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Chapter Eleven: Gotham

It felt weird to be back, I hadn't been back in years yet everything was still the same as the day he left.

Dick Grayson, Kori Anders, Rachel Roth, Garfield Logan, and Victor Stone had received invitations to come stay at Wayne manor for Christmas and new years. So here we were in Wayne manor three days before Christmas.

It had taken a lot of prep for the team to look normal. Well all except for me, all I had to do was take of my mask. Cyborg had to create holographic rings for everyone else. It was weird to see BeastBoy with normal skin and blond hair, he was freaked out as well. He stared at himself for a strait three hours after he tried on the ring. Rachel's appearance only changed a bit, changing her complexion and hair color to look normal. Cyborg just masked all of his robot parts and Starfire; well I didn't like the 'human version of Starfire.' It was to weird to see a normal looking human girl instead of my gorgeous, exotic alien girlfriend.

We made it to the manor okay and now we were all unpacking. That brings me back to my current situation. I was standing in my room and it was weird to be back and also to have my friends here. They were all so excited though, even Raven.

Cyborg and BeastBoy were excited to explore the manor aka sneak into the bat cave; Raven was excited to have peace and quite in the library and Starfire was actually looking forward to hanging out with Barbra.

After the whole Nightmare incident we had been video calling and eventually Starfire joined me and then eventually I was kicked out. I didn't mind though I was glad that they were getting along.

I guess I was excited to come back. This was home for a while, but it was just odd. I did admit that it was nice hanging out with my brothers even though they could annoy the hell out of me sometimes, still they were family.

I finally stopped gawking and stared unpacking; it was rather quick so I decided to head out to see what the others were doing.

Raven was just finishing then she was going to go find a quite corner and read her book. Cyborg and BeastBoy were going to 'explore' I warned them not to try to find the bat cave but I knew they wouldn't listen.

Starfire was finished unpacking and she was on the phone. She smiled at me and signaled me in. I lay down on her bed and waited for her to get off the phone.

She finally did and came over and joined me "Barbra cannot do the hanging out until after the day of Christmas."

I smirked "So I get you?"

She laughed, "Yes, what shall we do?"

I thought for a moment "How about we take a walk in downtown Gotham? You will love it! There's a huge Christmas tree, carolers, ice skating ring, and then the park will be beautiful covered in snow."

She smiled "That sound most fun! I believe we should do the dressing of winter cloths then go."

I nodded "Ill meet you downstairs in 10 minutes, oh and Starfire remember you are human now so just a jacket won't do."

She nodded "Okay Robin."

I raised and eyebrow and she corrected herself "Sorry, Richard. It is hard to remember to call to Richard and it is quite odd to see you with no mask."

I gave her a small smiled "Its okay I know how you feel, my whole team looks like a bunch of average teens, its weird."

She laughed "Okay I shall see you in the 10 minutes."

I left her room heading back to mine to bundle up. This was going to be fun.

A few hours later….

Cyborg and BeastBoy sat in Cyborgs room groaning. Cyborg was the one to state the obvious "Maybe we should have listened to Robin."

BeastBoy nodded "I didn't even get a glimpse before we were caught everything was so dark!"

Cyborg sighed "So now what?"

"I don't know 'Victor' ughh it sound weird calling you that!"

Cyborg was about to suggest something then a ringing could be heard.

He took off his holographic ring and opened a contraption on his arm "Sahara wants to video chat."

He smiled as he answered "Hello their beautiful lady."

She giggled "Cyborg! How is Gotham?"

Cyborg moved to his bed laying down. BeastBoy groaned knowing this would take a while "See you later Cy."

Cyborg didn't even notice him leaving.

When BeastBoy got to the hall he wondered what he was going to do. Robin's brothers seemed cool but he was kind of in the mood to hang out with his own friends. Maybe he could go find Raven and see if she wants to like hang out or something.

He searched all over the manor until her found her lying on a couch in the huge library.

"Hey Rachel!"

Raven set her book down and looked at him.

"I was wondering if you would like want to hang out and and and…." He was stuttering why was he stuttering? He never stuttered!

Raven raised an eyebrow "and do what?"

He shook his head trying to cleat his thoughts "You can choose what we can do!"

Raven looked back at her book then at BeastBoy, as much as she was enjoying her book she did kind of like the idea of hanging out with BeastBoy.

"How about we go to the Gotham museum?"

BeastBoy thought for a moment "Sure."

Raven nodded "lets go get some warmer cloths on then we can go."

He smiled nodding "okay."

They went up to there rooms and got dressed in warmer cloths.

BeastBoy hurried so he could search the Gotham museum on my communicator. He read a bit about it then saw the words super hero exhibit and got excited. Maybe this would be a ton of fun after all!

When they got to the museum it wasn't too crowded but is was busy.

They walked around all of the exhibits Raven saying random facts here and there and BeastBoy was surprised that he wasn't completely bored out of his mind. In fact he was actually enjoying it.

They were in an exhibit about aquatic animals and were looking at a model of a great white shark.

He then realized we were really close and it wouldn't take much to hold her hand, the question was did he want to risk being killed?

He glanced back down at there hands then deiced yes.

He took her hand in his and she looked at him quizzically then turned her attention back to the painting. BeastBoy smiled "So you aren't going to kill me?"

She shook her head "No."

They walked through more of the museum then finally made it to the super hero's exhibit.

They were talking about how some of the facts were wrong when they came up to a picture of the teen titans. They stopped staring at the picture.

BeastBoy smiled and whispered "We made it into the big league!"

They looked down the wall and noticed more pictures, there were five pictures that were just the five original titans by themselves and then there was one last one of the titans network.

They read the little information plaques by each picture and laughed at some of the facts.

Raven even giggled at some of the more ridiculous facts.

A group of teen came up behind them also examining the facts and two of them were arguing "Robin and Raven!" "No! Starfire and Robin!" "Robin and Raven" "Starfire and Robin." They went on and BeastBoy couldn't help himself "What about Raven and BeastBoy." The two teens glared at him and the one who was arguing for Robin and Raven said, "BeastBoy is too much of an idiot to be Ravens Boyfriend!"

BeastBoy was a bit offended and he was going to say something when Raven pulled him away.

"Me too stupid! Pshh, No"

Raven smiled "They don't know a thing Garfield." She emphasized his real name trying to remind him he wasn't BeastBoy at the moment.

He calmed down a bit "I think BeastBoy is kind of perfect to be Ravens Boyfriend because even though she wont admit it she find him kind of funny."

"I don't know, BeastBoy can be kind of stupid and annoying at times."

"Maybe he would try to change if it meant she would give him a chance."

"Maybe, but fortunately for BeastBoy I think Raven like him the way he is even though she wont admit it."

BeastBoy was smiling and Raven was blushing.

They carried on in the museum and BeastBoy planted a quick kiss on Ravens cheek.

He was so happy he wanted to go back to those snotty teenagers and take off their holographic rings and have Raven relay what she had just said.

He wanted to announce it to the world that he and Raven were finally together!

Raven just wanted to get through the rest of the museum.

So BeastBoy was right the museum ended up being a lot more fun than he originally expected.

With Robin and Starfire…

Starfire and Robin were walking through park when Starfire walked ahead of him "Catch me if you are capable."

With that she started running away giggling. Robin smiled chasing after her.

They diverted from the cleared walkway going into the deep snow.

Starfire was giggling and running as fast as she could, but since she was not use to the snow or running it was a rather slow pace.

Starfire then tripped falling into the snow with a squeak.

Robin was on top of her in a flash "Caught you."

Starfire giggled, "That you have."

He gave her a quick kiss then helped her up. They continued on their walk through the park.

They eventually got back to the manor and met up with the rest of the team who was having Hot chocolate in the kitchen.

BeastBoy was smiling stupidly for some reason as he asked, "Well what did you two do today?"

Robin shrugged "Basically explored downtown Gotham. How about you three?"

Cyborg smiled "I spent most of the day talking to Sahara."

Raven shrugged "BeastBoy and I went to the museum."

BeastBoy nodded enthusiastically "We had a great time!"

Cyborg and Robin both raised eyebrows wondering what Raven and BeastBoy did that made him say that the museum was great.

BeastBoy continued, "They had a hero's exhibit and guess what we were in it!"

The whole team smiled.

They sat there for a bit enjoying there hot chocolate then Tim ran in.

He was huffing and puffing "He sent me saying that you were welcome to join me, Joker got loose and it terrorizing the city."

BeastBoy yelled, "Are jails these days made out of glass? Why is it whenever we put away a villain they escape not so long afterwards!"

Tim shrugged "I don't know, but are you going to help or what?"

Robin smiled "Hell yeah were coming. Titans go!"

The End

Authors Note: So that's the end for now! Sorry if I left it on a sort of cliffhanger but it just fit so well! This story has been a ton of fun to work on and you guys were so awesome at giving feedback and adding this story to your favorites list! Kind of the point of this chapter was that Robin made up with his Gotham family and that everyone ended up happy! Maybe there will be another installment but I doubt that it will come out for a while because I have been working on another story and having so much fun with it! Thank you again to all of you! And yeah that's pretty much it! –Tiggerific13 XD