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Next time…I am never leaving Vlad alone because he's coming up more ideas. Sam was laughing as soon as we came back into the room with drinks and snacks. I was handing Vlad his orange juice and chocolate kisses.

"I'll pay off all your loans, if you at least carry one child for me." Vlad insisted, figuring there wasn't any need to hide.

I swore, I've gone paler when he said that, and he really hasn't given up on the idea at all! What's with having another child? Shouldn't he focus on the first child? I stuttered and having no way to respond to him like that.

"Vlad!" I snapped, "Drop it!" Hopefully, he will.

He frowned, "No. I want another child added in and getting you pregnant is perfect idea to go about."

Dammit! He was making me redder than I have in my entire life! Sam snickered, struggling to hold it together herself, and trying to deal with Vlad's unusual behavior. He's so damn lucky he's pregnant! Maybe the marking him would show him where his place is and he will learn I will not stand it.

"Sam, we're leaving. I've got something important to do, so we'll see you in a couple of days at my parents' house." I told her.

Before she could reply, I stormed out of her living room and Vlad was already following me like a lost puppy. He will definitely regret crossing me at all! We were about to exit the house and Vlad tried to stop me, but I refused.

"Daniel, I don't understand what is wrong. I mean, don't you want to have a family anyway? Is it that you feel not ready?" He kept trying to find out…which he would learn very much soon.

No matter how strong he tried to hold me in place, we still needed to leave the house in order to do the marking. He pleaded me to explain my reasons, but I wasn't going to keep this up for too long. By the time we both gotten to the bottom to the house's stair steps, we were automatically walking into my castle. Vlad lessened the grip on me and noticed his surroundings.

"Whe-where are we?" He insisted to know.

His hand slowly dropped, but I caught one of them, "I'm sorry, but this is for your own good." It pained me to say it, but my ghost side approved.

His head tilted, fearing what I could be up to, and how unmoved he was by all this. My other hand grabbed his other hand and lured him to the large bed – which I recognized as mine. I knew where my castle located and it's about two and a half mile away from the King Pariah's castle. Right now, the personalized king inside of me was ready to take over.

"Lie down on the bed now," I demanded.

Vlad had no choice and did this willingly. He couldn't fight this submissive side of himself and went onto the bed to lie on his back. I still held his hands, but above his head. My core reached out and formed and used Cryokinesis to put ice around his wrists to the bed's headboard. I could easily feel his eyes on me, petrified of my next action would be coming soon, and it was only for the best. In a way, I needed to comfort him because fear will not work.

"D-d-daniel, I-I apologize. I will never ask more than this child." His body was shaky about everything.

My core finishes this job and my hand soothed his chest, "Oh Vlad," I cooed his name, "Nothing bad will happen. I promise." Comforting words should work.

His sapphire eyes greeted mine, but with fear still, "What's going on? I-I do not understand."

"As you understand, that I am the king of the Ghost Zone, you should know that once a king claims a ghost…they automatically become their submissive mate, without a choice. I received my memory of the end of the night and admitted that you are mine." I sighed, "There is no way out of this for either of us."

Vlad was slowly grasping what I was telling him anyway. He understood, but to believe me is another thing. I needed to prove to him otherwise.

"But…why am I forced to be on the bed and tied up like this?" Vlad wondered carefully, he knew I had patient problem, but not anymore.

I nodded, "Submissive mates need to be marked. It's more of a symbolic reminder that you do not belong to anyone else, but me. It last up to twenty-four hours total and…to make it up for you," I sighed…regretting this later, "I-I will let you knock me up, but here only."

It seems that pregnant man wanted to move away, but he cannot. I'd rather be in his position to spare the suffering, yet, nothing could have been different.

"What kind of marking is this? What do you have to do?" I was afraid of those questions.

I gulped, "Considered yourself lucky, the previous kings and queens were much, much, much worse. I believe this marking will be the best option for you."

"Previous…" His voice questioned, faded slightly.

I nodded, "Some were naked exposed to the public, some were forced to wear rings, others were pressed mark on their chest and back deeply, and the rest were too much to stomach. To compare their marking versus mine, you'll feel much luckier." I sighed, "Are you ready? It won't harm our daughter, I promise you that."

Vlad shield in silent and he knew he couldn't have a say in this. My hand soothed his face to show I care for the best I could. My eyes closed and prepared to do this well. My hand went intangible and drew out his…long member. My eyes opened and couldn't believe he was almost ten inches long. Vlad whimpered, almost begging to do anything to get out of this, and I knew this too well from the Blend Medallion experienced. I can nearly feel his emotion so lively inside of me and so connected to him. All those times, now I understood where emotions had come from.

"Remember this Vlad, you no longer belong to anyone else…even if we're not in love with each other, I promise to make sure you're happy." I whispered to him.

The ice was at the tip of my fingers, swirling around his member, and causing him to shiver and gasp. His teeth gritted to bear the extreme coldness, but it didn't hurt him at all.

"P-pl-pl-please." His body could not restrain the negative temperature, "I-I wil-will do an-anything."

It hurts to see him so weak. No one has seen this side of him before and only I will. Once his member was completely coated in the crystalized ice, impossible to destroy unless I destroy them or another person with the same core has. He always feared to be trap in these, but he will never admit that. That's why I have had always got him out of that each time I imprisoned him in the past.

"You will be fine, Vlad." I sat down by his side and decided to sooth his chest.

Oddly, he eased down a bit when I'm gentle with him. Vlad is far beyond than what people had expected him, but I knew better than that. For almost eight years, everything has changed us entirely. His eyes reached out to me easily and couldn't stand the way he has to put up with.

"Then end it now, for me, please?" He begged me.

I sighed and shook my head, "No."

"I don't want to end up single for the rest of my life…end it." He wouldn't give up.

It burned me completely to hear his words like that. I kept quiet, but it wasn't easy to handle right now. Vlad tried to do whatever it takes to get out of this and it was going to be a long twenty-four hour process here. He does not understand it yet…and he will soon. He has to.

For so long, he still begged endlessly. Plead, bribe, and so much more couldn't end. He knew out of instinct, he could not threaten me because of his role of a submissive mate, and that would have led him to be punished. I don't like doing that to him, but he knew this marking would take a long time. To me, it was the easiest I can handle for him to deal with and nothing can be worse than this.

At least, he fell asleep when he gave up on asking. He was sleeping because his body wore down to the point he needed to sleep anyway. I don't know how he managed to stay up for another five hours. I haven't dared to move from sitting and all I could do is watch, listen, and keep quiet as long as I could.

In a way, I've ruined his life without trying. One thing for sure, he's a deep sleeper and I needed Sam to talk to. My hand formed a dome around Vlad to secure silent for him to sleep in. He wouldn't be able to hear a thing unless it was my wailer. My phone is pulled out (thankfully, the Ghost Zone to allow me make phone call) and called her phone without wasting my time.

"Hey Sam-"

"-I'm outside of your bedroom door." Sam interrupted.

I was flabbergasted when she's here. I sighed. I hung up and went over to the door as I came out. I didn't want to humiliate Vlad any less than what he needs to deal with right now. Sam leaned against the castle's wall, holding her phone in her clenches, and waiting for me.

"I figured he'd be sleeping by now. At least you'll have a break for another eight hours and that would leave you with eleven hours left to go. Right now, you only have nineteen hours." Sam shrugged.

I sighed, "I hate it…so much constant begging! The worst part is…I've destroyed a life he'd seek for and that's having a lover." I groaned.

She nodded, "I know. Unfortunately, you need to face the reality. You are in love with him." She declared.

I frowned. I'm hoping she's kidding! Unfortunately, her body language was telling me she's serious.

"What proof?" I muttered, knowing her way too well.

She puts her phone away and grabbed another device, "I looked up online and used the day it happened to look into stupid paparazzi activities. They were more than taking pictures than I had expected them. They got details inside." She tossed her mini tablet over to me.

I caught it perfectly, "Details? You mean they had microphone or up close?"

"Mainly up close when both of you were in that room." She shrugged.

At least they don't know anything less, "Good. They don't know what we were talking about." I muttered.

I looked at the small device and saw they had pictures – more than a magazine could show. It was to the point and I was obviously dominating over Vlad because I got him pinned down on the bed…before it got serious. Yet, the words were serious from what I am reading.

Vlad Masters, the world billionaire, is on a date with a young man. Apparently, he likes it when someone controls him and dominates him. His date seems to know him well enough and commanded a room of their own. The place didn't mind since they do run businesses with this sort of events going on here. The young man had given quite an entertainment to Mr. Masters and how willing he was going. It was as if the young man fought to keep their relationship going and muttering I love you, Vlad about six times before the door closed on us.

Vlad Masters had screamed that he belonged to him and no one else. He screamed I love you too and no one else. They had quite a night for nearly five hours with the room to themselves. The room seems to have an exit and no one had a clue where they had went.

Has Vlad Masters keeping a relationship on the down low? Who is this young man? Why does Vlad let him be in control? Does Vlad like it when someone controls him for once in a while? Sure enough, they were happy as any gay men would be and into each other's love. This reveals a lot more than expected to be. Are we to expect their wedding soon? Their soon to adopt children soon?

We will keep you inform between the two! We shall find out the mysterious man and allow him to be known to the public's eyes.

I almost got sick when I was reading this. All of this was too true to believe. I looked at the rest of the pictures and couldn't understand how all of this had happened. Where Vlad was on the bed and I was all over him naturally. He was so happy when my hands, lips, and tongue were all over him. The twist in my stomach made me wonder and difficult to accept this.

The mini tablet was hand back to Sam and my back was up against the wall to hold myself together. There had to be another way…I couldn't stop him from finding true love with anyone he seeks for. Although, what if…no, it was alcohol speaking! None of that is serious about our emotions.

"Danny, why deny it? Vlad doesn't seem to care, it's your baby too. I mean, he's more than happy I've ever seen." Sam interrupted my thoughts.

I sighed, "I don't know…if we did, then what if those sparks are gone?"

"You won't know until you try. Besides, how do you feel about the baby girl?"

Sam knew the right questions to ask and she's definitely helpful when it comes to feelings. She realized that after attempting to kiss me a few times – okay, fifteen times, that there were nothing between us.

"My baby princess…I'm sort of glad she's my daughter. I was so happy, at the same time, confused about Vlad, though." I answered her.

She hummed softly, "Offer some chance to see if there's anything felt between each other. You know should know that all kings and queens would want the right mates."

I rubbed my arms, "I know…but why I claim him, I don't know."

Sam walked up to me and linked her arm around mine, "Come on, you're hungry when you haven't eaten in five hours." She dragged me the way to the dining room.

Sam loves to spend time in the castle because it's her comfort home. She knows she can't always live in the ghost zone, but she can visit to get away from her parents' expensive taste. Here, she's considered Lady Sam or Lady Manson, depends on her mood.

"So, tell me, why is Vlad determining to getyoupregnant?"

I crossed my arms, "I told him how I had felt and wanted to get pregnant too, but I stopped being jealous after realizing he's carrying my daughter. Vlad thought he could do the same for me, but I rather deal with one kid at a time."

She chuckled, "You didn't read much of the mating thing, did you?"

My head shook, "Not too much. All I know is that all king or queen must have a mate in order to keep balance of the royal's marriage or bond."

The food appeared on the table, this castle is more of a mind reader, and helps the best it could. Sam helped herself some vegetarian crackers and I helped myself a small roll with butter.

"The submissive mates are responsible to make sure both partners are carrying their offspring to satisfied the castle. Otherwise, the castle will question your power and strength by testing you unexpectedly."

I gulped…damn this castle! So the emotions I had felt was because of the Ghost Zone's castle at work to prevent this…test I rather not face. In a way, Sam knew more than I could ever do and sort have felt guilty. She patted my hand to give me her ensuring smile.

"Hey, Vlad seems happy you're the father and there's no reason to feel guilty. If anyone else has a problem with either of you together will have to deal with my boot up their ass." She smirked.

I laughed, "Thanks, Sam. It's just…if I hadn't drink that night, we wouldn't be stuck."

"Would you rather be stuck with someone who barely knows you and be forced to know your secret? Just to be your mate?" She pointed out.

I blinked and stared at her, "No…I…don't want girls. I don't seem to be attracted them. I'm not even gay either." I shrugged, "But everyone seems to find somebody they like." I sighed miserably about it.

Sam took a bite of her cracker while I told her how I felt. She wasn't rushing what she wants to say because she knows we both can be quite a hothead sometimes.

"Would you rather have a girl instead of Vlad?"

My head jerked at him, "I'd rather have Vlad than some girl I barely know or even love back!" My eyes narrowed right at her.

She smirked, "Then let Vlad know that he's yours and no one else's." She pointed out.

I froze and felt better when she said it that way. Sometimes…even though I will never admit it to anyone besides her, but she's a sister to me like Jazz.

"I mean, you don't have to love him, but be friends with him. A partnership for the family." She threw it out as well.

I nodded, "Yeah, that can work." I smiled, "I won't have to worry about falling in love with anyone and I guess…er, doing the bond with Vlad won't hurt."

She punched my shoulder, "Send me an invite this time."

I chuckled, "Gotcha-"

There's an abrupt of fear connection and it was simple to sense strongly. I instantly knew it was Vlad in these state of emotions and my body jerked out of the seat.

"-I'll be right back. If I'm not back an hour, I'll find you in your usual study room or library." I told her.

Sam nodded and I rushed over to my bedroom again. At least, flying helps to get me there and I was confused. Why is Vlad petrified right now? I phased through my door and saw him crying. It pained me to see him like this and I hated it. I ran to his side and he finally saw me with those watery sapphire eyes.

"Plea-se, don't take her away from me. I-I'm yours, I-I-I pro-promise!" His body was so worn down, so depressed express in any way.

My head shook and decided to remove the ice by tapping it and it dissolve within the air. His arms dropped and curled around me unexpectedly. I was pull closely to him and I felt guilty for leaving him alone like this. My arms pulled him closely to me and one of my hands patted his head gently.

"I told you. She will never be taken away from you. I meant every word of it and you have every right to keep her."

His pained expression showed how serious he was about this, "How can I trust you?"

His question is the truth. We always fought since day one until I left to college for three years. We always knew each other personally upfront than others and there's absolutely nothing to hide. If he was a little less dramatic about coming after my mom, I'd see him someone who is upset to what my dad has done and that's betrayal.

"You're tired, Vlad. Why don't you sleep? We can talk about this later." Despite of the negative temperature below, he didn't dare to let me go and tried to sleep.

His eyes struggled to stay awake longer and he won't try. I sighed and knew I had to make some sacrifices. My body leaned down on the bed and pulled the man closely to my chest.

"Get some sleep. I'll sleep too." I softly told him.

It took a little while, but he finally closed his eyes with a quiet whimper. My mind was going to be all over the places today and I knew it would not be any easier.

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