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3 weeks later – day of the graduation exam in the academy.

The academy students waited for the graduation exam to begin. Surprisingly, the entire class was present before Iruka came with a pad in his hand.

Not minutes later, he was followed by a 6'2" tall figure, with shoulder long, spiky golden hair. He was wearing a sleeveless black shirt with white edges and a black cargo pants. The most noticeable thing about the new comer's presence was the presence of tribal tattoos on both arms. The figure had sharp blue eyes and 3 whiskers- like marks on each cheek. The newcomer handed a slip of paper to iruka and waited. Iruka's visage turned to one of shock and stayed like that.

Iruka turned to face the class. Miraculously the entire class was quiet. Iruka looked at all the genins faces. All of the faces, except for that of arashi's were curious. Arashi's had a full-blown smirk on it. Iruka faced the class. "Good morning class. I would like you to welcome a new student to our class. He will be taking the exam with all of you." With that, the miracle disappeared. Everyone were shouting in outrage at this. The dead last of the class, kiba, stood up "Iruka sensei, how is this fair? We had to sit here for 6 years and work our ass off, while this guy comes out of nowhere on the last day." Iruka's only response was to shake his head. When he opened his mouth to explain, he was interrupted by naruto (A/N I'm sick of calling him 'the newcomer' or 'the new guy'. BTW naruto's voice is a deep one)." Let me introduce myself, iruka sensei." With this, he turned to the class."My name is Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto, and I've been a hermit for 7 years. I returned 3 weeks ago and I was deemed ready to take the exams. It was a pleasure to meet you people."

At this, the whole class went silent. "Now students" came the voice of iruka" this year, the hokage has changed the requirements to pass and become a genin. You will need to score at least 30% marks in the written portion and you must score at least 80% in the physical portion and 70%in the Ninjutsu portion. But the written tests will not count for your results." this was met with a lot of wails and a medium amount of cheers from the class." The test will start in 15 minutes. So you have 10 minutes to get ready and 5 minutes to read the paper once."

Naruto glanced at his paper. He had studied all the topics for the exam and found that the exam was easy for him. He finished the exam in 15 minutes and slept the rest of the exam.

After handing the paper, they were asked to head outside for the Taijutsu portion of the exam. Naruto and Arashi went and leaned on the sides of a tree, waiting for their name to be called out.

Meanwhile with the other students-

"Hey Ino, look at Arashi and his brother, acting like they're cooler than Sasuke-kun" came, the rather loud voice of our pink haired banshee. This statement, was backed up by several die-hard members of the S.F.C or the sasuke uchiha fan club, of which, the banshee was the current president of. Ino refused to reply, having being star-struck by the new student. Sakura saw Ino's expression "HEY INO-PIG, IF YOU LIKE THEM, THEN THAT MEANS SASUKE-KUN IS MINE! YOU CAN GO AFTER THAT BAKA OF A STUDENT BECAUSE YOU ARE NO LONGER A PART OF THE S.F.C."

(Now I have to mention something. When sakura whispers, it feels like she is speaking in her normal voice. When she speaks normally, she shouts. And when she shouts… she SHOUTS. You get the pic.)

Her speech was heard by naruto, who opened his eyes and looked at the irritating patch of bubblegum pink, and closed his eyes again, not wanting to involve himself with the banshee. Before anything tragic could occur, iruka stepped into the field.

Naruto zoned out for a while until his name was called."Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto vs. Uchiha Sasuke." Naruto stepped out into the ring and waited for his opponent to appear in front of him. Naruto stood with his left palm in front of his right in a line. He rotated his body slightly toward his right side and widened his footing and bent his knees slightly. Once the signal to start was given, sasuke ran at naruto in full speed, his left arm cocked to deliver a painful hook. The Uchiha leaned a bit too far and found his hand deflected in mid-blow. His momentum was far too great for him to just stand there when his hand was pushed back. He found himself spinning onto the ground. The next moment, there was something heavy on top of him and the next thing he knew was darkness.

For naruto, it had been very easy. With the momentum the uchiha carried in his punch, it was only the matter of intercepting his fist and pushing it backwards with one strike. The next step was to climb on top of his back and finish with a quick chop to his neck. Well, the fact that he managed to accomplish this within a span of 5 seconds

All of them were silent. They had yet to process the fact, that the person who was rumored to be the Rookie of the year, was beaten by a new student, in less than 5 seconds. A minute after the spar was completed, and naruto was back next to the tree, the students found their voice. The boys understood to not underestimate naruto. The majority of girls in the S.F.C wanted his blood for his actions against the Uchiha. The rest of them simply joined the newly formed N.F.C. naruto ignored their yells and dozed off.

Time skip (BTW, they are still outside.)

Naruto looked at the panel of instructors in front of him. Just seconds ago, the uchiha had completed the basic academy 3 and a Fire Release-Grand Fireball Technique. Naruto was asked, to first perform the academy 3. He transformed into a replica of the sandiame hokage and dispelled himself, after the instructor had checked him. He replaced himself with one of the students sitting in the sidelines. He switched back and formed the modified ram seal. With a silent call of Shadow Clone Technique, 10 solid copies of the blonde were formed. He was then asked to perform another technique for additional points. He nodded before turning and facing the field filled with dummies. He performed a few hand seals and with a shout of Fire Release-Great Fire Annihilation, the entire field was filled with a stream of fire that completely destroyed all the training dummies. Ignoring the awed looks of the students and instructors, and the scowl on the Uchiha's face, he collected his Hitaitae made his way back to the class, waiting for the results to be announced since he was the last to perform.

Time skip

Iruka made his way into the classroom holding the results with him. He went inside the class and looked at all his students. He was proud of all of them." I will begin by saying, that all of you have made me very proud today. I am happy to call you as my students and proud to call myself, your teacher. I will now announce the top 3 results in each category. In the written test, 3rd place goes to Uchiha sasuke, 2nd place goes to Haruno Sakura and the 1st place goes to Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto." This was met with varied reactions. Naruto was calm, Sakura and the others could not believe that she came 2nd place and Sasuke was frustrated that the new guy had beaten him again. "In the Taijutsu portion, 3rd place goes to Hyuuga Hinata, 2nd place belongs to Uchiha Sasuke and 1st place goes to Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto. In the Ninjutsu portion, 3rd place goes to Uzumaki Namikaze Arashi, 2nd place goes to Uchiha Sasuke and the 1st place goes to Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto. With the above results, Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto is the Rookie of the year and the Kunoichi of the year is Hyuuga Hinata." You are requested to report in a week's time for team placements. Goodbye and good luck in your careers.

Naruto smiled to himself… it felt good to show off. With that thought on his mind, left to celebrate his graduation.

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