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Warning: Cuss

The honeymoon was relaxing for nearly good three weeks. We had explored the beaches…in the private land Vlad owned. To have a backyard beach was not something everyone has, unless they got the money to afford it. The best thing about it…we got to have some arousing fun. In the sand, the ocean, hot tub, and anywhere we could do it alone.

That was…our honeymoon was cut shortly due to the fact morning breakfast led to water broke for Vlad. There was no pleasant expectation during labour and used ecto for my hand, so Vlad could squeeze all he wanted without damaging mine or holding the blood flow. He knew I was pregnant, but he cursed off about-

"If you fucking think I will get pregnant again because that damn meeting, you're going to have to stuff the damn meat hammer up your ass, Daniel!" He howled and clenched tightly onto the ecto hand of mine.

Sam and Jazz warned me that some carriers can become aggressive; they were mostly referring to ghosts. They had no support or information on normal behaviour for pregnant women in our world. I watched Vlad deliver our daughter and it hadn't been easy to deal with his aggressive tone, after all…he fired a beam at my head and I was glad to duck in time.

Jazz and mom teamed up to be sure that Vlad gave birth without difficulty. When our baby girl finally bore out of Vlad, he was finally breaking sweats and bore into the bed. His arms dashed out immediately and mom did not waste her time to hand over our first-born daughter.

I could not forget the day she first cried in our presence. The way Vlad smiled with so much peace to his own. I came over to him and kissed his forehead to show him that I love him. Deep in my mind, I hadn't felt entirely myself to him since he has no clue that I pretended to be his lover and how clueless I was until our first kiss. However, I was not certain how to approach this without hurting Vlad. My fingers brushed back his hair from his face, seeing he worked up quite the sweat during labour, and long hours to meet our daughter for the first time. His voice croaked and weak, yet, he managed through this.

"Daniel," He whispered, "She looks perfect to be Victoria."

It was one of the names we already decided months ago, but it made him happy to name her. My eyes glanced down and saw how small she was in his arms like a small bunny to hold in our hands almost, only a little bigger than that. She got little hair growing out, but it was difficult to determine her color. However, she was beyond pinkish skin and adorable cheeks that triggered the protective father-role inside of me. One of my hands soothed my bump and saw how…magical this moment caught my breath.

"She has your nose, Vlad," I whispered to him as I was happily smiling.

Vlad patted my hand so softly; I could tell his strength wasn't there as much. He was just…happy. His eyes focused on our first child and daughter.

I can still remember the day Victoria was born. We spent so much time caring for her, loving her, and spoiling her. I didn't have to worry too much about my job since the book hasn't kicked off. Jazz, Dan, Danni, and Sam visited frequently and often covered the ghost fighting missions. They nearly had a fit when I tried to fight Box Ghost. That's when Vlad told me it was better off to avoid endangering our soon-to-be-born son.

It hasn't been easy, but we managed to be on task with mainly raising our daughter and waiting for our son to be born. There was one thing Vlad declared and that was being called mommy to every single kids we have, so I would only be seen as a father. Plus, it would be less complicated and confusing for everyone. We didn't want the kids to be startled by something so confusing or questioning us. Eventually, we would explain to them when they will be older.

If anything, whenever I tried change diapers with Victoria while Vlad was napping – as it was, he was up all night to get her to quit crying. She grunted and tried to move away, but I was quick to catch on she was flying. She's definitely our kid and it took twelve minutes to change her! That's when she was two months old…until my water broke.

I shouted Vlad's name and told him what was going on. He was quick on his feet and forgotten about his needs for naps. I was ranting about the pain and being hungry, but mom and Jazz refused to let me eat and I didn't care if it would come back on me! I wanted to eat my food!

After a while, I was too focused on giving birth that was dozen times worse than a kidney stone. A mental snort on how foolish I was to even think that back then and it was like feeling more than bones clattering, whereas the burns deepens to the point I saw ghost fighting completely innocent pain. I never understood why anyone would give birth like this!

"Ugh! I am so going to kill Clockwork for this!" I hissed.

Vlad chuckled, "For expecting us to have ten spawns?"

I glared at him as my body leaned up for a better push, "Don't think you're getting off easy either!" My eyes narrowed even more at him.

His eyes rolled and I had no idea why he did that. Yet, Jazz kept telling when to push and mentioned something about trusting my body's instinct to know when would be the right time. If only that had made sense! Mom was concentrating the procedure without complication, seeing that being a male and having a birth canal was not something anyone would wish to experience. She was a bit…startled when she helped Vlad gave birth.

"We see his head! He's got some good hair like you, Danny!" Jazz commented, grinning away happily to be an aunt again.

My body jerked back against this bed as I caught up on my breathing. It was overloading, feeling the slippery wetness everywhere, and my hair was a mess. If anything, I was glad to have a Cryokinesis core or this sweat would not be pleasant with heat. As soon as I turned to look at Vlad, the joy expression on him made me saw something more. With him looking like that caused to tug my lips to curl and how I was glad to have him as…well, my everything. There was no turning back and I doubted that Clockwork would let me change the timeline…unless I could somehow convince myself to kiss Vlad at the apartment or something. I mentally chuckled, but I understood that we would have been together no matter what.

Suddenly, with a spark of eagerness and full energy, I pulled myself up and pushed without thinking about a thing. Mom and Jazz were readily on the action and shouting happily about my effort continuously. A shrieking of enjoyment alerted me that the birthing was nearly almost over and felt like everything completely empty.

"He's out!" Mom announced, cradling the baby boy into her arms.

Jazz rushed over and cut the cord between the newborn and me. She cleaned me out before my body restored itself, yet, everything was draining away from me. However, I did not care and my arms jerked out eagerly with a smile I couldn't let that disappeared on me.

"My baby," I demanded.

Mom smiled and did what I wanted her to do as she settled the bloody baby into my arms, "He definitely got your hair like when you were born." She grinned, seemingly exhausted from the worn look.

I tiredly chuckled, "Yeah," I cradled in my son closely to me, "Vlad," I glanced up at him, "He got your nose."

Vlad smiled, not a single comment like he did with Victoria. At least it's proven they're related to both of us. For a moment, I was debating on what to name our son and haven't been too sure. We picked out several names for both genders. The baby boy whimpered, almost crying had felt like he was strong like a hero. There were no doubts in my mind to any of our children to become heroes in several fields and purposes.

However, our son's face told me an entire story than with our daughter. When he struggled to flicker his eyelids and seeing a dark color and found this to be quite special…something about him would stood out above my life to him. My fingers brushed his face, while Vlad had his arms around my shoulders and our son. Despite of the fact he was covered in blood and he wasn't exactly a little older than two minutes, but it felt right to name him since it suited him.

"Crimson, I can't shake it off and he looks like Crimson." My head picked up at my husband.

Vlad kissed my temple, "As being a mother, I cannot deny that."

I knew he can be cryptic in his wordings, but he was being himself. I wanted that since day one and felt glad he was agreeing. We glanced down at Crimson at the comfort to welcome him into our world.

"GAH! Why didn't you guys warn me she can ecto beam me when changing her diapers?" The clone cried out from upstairs

Vlad chuckled, "I supposed Victoria will not be easy, but I hardly doubt that."

My head shook, but we already got two babies and still had another eight more left to go. I sighed and figured…it might be worth giving Vlad a dream he wanted the most. My fingers curled around his collar and yanked him down to smash our lips for the celebration.

"As long I got you, fruitloop, we'll raise her as well as everyone." I lifted Crimson for him and he held our son for the first time.

To see Vlad holding our son…his first son, he was practically glowing like he found out he was pregnant again. I was giving him everything and he didn't have to try a thing. He may be my mate, but a lover and a husband topped it all.

The surging energy struck up against the machinery's gear and the pieces shattered and clattered everywhere endlessly. Those pieces rushed quickly to form together as if it hasn't been destroyed. I growled at the fact that was so not helping! Apparently, the Master of All Technologies developed a new power and he was practically eager to test it…out of all the days he chose to pick!

"You know, I got a busy day and I can't be having this damn mission! Can we hurry up, Technus?" I scoffed and my flung around in flight, took a U-turn, and picked up the speed with the double speed of the wind without holding back.

The dark green energy empowered heavily and aimed right at his destructive machine at work – which, he was creating the machine to kidnap my people, and forced them to become a playful puppet set. I groaned miserably to the fact they were going to be traumatizing no less.

"But I must! These power must be explored and everything!" He insisted…idiots!

I huffed…this was not my day, "Unfortunately, you couldn't wait until the weekend?" My hands extended out the power wrapping of my power and coating the machine to the point it would keep the citizens safe.

I clenched it into my hold and sprung my fingers to move, leading my power to break apart the pieces effortlessly. The citizens ran after being free, considering they had no used to stay around and panicking for their lives, and slammed the doors for their dear safety. If only they could understand that I wouldn't let that happen, after all, I ruled the kingdom.

"I must challenge your power, High King!" Technus cried happily.

I sighed to his obvious point and shook my head. I focused on destroying those stupid inventions by dissolving them in ecto energy. The usual enemy hasn't been upset about my doing, so I was likely to fight him off with whatever tactic plans he had. I breathed into my core and drew it out to level the field here.

"Uncle Danny, I got the Fenton Thermos!" A voice came through the Fenton Earphones into my ears…

My left eye twitched and my fingers twisted to the point I caught Technus in my hold. If one thing, Jazz forced me to train him since she has no way of teaching him. There was no choice between her and Vlad. I sighed, but at least he won't be fighting any ghosts until he was completely trained and understand how fights work.

"Catch him, but if you trap me, I'll be ranting at your mother." I told him.

I caught the sight of being ill for Dan, "Yes, uncle!" He was quick to understand.

There were very light threats, but one thing was to prevent him from the overall purposes. Yet, he must have known about the ghost fight with his phone and he should be in class right now. How in the name of ghosts did he leave the school? He still hadn't mastered his intangibility well, but his invisibility can only last up to two minutes. For now, I'd be sure he receives detention at my place…

Once he triggered the device, Technus was finally over and I joined by Dan's side. He's fifteen right now and currently working out due to Vlad way of paying for his gym. Thirteen years later, I was able to have a conversation with him by the time he was five without running off senselessly. Once he was eight, I had to babysit him and somehow, I ended up promising him to come for his school 'father and son' event. I swore, Jazz set me up for that and…well, Dan had a good time. I was the one couldn't wait to leave. Once he was fourteen, that's when the training began.

"Alright, hand over the Fenton Thermos and you get back to class. You got detention with Vlad tonight." I muttered, knowing I had a couple of things to do and I did have him in my personal detention, getting him to do essays of consequences to whatever I thought well.

The teenager groaned, "Why do I have to serve detention? Did you ever have to go those?"

I smirked, "Mr. Lancer always got me into detention. Just because Vlad and I are the detention you deal with, doesn't mean the principal can do…although, I'm surprised my principal retired. Mr. Lancer was just the vice principal at the time." I shrugged, "But, I always had detention every Thursday and Friday. You, on the other hand, are somehow getting out of school when you should be in class and not getting caught."

Dan sighed, "But isn't keeping people safe the first thing to come than school?"

I mentally laughed and agreed, but he doesn't have the slightest clue to understand. I collected the thermos from him, and he frowned. That was new…he used the same method Vlad did, when there was something my husband truly wanted.

"And you're frowning. What is it, kid?" I was not looking forward to this.

His Spanish blue eyes met mine, "I want to put Technus away. I'm curious and I figure it's not that long."

That was a shocker…I never saw him to be drawn to this before. I gaped briefly and pulled myself together.

"Dan…you never cared before. Why now?" The detective side of me came out instantly.

He smiled, "Please? I'm curious and I always help out with catching ghosts into the thermos, but I do want to help out more."

It doesn't feel like an official reason and I ought to know better. My arms crossed and stared right at him. He wasn't allowed to be anywhere to the Fenton Ghost Lab.

"Someday you will, Dan, but you got classes right now."

His head shook and ran to the direction of Fenton home, "Come on, I got a free period coming up. Let's do it before it's over!"

Oh crap, dad must have told him about the lab! I was so going to kick Jazz's ass for this!

Dan was a fast runner and that was part of Vlad's side, but he has been working out hard. I flew by his side, while keeping the thermos on my side, and he kept running anyway – regardless how fast he might be.

"Dan, your mom wants the best of your education and trusts me; she can be quite brutal about school and wants your best. I mean, I didn't have anyone covering my ghost fighting and you don't have to worry about a thing." However, the only way to learn was fight several ghosts at once.

His head shook and sped up a bit more in his running, "I'll accept any grounding punishment she'll have over my head, I just want to do this just once! Come on, you got everything you have in life."

That was it. Danni will have to train him, because this was not working for me. I hadn't been a teenager in years – mentality wise that was.

"Daniel, he does not remember a single thing. You must understand that he is being raised by your sister and he has everyone to love him. The before life, he lost everyone and surely you must understand that."

Sometimes, Vlad's wording can help and he would remind me frequently ever since.

My head shook and Dan was not stopping. I was shock to see he was faster than I realized and he managed his way into the Fenton house before I could catch up. He ran through the kitchen and I panicked while my core beamed out of control.

"Dan! Get back here this instant!" I demanded, hoping this would work.

Instead, he kept going through the kitchen and headed down to the basement that I did not want him to ever enter until another four years.

"Come on, Uncle Danny!" Now, I understood that thermos was a distraction.

I should have known…Vlad used to do that numerous of times, just until we made it to his plans. What a deadly combination with Vlad and me in one form. At least, none of our kids were like Dan and it was better off to be given birth by us than combining us.

"Dan, you get out of this lab right now!" I demanded, but he was resisting me.

He was pressing a few numbers and the portal opened up. I couldn't breathe anymore – but how should I be breathing in my ghost would be beyond me. He stood right in front of me with his proud smile.

"Look, I can go intangible much easier, see?" I watched him and saw his arms instantly going intangible.

I recalled the times how happy I was to gain easier control. Vlad was pestering me about getting the kid to try ecto energy and we hadn't even got him to try flying yet. I sighed and transformed to my human half. According to Clockwork, Dan will not have a ghost form. I suspected something to do with the Order of Observants.

"Is this just about controlling your powers easier?" I eyed him carefully.

He nodded, "Yeah…lately, I am having more accident with my powers and I'm…afraid to look like a freak in class or someone going to accuse me that I'm overshadowed by a ghost."

I pinched my nose bridge and looked at him straight. I was so going to be regretting this with Jazz. Dan wasn't going to remove himself from the ghost portal-

The mist of frozen mist slipped out of our mouth – of course, his were red. Vlad never had a ghost sense, so it made sense. Dan spun around ran over to my side. I knew who we were dealing with based on my sense.

"Ghost Box, go back to your wife!"

A whoosh came through, "Never! I am here to claim my box kingdom! Beware!"

I turned to Dan and he was smiling. Before I knew it, he struck forward with the typical battle stances he picked up from the gym training and I hung back to watch. Ghost Box was unaware of who he was technically, but he did marry Lunch Lady and led to having their daughter. I shuddered because of either their daughter or the images of them together.

The way Dan fought was a natural, but he wasn't angry either. He was gaining a thrill out of this, but for the sake of safety. I was amused, yet, uncertain about this. He leapt up with his flight – unaware he had activated his powers – and swayed away from the boxes in sudden form of power. The energy boxes struck against the annoying ghost and crashed against the wall. The boxes dissolved and it was easy to claim the battle here.

I sighed and picked up the thermos. I glanced over to the teenager, who was landing on the ground without realizing his flight took off shortly, and his head shook.

"Good job, kid. You fought your first ghost; I'm sure your mom will be proud and upset. For now, trap him and…I'll show you." I told him.

I was going to regret this! Dan spun around and gleeful about everything now. This had to be Jazz's doing, but I can't do much about that. I tossed the device over to him and he didn't waste a second to get this going quick. The Ghost Box cried out for his return, but we knew his family always came first. Obviously, they were aiming for one more child.

"Come on, Uncle Danny, let's get to this!" He couldn't stop smiling.

A smug on face showed him otherwise, "You see the insert for the thermos on the wall?" He nodded, "Uncap it first, insert it through until the bottom white, and twist it to the right. If you did it on the left, you're basically suppressing their powers for good twelve hours. The right turn will automatically send them back into the ghost zone and closed the ghost portal. After that, take it out and you're done."

Dan understood and followed the basic instruction, even my team knew and there wasn't much to worry. However, to get me out of the thermos was the only options unless it was just me…then a simple button of release. For thirteen long years, he waited for more than a year and a half almost to be close to the ghost portal. I sighed…

"After your detention with Vlad, we'll go in the ghost zone and I'll give you uh, a tour I guess." He hasn't been in the ghost zone since the wedding day of mine.

His eyes lit up fast, "Really? You mean it?" He was already eager.

I nodded, "Yea-" A ghost sense appeared, but I wasn't worried about this one.

"-Finally. Phantom, I feel," He floated through the portal and morphed into his human form, "…I should be the one to introduce him to our home."

My eyebrow rose at him, "Not that I have a problem with that today, but I don't see why not." My arms crossed.

Dan nodded once and held himself together well, "Prisco, are you tutoring me too today?"

The man smiled, "Of course. I feel that you will find my place quite comforting, since your uncle is now allowing your entrance to the ghost zone."

I crossed my arms and shook my head. However, I couldn't have Dan stay too long and he still had classes – which wasn't even over yet for another two periods!

"Yeah, yeah. Now, Dan, get to school before I get a phone call from your mom. Tell her I already got you under for detention and that you'll have dinner during detention." I pointed out, "But don't come out of school until it's over!" He was running out of the house, so I needed to shout for his attention.

"Okay, thanks Uncle Danny!" He followed the same, but he was far almost out of the house.

I huffed and couldn't even believe what I was going through. I felt like more than a dad, but double the amount…this was way weird to see my murderer being raised by me.

I turned over to the man on my side and shook my head. Clockwork has a human form he can summon himself with his powers, similar to shifter, only this used to be him when he was young – minus the scar was not there before he died. The scar appeared when he learned of his status to the ghost zone. He has legs too…he's surprisingly tall for a ghost. He's about seven feet tall. He has a lengthy purple coat that went down passed his knees for about half of foot. He has a dark blue shirt with black pairs of pants to match well with the rest of the clothing. He does have long silver hair that trailed down to the middle of his back, a ghost scar still existing on his human form. His eyes are the same as ever, but normal color to humans and others could easily mix that with brown eyes. He has pale skin, but it suited him.

"So…Clockwork, what are you up to?" I wasn't in the mood for some basic conversation.

He hummed happily, "A time alone to bond with him properly."

I blinked, "To bond with him properly-what are you doing with him, really? It's not like he's your mate and I know you're lonely, but he's…erm, fifteen right now."

The Master of Time glanced up at me, "Actually, he will be someday."

My head jerked up at him and couldn't speak right away. Clockwork does not kid around about mates, especially to something he never had before in his entire life. I stammered to get some of the words out of me and clicking right into it again.

"Dan…mate…yours? I-I-I thought you're forbidden?" My hands brushed into my hair.

He nodded, "Only with ghosts, but there were no rules stating about a human or with powers. Jasmine is quite aware of this and thought I deserve the same as her son. I needed her to raise him, as to the fact that she is accepting to ghosts and powers."

Now, it had made sense…for some reasons, if I had known, it would to be raising him to sex life. However, Clockwork was going more than that and I had to admit, that was new to sink in.

"Um, what would have had happen if he wasn't the solution?" I felt like blurting that out, but that's not me.

Prisco, as Dan called him in his human form, turned dark looking, "You would be my mate. You would be carrying all my children for every two to ten years, but of course, Vlad would still be your mate, however, you will be following expected standard to be my mate and very limited time to yourself, aside from Vlad and myself."

I turned paled at such thoughts…perhaps I ought to be lucky.

"Uh…um, Dan is all yours." I had no issues with this at all.

Clockwork chuckled, "Thank you, besides…the other universes, the other Clockwork did have a mate with the other you. However, that is off topic among us. I prefer Dan and he strikes my time and attention."

My stomach twisted and turn. I was rather glad to have one mate alone and that was it. I nodded briefly and found this to be quite awkward. Until something dawned on me-

"Wait, Vlad and I exist to balance Halfa in the beginning. Dan is still human, even if he has powers now, but no ghost form, but wouldn't that throw the Zone off its balance?" My eyebrows came closer to each other.

He nodded, "I see your King side is focused well. As you can see, I gave your sister a couple of choices before she could accept her son. Once I am mated, Jazz will be taking into another role, one of the choices. Right now, the child is important and best to give it a couple of years to be ready."

Somehow, Clockwork had everything prepared and planned out well. If he knew what he was doing, then I wouldn't argue with him.

"Well, as long the kid doesn't turn evil again and murdering people as well, I suppose nothing would change today. But, I do want Dan limited to the places of the Zone. He shouldn't be anywhere close to Aragon, the abandoned Dark Pariah's castle, or Observants' palace."

He smiled, "Excellent. I do wish to show him my Tower and have him adjust to his future home with me."

I shrugged, "I don't see why wait. The kid practically respects you, I'm sure he isn't going to be upset with you claiming him."

"I cannot until he is seventeen. The ghost zone may not recognize age, but the breathing world does. Your sister feels it would be best to wait until he is of the age. I agreed with her naturally."

I shrugged again and decided there wasn't going to be any arguments. For now, I had to hurry up and get back to my car or I'd be late picking up the kids from middle school in an hour. I blamed the ghosts interfering today, but at least the laws were acceptable. Not only that, I became an author after the last kid I gave birth, Lavender and now five years old. Of course, Vlad was happy to be giving the last final birth to twin boys. If anything, he was pleased to be carrying the boys – but coffee were always off limit during their pregnancy. Apparently, we ended up having eleven kids, but it worked out for Vlad. For me, I wasn't too sure how the hell we managed through infancy stages with all of them.

Before I left, Prisco disappeared and I moved on that. He never exactly stayed around or mentions his leaving. Right now, my car was the top priority or Vlad would have a fit that I'd be late for the family gathering.