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"Fourth time today! This is the fourth time I've walked in on you reading porn! Stupid perverted bishop!"

Frau hurriedly gathered up the magazines strewn around him before the furious boy could take them and rip them up. Damn brat, he'd only just got to the best part too! He looked up to see a book soaring through the air towards his face; he ducked but was not fast enough.

"Hey! What gives? You're as grumpy as that four-eyed doll freak today."

"Well Castor-san does have a point, you know; it's not our fault you insist on carrying out your dirty hobby in such a public place."

"This isn't public. This is your room!"

"That does not make anything better in the slightest! What are you doing here anyway?"

Frau thought for a moment before seeing Teito pick up yet another book to throw at him. Maybe they could negotiate? He really was tired of having things thrown at him whilst enjoying himself. Since that morning, he'd had seven books, three brushes and a Bascule thrown at him. Not to mention the assaults from that doll made by the four eyes. The reason? Because no one understood the delights of porn! His eyes gleamed at the thought of having a restraining order put on the brown haired bishop, but now was not the time!

Frau held his hands out as a peace sign. "Tell you what, brat, we'll negotiate."

Teito warily lowered the book he'd been about to launch at Frau's head. "Talk."

"If you stop pestering me over reading porn, I will give you this super rare porn magazine to –ugh…"

He did not even have a chance to finish his sentence before he was hit in the face by an enraged boy.

"I'm not interested in anything in there, perverted bishop. So if you're going to use that to bribe me, then I have no qualms about handing you over to Castor-san."

Frau inwardly shuddered at the thought of Castor finding out. He thought hard.

"Not interested in that, hmm…"

He stood and crossed the room to where the boy was standing, leaning on the wall with one arm and effectively blocking the exit. Suddenly alert, Teito scanned the room for an escape route.

"So," Frau began, recapturing the boy's attention, "What would suffice as bribery for you then, brat?"

Teito cringed back as the man brought his face closer to his.

"S-something I like and will appreciate," he mumbled, a light blush dusting his cheeks. Wait! Why on earth was he blushing? Sure the proximity was making him a little uncomfortable but it wasn't like they hadn't been this close to each other before.

"Something you like? And you don't like women? So what if I did something like this…" Frau closed the distance between them and captured the boy's lips in a kiss.

Teito struggled, unable to shift the man who was practically pressing him against the wall.

"Mmph… Frau… You…"

When Frau finally released the boy, he was satisfied to see that the boy was blushing.

"Did you enjoy that?"

Teito's blush deepened a shade.


"Shut up," but he did not move so Frau took that as an invitation to continue.

This time the boy did not struggle but leaned into the kiss, feelings of love evident in the gesture.

"So are you still going to tell that doll freak?"

"Shut up," the boy said again. But Frau knew from the blush on the boy's face that his secret was safe for now.

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