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Chapter One: "I Just Don't Like Visitors."

It was lunchtime when the doorbell rang.

"Dudes we have a doorbell, since when?" asked BeastBoy.

Raven rolled her eyes and Robin groaned "Cyborg who is it?"

Cyborg walked over to the monitor and typed in some stuff but a black screen came up.

Cyborg studied the screen "they're blocking my surveillance."

Starfire stood up "So it is an enemy."

Robin stood up also "Well just have to find out."

The Titans headed for the front door and when they got to it they all stared.

"Dudes whoever this enemies isn't it kind of stupid to ring the doorbell but cover the surveillance? Were going to see them in a minute anyways."

Cyborg shrugged and then Robin walked to the door and opened it.

When He saw whom it was his jaw dropped and then set into a frown.

BeastBoy saw and his jaw dropped and his eye took on an admiring look.

Cyborg saw and he gaped and had his eye do scans to make sure they were real.

Raven saw and she rolled her eyes.

Starfire saw and knitted her eyebrows and tilted her head in confusion.

Everyone was stuck in silence before Robin asked, "What are you doing here?"

The shadowy figure stepped forward and said "We will discuss why I am hear inside where there are no prying ears."

Robin crossed his arms "Titans Island has no prying ears. The outside is perfectly safe to talk."

The figure sighed "I come in peace if that will help."

Robin grumbled "Yeah right."

The figure sighed again "Would I have really come if it wasn't important."

Robin sighed and ran his fingers through his hair "Fine." Robin stepped aside and the figure stepped in.

The rest of the titans were still in shock but then BeastBoy whispered to Cyborg "Pinch me."

Cyborg nodded dumbly and pinched him. BeastBoy jumped and looked back at the figure and screamed "Your really here! Dude!" BeastBoy transformed into a cheetah and grabbed something and then ran back "Dude, um sir can I have your autograph."

Robin groaned "BeastBoy, seriously!"

Starfire was the one to state the obvious "The Batman has come to Titans Tower."

Raven nodded "Why?"

Cyborg fell into amazement with BeastBoy and caused a pen and notepad to appear out of a compartment on his arm "I would like your autograph too sir."

Batman sighed and signed both BeastBoy's and Cyborg's papers.

They both jumped and highfived each other.

Robin snapped at them "stop fooling around." He turned back to Batman "were indoors now why are you here."

Batman's tone was harsh as he spoke "Two of my villains came to Jump."

Robin looked as if he was raising an eyebrow behind his mask "which two?"

Batman then responded "Scarecrow and Joker."

BeastBoy and Cyborgs mouths fell open and even Raven looked a bit surprised.

BeastBoy asked in a small voice "Please tell me you joking."

Robin let out a forced laugh "Batman doesn't joke. Well we haven't seen any sighs of them."

Batman nodded "I figured you wouldn't, not for a while at least. But they are here."

Starfire asked tentatively "Please who are The Scarecrow and Joker? Are they not a device to scare away birds from a crop and a name of a playing card?"

Cyborg stared at Starfire "You have never heard of them?"

Starfire shook her head "I have only ever really heard of the villains we fight and even then it is only because we meet them in battle."

Raven shrugged "makes sense, the only way I heard of them is because I read so much. I have actually read a few books about fear and extreme madness in which both of them where prime examples."

Robin sighed, "They may have a reputation but they are no worse than Slade, Brother Blood and the Brotherhood of Evil."

Starfire nodded "So they are villains who have adopted those names."

Robin nodded "Yup and they are actually very well suited to them. Thanks for the warning well have them behind bars in no time."

Batman crossed his arms "I am not leaving this town without them."

Robin shook his head "Yes you are. You warned us and now it is time for you to go."

Cyborg and BeastBoy cried, "Robin are you crazy think of all the cool stuff he can teach us!"

Robin let out a aggravated noise "He is not staying in Jump he has his own city that he left defenseless."

Batman shook his head "No, Batgirl is taking care of it."

Robin threw his hands up in the air "Why wont you leave! We can handle it!"

Batman studied Robin "He is way out of your league. You would lose to them and lose you lives in the process. I am not leaving."

Robin was getting very angry now "We can handle it were not kids!"

Batman looked at the team and shook his head "No your teenagers."

Raven then joined in "Our age has nothing to do with our ability's, even though they may have reputations we can handle it."

Robin silently thanked Raven then said, "I would like to say nice seeing you but it wasn't, goodbye."

He tried to push him out the door but then BeastBoy cried, "We have to vote on it!"

Robin turned to glare at him "No we don't."

Cyborg joined in "yes we do, titans meeting now!"

Cyborg and BeastBoy huddled all of the titans into one circle and then they started to whisper.

Cyborg started "All in favor of Batman staying say I"

Cyborg and BeastBoy said I.

Robin then continued, "All in favor of him leaving say I"

Robin and Raven said I.

Everyone looked at Starfire and she shrugged "I believe I see the benefits for each side."

Robin's jaw dropped "You got to be joking."

Starfire shook her head "if we are truly facing another very bad villain then it would not hurt to have help. The only reason you want him gone is because you want to prove that you can handle this on your own and the last time to tried to prove something to someone we almost lost you Robin."

Robin shook his head "Star I promise this will not turn out like Slade."

Starfire sighed, "I will not take that chance, I agree with friends Cyborg and Beast Boy."

Raven and Robin groaned and BeastBoy and Cyborg cheered.

They all turned to batman and robin grumpily said, "you can stay."

Cyborg and BeastBoy grabbed Batman's arms and whisked him away.

Robin shook his head "This will not be fun."

Raven crossed her arms "tell me about it."

Starfire turned to Raven "friend Raven why do you dislike Batman's presence?"

Raven looked at Starfire blandly "I just don't like visitors."

To be continued…

End Note: Sorry I couldn't resist ending it here. Well what did you think? I know it was kind of slow but I needed to set up why he was there and what titans wanted him there and which didn't. The next chapter probably will be out tomorrow because this is super fun to write. Anyways Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed!

Next Up: Robin starts research and Batman starts to evaluate.