I made sure I managed to be in my Phantom form to alert the citizens that the fire was out for good. The firefighters were free to enter in and they went in. The police officers were gathering people who lived here and helping them out emotionally about the situation. I flew over to the hide and found my bag. I was glad to have my phone and laptop with me or I'd be a mess…but the rest of my stuff are gone. I'm glad I have all my books on me and my homework, but everything else is flamed to ashes.

I wasn't cleaned, but I had to get out before people look at me. My body was too worn out from so much effort into helping out. I walked around, thinking of some way to handle my problem, and I had nowhere else to go. My eyes looked up, feeling heavy from my eyelids and saw two directions. I could go to the hotels and see for a possible arrangement or head to Vlad, who'd do anything to offer help.

The hotels were too far from my college and Vlad's place was closer. I knew my choices and Vlad wouldn't turn me down. I walked to his place, while dragging my bag on my shoulder, and desperately want to sleep in my bed. I hadn't seen him in a month almost and he hasn't called me since that early morning when my dad showed up unexpectedly. He wasn't more than five minutes away and I'm standing in front of his door. My feet were slow on me and everything had ache on me.

I rang his doorbell, barely smiling after what I had have gone through today, and too much. Vlad opened the door as he's grinning away, but he saw how messy I was and definitely not what he's used to seeing me like this.

"Daniel! What happened?" He ushered me into his house and took the bag off my shoulder.

"I…I lost the apartment," The tears couldn't stay in, so I gave up fighting to hold it in anymore, "The fire was huge and took a long time to take I take it out. I saved people and pets from dying. And…and…my suite…I don't have anywhere else to go and-"

"Say no more, Daniel. You're welcome to stay here as long as you like. Come on, I will have your room next to mine. It's the second biggest room I've got. The baby's room is across from mine anyway." He explained.

Vlad led me to upstairs and showed me the second bedroom. It had a nice bed set out to go in blue, a bathroom arranged, and emptied clothes and dressers.

"Wha-what am I going to wear? I lost everything," I couldn't hold myself together with everything had happened.

Vlad smiled, "I'll cover it. Why don't you take a shower while I get clothes and pajamas for you," He hummed curiously.

I hadn't seen a side of this Vlad before in my life. I nodded and decided to clean up. With everything I had to put up today, I needed a good shower and take things off my mind. Vlad hasn't dared to leave the room until I was in the shower. There were plenty of shampoos – even though I never heard of these products before – and soaps. The shower was so relaxing, it was nice to get a powerful pressure to rinse out heavy ashes everywhere on me. My hair was washed twice to get this stuff out and being cleaned matters to me the most.

Despite of the fact it was a horrible day, Vlad really reached out the best for me. I came out of the shower and I was shocked to see fresh set of pajamas laid out for me. It was one of the old ones I used to wear as a teenager, I didn't expect him to bring those old memories. He had seen me wore those when I first met him. I dried up with the soft towels and hopped into those pajamas like old times. He got a larger size for me and it felt nice. It almost made me feel like I could do anything to be a teenager again.

I came out of the bathroom and saw the closet left opened. It filled with clothes I would have worn to colleges or places I tend to be casual about wearing. I chuckled and for a man to be a billionaire, he definitely willing to assist to prove me he's worth it. The shower refreshed me a lot better and headed out of the bedroom to find Vlad with a room opened door. The lights were on and I knew he said it was the baby's room.

I walked into the room slowly and see he's hugging himself nervously. Instinctively, my hand soothed his arm to let him acknowledge my presence in the room. It wasn't amazing yet in this room, but he got the crib, stars on the ceiling, and some common baby toys here. Lastly, there's a rocking chair with pillows provided to comfort.

"Three months tomorrow. I want to find out what I am carrying." He softly smiled.

I nodded, "Do you want to find out now? Right now, I could use some distraction."

"The nursing room is next to this room. I already gathered all equipment that we might need, but we're set for everything." Vlad sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"I had a recent nightmare today."

My head shook, "Why didn't you call me?"

"The father doesn't even know I'm having his kid, why should I fear him?" His sapphire eyes looked at me.

I greeted his eyes back, "Is it because you know that mothers are the mama bears?"

He chuckled, "I suppose so. Maybe I was worried that I'd lose my rights so easily because I'm too old to raise a child by law." His head shook.

I linked his arm with mine and gave him a good smile. I dragged him out of this room and he picked up the pace with me.

"Pff, Vlad, you're younger looking than most men and the judge wouldn't believe the age anyway. You're the billionaire, you already got planned ahead to where your child ends up with, and you know money will last this kid for generations endlessly." I rambled.

He smirked, "That's because you will inherited the money and decide to do what best for the child if anything happens to me."

"But, nothing will." I smirked back, "I'm your doctor, fruit loop. Don't ever forget that!"

His eyes rolled and we're in this room, where patient deal with, but more for females in their general situation. Okay, I shouldn't have thought of that. It's not general, more complicated stages. Vlad was already ready to what he needs to do and I was dealing with the ultrasound on first hand task. My mind was thinking about how exciting this is. It was shocking to know this baby is mine too and Vlad doesn't know.

While the machine ran up, I grabbed the gel and turned to Vlad. He was showing a small bump and how small this one is turning out to be so far, but he's getting bigger every day. I soothed the gel on his naval to stomach and I noticed he doesn't react much to the cold. I guess it's me with the heat, but then again, he can't stand extreme coldness anyway.

After the gel was laid out, my hand was wiped off the gel and grabbed the monitor. Vlad's knees were shaking has showed me he was nervous. My other hand patted his hand with a smile to ensure him I'm with him through all of this.

"Vlad, us halfa are great healers and so will your kid. I promise you that when we scan to see the baby's feature and everything. It will be the healthiest baby we see." I thought these words would comforts him.

He nodded, "Yes, but I'm just nervous and excited at the same time to see this one for the first time on a sonogram."

"Well, it's normal. All mommies should be more excited than nervous. It's better to accept a kid that's coming into your life." I told him, "So, are you ready?"

He nodded without answering. I pressed the monitor against his bump and zoomed around. I knew the machine's system because of my parents and the baby at three months should be the size I expected it to be. It took a little while and found the baby inside of him. My lips curled to know.

I pointed at the screen of the baby's head, "There's the head. The arms and legs are there. Everything looks healthy." My head turned to Vlad, whose awing, "Do you want to know the baby's gender?"

He nodded, "Yes, please. Tell me!" He demanded.

I nodded and read the ultrasound's work. It took about a minute to grasp the images carefully. It made my heart melt when I know the gender and so excited. I looked back the man calmly.

"The baby is a girl." I announced.

He glowed beautifully at the news, "A girl?" He didn't really question it, he was rather happy.

I nodded and did a few setting up. There is a train humming sound and Vlad jerked his head at me.

"What's that? Is the machine malfunctioning?"

My head shook, "No. It's her heart."

Vlad gasped and listened closely to the beautiful sound. I did not blame him for not knowing this. I kept checking over to be sure what I am reading, but it's very clear and easy reading for me. The machine is printing up for me automatically and Vlad hasn't stopped looking at the screen has revealed. The feeling of a miracle was amazing to see today and I want that baby here too. My first little girl and bringing her into this world seem so…forwarding and rewarding. To hold her into our arms and name her something unique.

"That's it. We'll do another one in a few weeks." I told him.

Vlad nodded and enjoyed the last moment seeing her on the screen. The machine turned off as soon as I removed the monitor. The monitor was wiped off and I handed Vlad the other paper towel to wipe himself off. I picked up the sonogram and handed it over to Vlad.

"Here, this is yours to keep. I'd save it so you can look back each time." So, I can look back as well.

He nodded, "Thank you, Daniel. Oh, my, a baby girl?" He was literally glowing.

"Congratulations, Vlad. Four to six months left to go." Should I tell him?

He threw out the paper towel with used gel away and fixed up his pants and shirt, "She's going so fast, I'm so excited to meet her. A girl! Oh, Daniel, I cannot wait to meet her!" He picked up the sonogram he had set down on the bed.

I nodded and he came over to me as he hugged me. My baby girl is inside of him. I had wondered what she might look like. He left the room and headed to his room. I hugged myself and thought about my life living here. Maybe Clockwork set the apartment on fire so I'd be living here…permanently to see my daughter growing up. My first love and I'm so happy. There's nothing to ruin my mood, not the horrible day I had went through could destroy that.

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