Sitting at A table in their favorite bar, Olivia watched as the guys each took another shot. She was happy to be drinking her jack and coke and laughing as the guys kept knocking them back. However, she was not alone in her small discontentment of their behavior because on the other side of the table sat one of the most beautiful woman Liv had ever seen. Tall, blonde, a perfect smile and the greatest mix of sexy , sarcastic and brains she had ever known. This was Alexandra Cabot the woman she had wanted from the first moment she saw her. They had some ups and downs but had become really close one would almost call them best friends. Olivia hadn't noticed but she must have been staring at the blonde sipping her white wine because her partner Elliot nudged her arm a bit.

"Well if you're going to stare you could at least buy her a drink." she said just audible to her ear

"Oh shut it." she smarted back hitting him in the shoulder and giving him a death glare.

Elliot had guessed that she had some sort of feelings for Alex but hadn't been able to get her to confirm them and maybe that was because she didn't know them for herself. Liv and El had been in a staring contest that when they looked back at the table Fin had just slid Alex another shot. The woman was already on her second glass of wine and now her third shot she was defiantly tipsy.

" I think I need the little girls room" Alex said in her giggle voice which she only got when she was drunk she stood up from her chair and almost feel right back into it. Liv immediately jumped up and reached for her friend holding her close.

"Ok restroom first then maybe we should get you home." she told the blonde

"Liv, I'm fine, really." she said standing on her own and then reaching across the table to grab a shot that Fin was about to drink.

"No fair that was mine." he called to her as Olivia was pulling her to the restroom, holding her up, as she could now barley walk in her heels.

Maybe Alex took this case a little harder then Liv had thought. But she had won it for them, she was Amazing in court and that child raping, murdering bastard was in jail. Alex should be happy that's why they were all out celebrating but Liv knew her best friend to well and right now, whatever was going on in Alex's head was not anything good. She helped her to the restroom and waited by the sink.

"Thank you." Alex told her as she washed up "think I over did it." she asked.

"Maybe just a bit." She told her as she placed a hand on her shoulder "let's get you home."

And with that Alex fell into her arms feeling herself get dizzy and nearly black out. Liv wrapped her up and they went back to the table, said good bye to the boys who had just ordered another round, grabbed their bags and went outside. Alex so fragile and helpless looked up from Olivia's arms and smiled.

"You're amazing" she whispered.

Olivia just smiled as she petted the blonde's hair she knew in that moment she had wanted to kiss the woman but knew she couldn't. She shook off the overwhelming feeling she had and hailed a cab.

"Where to lady's" the cabbie asked. Liv was about to say Alex's address when a hand cover her mouth and the blonde gave him Liv's instead.

She looked down at the beautiful woman lying in her lap confused.

"Please liv I don't want to go home" those glisten blue eyes looking up at her.

"Ok, ok you can spend the night with me" she told Alex.

While having this conversation they hadn't realized they were already outside the detective's apartment building they paid the cabby and headed up stairs. Liv having to hold Alex up as they climbed the stairs they got to the door and even before it was fully open. The blonde had pushed herself inside and darted strait for the bathroom she could hear her throwing up again but she couldn't help but laugh. The most, cool ,calm, collected, hard-ass she knew was sitting on her bathroom floor completely wasted. She grabbed a glass from the kitchen and headed for the bathroom.

"Alex" she called as she cracked open the door the woman on her knees leaning into the toilet just turned. The look in her eyes said what she couldn't at the moment ' I'm so sorry I'm behaving like a child.' The brunette nodded and filled the glass with water and held it out to Alex.

"Drink up" she spoke soft and comforting the woman did as she was told.

After another hour it seemed there was nothing in her system left to toss. She leaned back onto the floor exhausted Liv sitting by her side, Laughing.

"I don't think I have been the drunk except the day I passed the bar exam." Alex said.

"Yeah it's a bit past law school hun" liv smarted back, "come on let's get you to bed." The detective stood and went towards the door.

"Liv" Alex called trying not to giggle

"Yes "

"I can't get up"

Olivia turned back toward her friend and leaned over her for a moment the scooped her up in her arms, Alex was shocked Liv could hold her but it's not like the woman was very heavy anyway. Alex felt strange being in Liv's arms but yet too tired to fight it. She curled her head into the others chest and closed her eyes. It was only for a little while that Liv held the woman she had a giant crush on, but that bit of time was all it took this was the woman she wanted to love, the one who needed to be cared for, the one who so desperately needed to be loved. She set the blonde on the bed and began to take off her sweat covered clothes leaving her only in her tank top and panties. Alex smiled

"Well detective are you planning on taking advantage of me" Alex whispered as she lay back in the bed, she was joking after all or was she.

Olivia knew how much she wanted that to be true but even if somewhere inside of Alex was any desire for the brunette; she had too much respect for her to even consider it. She pulled the blankets up and tucked her in.

"Wouldn't dream of it" she whispered as she leaned in to kiss Alex's for head but in that moment Alex moved her head and their lips meet each other's. Liv pulled back rather confused she reached for the extra blanket and headed to the door she was sure she was sleeping on the couch tonight but a small voice stopped her.

"it's ok to dream" Alex said before all but passing out.