Fenton and your vacation can begin for three weeks and then back to summer courses. You'll have the rest of the summer off!" I declared, feeling somewhat satisfied about it.

The two missed calls were from…Vlad? I had bitten my lip, not sure how to respond to him or what it could be. I mean, we haven't had many battles and Danni is watching out for my parents – she accepted them as her aunt and uncle now. It's just the fact my parents still don't know I'm a halfa or she is. She was able to pull out that she was sent by the family agency to us because her parents died while working under some killer gas in another country and that she practically has no one now. My parents believed her and took her in. At least I knew she was capable of fighting against him, but she hasn't mentioned anything about him.

He called half an hour ago. I sighed, I need to know what he wants before I accuse. Jazz nearly blew off my head when I tried to stop him from coming over to my house and she was telling me that Vlad was only coming to the house to give her a recommendation letter she needed. Honestly, Vlad kept his words and Jazz got into the college she wanted. Since then, Vlad changes his behaviour from time to time and I would have to be careful. So, here I am, nervously wondering what he could be up to this time.

My thumb pressed call button and moved the phone close to my ear to listen its ringing. It's so weird having to call him like this. My fingers tapping on the cupboard and wondering what he may say. The third ring passed, but the fourth got cut off. I nearly wanted to end the call and forget the fruit loop.

"Hello Daniel," He had a calm tone from what I hear.

My head tilted, "Hey…Vlad?" I frowned, wondering what could be something good for him.

He tsk'ed softly, "I know I must not be thrilling to talk to, but I am in town and thought you might like to go out to eat and drink tonight. After all, it's rare to go out to eat when you're a college student and I feel it would be…pleasant to have some company to join me tonight. What do you say? I'll pay."

I was sort of expecting him to tell me that he's got another case of ecto-acne illness again or that he'd demand I'd renounce my dad or something. Instead, he offered dinner? I stared at my refrigerator and knowing that there wasn't much food and I wasn't in the mood for some crappy leftovers. I mean, Vlad is a billionaire man and him spending fifty buck for dinner is nothing to compare to his house shopping, I guess.

"I guess. Just no damn threats over my head or ghost fights. It's dinner and that's it." I told him straight to the point.

He hummed much to his delight, "Excellent. I shall be over to your apartment in ten minutes, no less." He declared.

My eyes rolled, "Uh huh, just be glad I'm a college student."

"See you soon, Daniel."

Then something dawned on me, "Wait a minute, how do you know where I-"

The cell phone went dead silent and he didn't even hear my hold up a minute question. Seriously, how did he know where I live? Right, he's a stalking fruit loop that's for sure. Just think of this, it's free food and any college students would take that offer…even if it's a dinner with an archenemy.

"Ha! Who would in their right mind eat dinner with their archenemy?" My head shook, "My sister, maybe." My head shook and decided to go brush my teeth to make the man look…decent to the society.

Oh, ghosts, the reporters are going to stalk us aren't they? Wow, just talk about more popularity for my college mates to hate me more or greedy connection. I just know it that much. My phone tucked into my pocket. I headed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, checked to see my hair in order, and nothing out of place either.

I went over back to my small living room and grabbed my wallet on the table. It couldn't hurt if this was a scam and leading me to some starving fight. Where I'll end up treating myself something to eat instead.

Knock, knock, knock!

I glanced at the oven's time and realized it had been ten minutes since he made the call. My feet dragged me over to my doom and opened the door to my ultimate doom. The door swung opened and here he was in a delightful mood, his usual and fine suit, and arms folded behind him to show how patient he wishes to show. His eyes were excited to see me – then again, I hadn't seen him in three years almost. I practically avoided him up until now. I glared at him to warn him he better watch himself. He took my glares as no threats.

"Are you ready? I have my car outside of the apartment and my umbrella ready to go."

"It's just rain?" I tilted my head.

He shrugged, "It is pouring heavy as of rather now."

"Don't remind me," I grumbled.

"Rough classes today?" He gestured the way with the umbrella leading to the stairs.

"More like bad luck." I huffed.

He nodded, "Ah, let me guess. You had to hand in your assignment an hour later because something had happened to it? Someone made you trip? You got stuck in a crowd? A dog stole your food? Rain destroyed your homework?" He thought out quite a few.

I snorted, "Ha, I wish, but no. My bag is ripped and ended up carrying it all day. That and rain ruined my plan to fly outside."

He hummed, "My, my. Do you need a replacement on the bag?"

My head shook, "Don't bother, fruit loop." As we went down the stairs, "I've got my backpack, I'll live."

"Considering half of you are already dead." He smirked.

My eyes rolled, not even caring about the old joke, and he popped open his umbrella and allowed me under it. We walked to his car and I got in. It was one of those Mercedes black series in the latest of the year two thousand thirteen. I'd love to own one of those, but I'd end up broke. He opened the car door for me and I slipped in. Man, I had forgotten how comfortable car seats were and it was so neat inside too. Unfortunately, I'm just a guy with a license who has no time to drive because of ghosts to deal with. He closed the door and walked to the other side of the car. He slipped in while closing the umbrella quickly with a touch of a button. Damn, I need to get one of those!

Hold it there, Fenton. You're a halfa, just use intangibility. Vlad didn't bother to buckle up and drove straight to the restaurant he planned on. He chose a big city with many restaurants, stores, and one main mall. It was impossible to let my ghost half to be himself unless I am in that apartment alone. I wondered which ones he's taking me. At least it's not a scam so far and he has been on his best behaviour.

He made one turn and ended up parking in. Ah, a bar restaurant. At least it's alright, I guess. He parked his car and pulled out his key.

"I hope you're hungry, Daniel. A few people recommended this place for good chicken meals here." He commented.

My eyes rolled, "Of course." To think I'd know that by now when I was here for the last two summer vacations almost.

"Right…you're used to living here. I should have waited and see if you have a recommended place to go out to eat next time."

"If there is a next time and depends if we have another fight in our future."

Vlad shook his head and stepped out of the car, "I believe we're mature enough to deal with each other's pain in the butt company."

I got out when he was talking, "Yes, but you don't like the way I treat you anyway."

"That's because all you can think of is if I am doing something evil. Not everything is black and white, Daniel." Vlad tucked his car key away.

I sighed. He used that line way too much.

"You're not going to get a girl, if you keep saying that." I figured throwing out some tests.

"Unfortunately, what girl could ever want me?" He muttered, but I heard him.

Why would he say that? Maybe he gave up on finding love with my mom – thankfully – and moved on with his own life. Sort of, I guessed because he's involving me most of the time. We entered in and the waiter led us to a private booth in this bar restaurant. It sort of like the bar is in the middle of the restaurant, the rest organized by television to television to numbered what tables placed by. I knew that workers would be able to tell what table's numbers are and get the food to the right customers without messing up.

We're sort of like in the back, but in the middle of the restaurant with good amount of privacy. The waiter left two menus on our table and left us alone for a short of amount of time. At least it's not some fancy restaurant or anything or he would have driven at least a mile or two to get there.

"So, tell me how you are doing in classes? I hardly hear a thing of your education." Vlad picked up the menu for a quick glances.

I picked up my menu, "I'm doing fine. Just can't wait to be done and get a career."

He nodded, "Any favorite courses?"

"Writing class, choir, and astrology." I told him short and simple.

"Ah," He smiled, "Glad to hear your interest of heart in space is still there. Have you find an ideal career yet?"

My head shook, "No, not until the end of summer. I'll be doing some internship. I've got my associate degrees in Writing for the past two years and will be getting my master's degree for Literature at the end of this semester."

"Impressive. Your English skill is the most delicate of your ability, use it to help you make it through the world. I know business did it for me." He smiled.

Why does he even care? Then again, he's a fruit loop that stalks to whatever interests him. I guess he has to keep himself interested. The menu really looked good and looked through carefully to decide to what to really eat tonight since I might not get this chance in a long while.

"Hm, need money and something that won't get me fired because I left my job to fight ghosts. Danni is going to start college in a couple of years."

Vlad hummed, "Ah, yes. I would not blame you otherwise, however, if you do feel you cannot find a job. I can provide you one. I do need someone to handle written reports on the projects and the progresses going."

It didn't make sense why Vlad would offer a job. I didn't feel like responding to that and figured mouth shut would get me dinner tonight. The waiter came up to use to see what we need to drink before ordering our food.

"I shall have water." Vlad requested.

I sighed, "I'll have grape martini drink, please."

The man nodded and went to gather our drink. Vlad stared at me while I looked at the menu. It was sort of a nerve wrecking when he keeps looking at me like that. The more his eyes kept on me, the more I felt the need to go invisible instantly.

"I didn't know you drink, Daniel."

I laughed briefly, "Ever since I turned twenty-one. I like martini, especially grape flavored ones."

Vlad hummed, "Interesting,and here you are, drinking and living at an apartment for college."

I shrugged, "Not really a big deal." I set down the menu to look at him.

"Oh really," His elbows on the table, folded hands, and his chin resting on his hands, "Care to tell me what is the big deal?"

I leaned back and crossed my arms, "You. I thought I was done with you."

Vlad chuckled, "Do you really think I'd abandon the young hybrid?"

I shrugged, "I was sort of hoping. Pretending that I'm the only hybrid there is."

He faked his gasp, but he laughed it off for the dramatic. At least it's not busy in the restaurant or I'd be ready to leave here in an instant. It's weird enough as it is being with an old fruit loop. The waiter returned with our drinks and held out a notepad to write.

"Are you both ready to order?" The guy asked, glancing between us.

Vlad nodded, "Yes, I will have the chicken meal number thirty-four with a side of a salad, but no onions. Also, please include champagne bottle for us."

The waiter nodded, "Alright, sir. I will have that out for you. And," He turned to me, "What would you like to order, sir?"

"I'll have the hamburger number six and no ketchup please. Mayo will do. Small fries on the side, please."

The waiter nodded, took the menu off our hands, and went to take care of our order to the chef. Vlad seemed disappointed, but I didn't care. I wasn't expected to entertain him and everything else is too much stressful. I guess with the whole getting out of the apartment on Friday is a good thing, so I can't say it was that bad. I can't blame the rain this time either.

"How is your sister doing, Daniel?" He asked.

I shrugged, "She's happy with her job as a therapist at home. Anyone who deals with ghosts related is satisfied with her business. Not much, really."

"What of Danielle?" His head lifted.

Vlad had to ask about nearly everyone half way through the dinner and we were drinking after that. He mentioned something about his company here, but I haven't grasped it because I was still drinking more than I ever had. He ordered another bottle and told me not to worry about the transportation since he will hire someone to take us home and have his car picked up. After that, it was all a blur to me and a rush too. I couldn't hold myself together too easily or feel in the same place. Everything was a new feel for me.

A penny for thoughts?