It was a cold morning in Konoha. Today marked the 13th anniversary of the kyuubi's attack on Konoha during which the

Yondiame hokage Minato Namikaze valiantly defeated the kyuubi by sealing it into one of his sons born on that very day. It also marked the completion of the 7th year of hermitage of the hokage's eldest son-Naruto.

Beaten from the day he learned to walk, Naruto grew up faster than other kids psychologically in order to protect himself from the mobs that formed. He was also the identical twin of the 4ths youngest son… although "young" was only by a few minutes.

Being an identical twin can have plus points … normally. Naruto was not normal. He was the container of the strongest bijuu to walk the elemental nations. Due to his condition his twin brother was shunned by the populace mistaking his brother for him. Arashi also had a weak body that would take a minimum of 8 years to cure. This led to his parents doting on his brother and not bothering to check on him. Most children would throw a tantrum but not Naruto, No he knew about his and his brother's condition and loved his brother. He didn't want to see his brother getting hurt or want him to be isolated from the populace. But Naruto was also hated by his mother. She saw what was happening to her younger son and hated Naruto for it with a passion. She entirely forgot the fact that she was the previous jinchuuri of the kyuubi and channeled her hate towards him. She did not show it publicly but in private she would beat Naruto over the simplest things. Over time she stopped but her hatred was never decreased.

Three weeks before he turned six Naruto came up with a plan that would satisfy most of the people in this village, a plan he came up with the kyuubi or kurama as he called him now. He wrote a letter explaining his decision to protect his brother by leaving the village and not returning for a few years.

Upon his departure his mother and the civilian populace were ecstatic. Only a few in the village felt for the little boy all of them could be counted within 10 of his fingers. Other than these people in the village only the Minato Namikaze mourned the departure of his son wishing he could have done a bit more in improving his living conditions.

The next day he was surprised to find his wife partying for Naruto leaving. For her this meant that she could focus on Arashi a bit more, but was surprised to see both her son and husband look at her with disgust. It didn't take long to find out that she despised Naruto for endangering Arashi's life. She was shocked to find that Arashi did not hate his brother for his isolation but instead adored him.

The following year was the worst year in her life for her. Her husband and her son became more distant and she was isolated by them. After the first year of being isolated, she took steps to make sure that naruto was happy when he returned and prayed that she never made the same mistakes she made with naruto again.

Seeing her trying to repent both Minato and Arashi forgave her but told her that the one she needed to seek forgiveness from was Naruto as they did not know whether he would forgive her.

Coming back on track...

Minato Namikaze aka The Yellow Flash of Konoha aka the Yondiame hokage was standing on the balcony of his house looking out at the majestic view of the sun rising. The entire landscape was bathed in a golden yellow light. He felt the firm hands of his wife encircle his chest as she hugged him. No words were exchanged as they simply leaned over the edge of the balcony viewing the brilliant sight before them.

Kushina silently moved back into the room and down the stairs to the kitchen to make breakfast for their family.

It was two hours later that Arashi came down to the kitchen to see his mother making pancakes for him and his father who was nowhere to be seen.

Barely 10 minutes later there was a jubilant shout of YES! Followed by footsteps bounding down the stairs. Arashi saw his father grinning like a mad man, before momentum took hold and father collided into son. Kushina stepped out of the kitchen to see Minato and Arashi lying in a heap at the edge of the dining table. Barely seconds later, both of them stood up. Arashi looked a little worse for the wear with a scowl on his face while her husband was so happy that his joy was literally pouring off his face… he looked like a young boy in a world made entirely of candy.

"Kushina…Arashi… Jiraya was able to contact him and it seems as if he asked if he could come back again". Kushina heard nothing after the words contact him. She was so happy that she entirely forgot about the pancakes on the stove which were starting to burn. The same could be said for Arashi who was hugging his father so hard that he turned blue before Arashi let go of him.

"Well…. What did you say?" Asked Kushina

"What else… he will be arriving here tomorrow. "Replied Minato

"Tou-san what about the civilian council?" asked Arashi to which there was no reply from Minato whose only action was to rub his hands in front of his face which had a very evil smirk… those who knew him thoroughly felt a shiver run up their spines feeling sorry for the people who had crossed the hokage. "The civilian council is my responsibility… (Laughs evil scientist laughter and rubs his hand) leave it to me.

Arashi and Kushina took a step back fearing for the lives of the council members


Several people felt a sense of dread and wanted to go hide under a rock till is passed. Sadly nothing would save them from what was about to happen

Back to the family…

"Good news Is there in plenty" Minato continued to speak "it seems that he has acquired the legendary Nodachi masamune." Kushina was shocked. As a swordsman herself she knew about the swords history and bloody legend. Meanwhile Minato continued "and it also seems that he has unlocked an ancient bloodline from your side of the family that gives the user a diamond hard body." Kushina was utterly flabbergasted by now. She had read texts of her family's kekkai genkai that allowed to change the composition of carbon in their body literally allowing them to have a body harder than diamond… but it had been lost and very few in the family.. About 1 every century could awaken it. It took up a lot of chakra to maintain it hence only a true uzumaki could sustain it and utilize it to its full potential. From what she had learnt, those who had that bloodline had a near infinite supply of chakra to sustain it. Add that to the fact that he was a jinchuuri and you had a person with god like reserves of chakra that added to the fact that he now wielded muramasa meant that he was now an unstoppable force. But before she could think more she was stopped by Minato saying that naruto would be arriving the next day. Once she came back to the world she noticed a burnt smell coming from the kitchen. She hurriedly cleared the kitchen and prepared more pancakes for their breakfast. She was restless since she could not wait for naruto to return. The rest of the day passed by in an agonizingly slow pace making Kushina more frustrated as the end of the day approached

Several people across the village knew something was going to happen …. Something very very big.

Updated on 6/1/13 , changes:- naruto acquires masamune (think sephiroth) and several spelling corrections