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The finals are finally over and vacation began three days ago.i was so relaxed from all the stress, overload, and nervousness from the finals. Sometimes, I wonder if I should go fall off the cliff and hurt myself for going overboard too much. I knew I'll get the result by the end of the week. Sleeping is the most promising joy I can ever get for myself. I cuddled up with my pillows and dreaming away.

My body was tossing and turning at a tense feeling. Images flashes in my mind, but it didn't make out quite clear for , There were hands all over me. Another part where I was sweating, but having a good time with such rushing pace.

A dark part where my tongue with another, seeing the saliva dripping down our chin, and the slick joy of it. The images were so fuzzy and difficult to process what was going on. How one hand seems so smooth, gentle, and wild up against one's thigh. The breathing of everything was slow, huffing out the visible cold air, and the mist was almost invisible before its disappearance. The passion of it was slow, nerve wrecking, and exciting all at the same time.

A twitching caused my eyes to open to the real world and gasped frantically. I felt sweat dripping down my face and i shook my head. Then, I noticed something, somewhere very wet,i pulled my blanket off. I groaned.

"What the hell? Did my dream turn me on or something?" My member sure has stuck out and really harden.

Thankfully, I am not back at home or Jazz would be all over this matter. I muttered and figured a shower will calm my body down. That and cleaning my bed. There's no way I want to smell all of this in my sleep or it'll drive me insane.

After a nice hot bath,Here I am, eating my breakfast cereal and kept pondering about that strange dream. It was too real for me to believe it all. I needed to understand why did I have this dream? I sighed and stared at my phone. First thing I needed to do is finish the cereal. this is going to be a long day for me.

Seriously, what is with that kind of dream I had? My body reacted to the dream too and that right there had made no sense. I was even sweaty too when I woke up. I mean, nightmares can do that to me when I am in that state and that can happen anytime. This time, it was not a nightmare. It's…what? I rubbed my head and trying to grab some sense of the reality.

I was kissing someone, but I never had gone to that kind of point with kissing like that. Seriously, who could that be in the dream. Is it a vision? It's rare I'd get these visions, but I try to avoid taking them seriously.

"Maybe I shouldn't worry about it and it's just a dream." All I can believe could be the mind's trick on me.

I shrugged it off and finished eating my breakfast. Besides, I'm low on food and need to get some food anyway. The bowl was rinse off quickly and put into the dishwasher. My hand automatically grabbed my keys and cell phone to shove into my pocket as I head out the door. At least it's an okay weather, judging from the light sweaters or jackets on the people outside and the sun is out today. It made me feel good about it and something had dawned on me. I headed over to the new direction, figuring some keep up exercising will do well for me, and –

My heart pounded so hard when I just realized something. Slowly my eyes picking the words out together and felt stupid to go this way. I'm on Mill Avenue and nearly had forgotten about Vlad living here. I had felt guilty for not checking up on him since he is pregnant anyway. My bet is that he could be at work while he has a chance and figured I'd keep walking down the way to a grocery.

"Hello Daniel," His voice caught me dead in my track.

Aw, crap. I knew I shouldn't have taken this direction. I sighed and turned to see him, reminding myself that he is pregnant, and that he's only here for a few years for his company.

"Hey fruit loop." I commented.

The man shook his head, "I wanted to say thank you for the items you brought."

"Including the pillow?"

"I haven't used it yet, unfortunately."

My eyes rolled, "So how long now?"

"Two months now." Vlad smiled.

I nodded as I walked up to him, "Showing at all?"

He hummed, "Very small, but hardly to tell. Would you like to come in? I just got back from work. " He smiled.

I sighed and wondered if he had a room for the baby already. What the? That's none of your business, Fenton! That's his business, and his business only. We ended up walking inside of the house and headed into the kitchen.

"You know, according to the book, the baby is currently developing webbed fingers and toes. The lung's branches are developing and its tail disappearing. Of course, the gender hasn't been developed by now." He hummed, "Just in a few more weeks this baby will be able to find out if it is a boy or a girl."

Two months and the baby is already developing fast from a fetus position. I hadn't realized how fast it grows in such short manner of time. Vlad was really happy in his sense of vibe and he set down a glass of milk for me. I accepted it – knowing he knows pretty much about everything of me – and he sat down with his glass of milk. His eyes were in a dreamy mode to the point he couldn't wait to meet this little one. He seems to possess motherly like behavior and excited to become a mommy.

"Do you know how big this one might be?" I had to be curious, I don't know all of this stuff. Maybe if I learn from him, I can prepare my own someday.

"A size of kidney bean currently, or according to the book."

I nodded, "So who's the doctor?"

He hummed, "I am."

I almost choked on my milk and stared at him as I swallowed the milk. Was Vlad this insane? I checked my thought from the past and he wouldn't be that stupid.

"You're crazy, Vlad! You need help and someone that wouldn't give your secret away either." I pointed out.

Vlad frowned, "I do not trust these people, Daniel. You know how little their confidentiality is these days. Let alone I will not step back to that hospital!"

My hands slapped on the table, "Are you still going to act like a fruitloop? You're going to die giving birth! Who's going to take care of your kid then?"

"You, obviously."

My shoulders tensed up when he directed his problem to me and my breathing sounded so loudly in the silent air. Vlad sipped his glass like there wasn't a problem. He sorts his thoughts out carefully already, if anything had happened to him, I'd be the one raising his kid. No one would know the kid's power or even train him well. The guilt inside me had turned me around to wonder if I had acted out of line. I muttered something to myself and figured I'd have no choice anyway.

"Vlad, do you think i would be better as the doctor? Or my sister? We're both used to blood, human biology, ghost biology, and pregnancy delivery courses back at high school, middle school, and from our parents. Plus, we know what to do in emergency." I pointed out, firming out my points.

He shook his silver hair, "I couldn't, Daniel. It would be rude if I had taken or stolen your valuable time. Especially when you will be needed for your education and you're nearly finish. Jasmine will need to keep her business running and she is supposed to keep it up."

I glared at him, "Well, it's me or I'm finding you a doctor."

Sometimes, being the archenemy he needs might help prevent parent loss and I refused to his kid anyway. Vlad wasn't comfortable with a doctor idea and his shoulders dropped to show his way of giving in. Mr. Master refuses to admit because he likes his battle to be won and superior. In a way, I had to take his non-verbal answer.

"Do you already have these…machines?"

Vlad took a quick sip, "The ultrasound is upstairs and the room is arranged already. I figured I'd take four or five months off vacation for work without suspicion."

I had to agree with him on that, "Alright, I'll do all of that to whenever the book says. Then, you will call me when you go to labor."

He nodded, "I suppose I will have to trust you."

I smirked, "How ironic, isn't it? Archenemies are now have to trust of each other for the other's life?" I laughed off, "Tucker ought to make a comic or a movie out of that. People ought to pay for that kind."

"We aren't the ones they can label in black and white, where good and evil is what it is only seen. There will always be a grey area on each person, no matter how pure one may seem to be."

Okay, that shot me right in the heart when he speaks of his own moral view. Obviously, he needs to open his mind a bit more and it creeps me out a bit.

"More like understand where we all come to be and what we do in life, Vlad." I huffed, "Anyway, I was actually taking a walk to the grocery store."

He nodded, "I suppose I should join you. I am in need for shopping for food as well."

I blinked, "Don't you have someone deliver the stuff to your house?"

"I'm afraid I prefer shopping my own food. I do not trust these people not to poison or slip something hazarding to my health." He did make a good point.

For someone who is the first halfa knew what he's talking about. This place is where everyone has to be careful and be wary of each other. I'd admit that I'm paranoid of anyone finding out my halfa secret or doomed to the GIW for life. However, he is pregnant and he needs to know those food as in what he is eating.

"Well, I need food. So, see you around." I waved, not wanting to be dragged in shopping quality time with him.

If I shop with him, I'll be regretting it every single day of my life. Vlad seems disappointed, his eyes filling up, and turned teary on me. What the!? My heart was racing like crazy with the old man tearing like this! Oh gee, the girl warned me that pregnancy tends to make them sensitive to their emotion.

"Uh, is everything alright, Vlad?" I stopped waving and walking, just standing within a distance.

Here I am in the middle from the door to Vlad. He was crying and struggling to handle it any more than necessary. His voice croaked, but he was saying something I had to listen carefully.

"Daniel…I-I need to give the baby a father." His hands were so shaky and trying to cover his mouth, "I hadn't slept much in two days."

My eyes widened, "Are you crazy!?" Somehow, Vlad needs someone to look after him and he won't trust most people like I do with my teammates.

I sighed and joined by his side. My hand gestured the way to his living room and we sat down on the couches. At least Sam has good advices on how to comfort women properly when they are emotional. I'm giving Vlad a caring smile, even though it's awkward enough as it is.

"Vlad, tons of kids grew up without one of their parents and they still make it okay. Now, why haven't you been sleeping?"

Vlad whimpered, "I feel…that child will be taken away from me. I couldn't sleep after a nightmare where this father took this away from me. How beautiful my child might be and I was powerless. It was like I was someone's slave that night from the dream and how he kissed me left me weak." His voice trembled and he was slowly curling onto me.

I held him together, not realizing how depressing it sounded, and shocking to see dreams do that to him. No matter what, he's dealing with this all by himself out of fear because he doesn't know who the father is. I have never seen him so weak like this before. My arms wrapped around him, to pull him in, and hush him. He needed to sleep and he was crying with fears. All I could do is whisper.

"Your kid is not going to be taken away from you, Vlad, I promise." I whispered softly for him to rely on that alone.

It nearly broke my heart seeing him so broken down like this. For so long, a man I knew would he hide his emotions inside of him and only a few emotions were allow to be shown. This was his biggest weak point of his life and there was no way I could possibly stand the idea seeing him like this. What could I do?

The sobbing ended slowly and he was drifting to sleep better now. I knew I will not be shopping for food nor eating for a long while since Vlad clung onto me tightly.