For the first time in almost a week, Arizona Robbins went to sleep with a smile on her face.

As soon as elevator doors closed behind them, pale hands lifted to an expensive buttoned up shirt, toying with top two buttons – subsequently popping them open – grinning against the lips that were pressed against hers only to be left with a pout as those lips pulled away from hers and panted hot, heavy breaths against her ear, "Arizona, wait. Stop. We – we're still in the elevator!"

She wasted no time dipping her head and latching her lips onto the skin presented to her on the long column of that smooth neck, her hunger for the taller woman not even close to being sated. In fact, it had barely been unleashed at all. Nipping her teeth in once more, she flicked her tongue out, "So? Pretty sure we've gotten started in a lot more public places."

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, the elevator doors opened, and she hardly managed to hold in her groan as she realized that they weren't on the right floor, and a man joined them. He kept his eyes averted from them, because even though they weren't in any sort of compromising position at the moment, Arizona was positive that their panting was a dead giveaway.

She couldn't really bring herself to care, and she waited impatiently for the elevator doors to open on her floor, squeezing her legs together and reaching down to tangle their hands together, preparing to pull her off the elevator as soon as the doors opened. Out of the corner of blue eyes she could see a blush work up on the other woman's cheeks and the hand that wasn't clasped in Arizona's lifted to pull together the top of her shirt, fingers brushing over the nametag she was still wearing from the conference they'd just left.

The Lauren Boswell nametag that glinted in the dim light of the elevator, and Arizona stared at it, counting down the seconds until she would be able to rip that and the shirt it was pinned on to, off.

Finally, they came to a stop on her floor of the hotel, and as soon as they were out of the elevator with the doors closed, she turned to pin her girlfriend to them. Only to be pushed back with a low laugh coming from her throat, followed by a breathless whisper, "Where's your room?"

Reaching down to take that hand in hers again, she pulled harder than she meant to, causing the woman to stumble a bit behind her trying to keep up. Her hands were already shaking in anticipation, making it difficult to accurately swipe her key card in the lock. Her girlfriend's eyes were lit up in laughter as she took the card from her, "You need to take a deep breath, and that's my medical opinion," she said, easily opening the door.

But instead of taking a deep breath, Arizona took her hands and pulled them into the room, slamming the door behind them as she quickly pressed her body against the long one that hers was craving, "I don't need a deep breath," she whispered, leaning up on her tip toes and nipping at a soft earlobe before pulling it into her mouth, then releasing it with a light pop, "I need to be inside of you."

Her girlfriend's thighs were already spread and Arizona wasted no time in thrusting one of hers in between, capturing the answering groan in her mouth, as she brought their lips together. It wasn't a slow, savoring kiss, but hard and harsh. Tongues slid against each other, fighting for control, until Arizona pulled back just a bit to nip at her bottom lip.

She could feel the heat through the dress pants the taller woman was wearing and through her jeans, and the rhythm she set with her leg was quickly building as the taller woman thrust her hips was increasing in tempo. As her head fell back to hit the door, Arizona took advantage, lowering her head to suck at the skin there, the back of her mind telling her to be careful not to leave a mark, but the urge to mark her as hers was too strong.

Her hands lifted to undo the rest of those buttons on that shirt until it split enough for her to palm breasts, her thumbs brushing over already hardened tips, her own arousal skyrocketing at the feeling. As she rolled a nipple between her thumb and forefinger, she thrust her leg up higher, making her girlfriend grunt and release her breath on a whimper, "Ar-Arizona, fuck. If you want to be inside of me, then be inside of me. Please," her voice broke on a desperate whimper, her hips thrusting up.

Grinning against her collarbone, she slid her hand down, popping open the button and the delicate zipper in a hurry, she wasted no time slipping her hand inside the waist of her underwear, the grin vanishing from her features, as she dropped her forehead to read on a strong shoulder, "Fuck, you're wet."

A chin brushed the side of her head as her girlfriend nodded quickly, "Yeah, yes, god, I am. Touch me, please. I – it's not going to take much," she gasped out.

Arizona could tell. Running her fingers down, she gathered her wetness on her hand, then slid it up, rubbing over a hard clit. Hips jumped out at her at the contact and she moved her fingers lightly over the nub, enjoying the way hands clawed into her hair and pushed her face down, so she could take a nipple between her lips. Her tongue moved over it lightly, the same way her fingertips barely touched, despite the insistent movement of hips.

"Please," the plea ripped through the room, and giving in for just a second, she dipped her fingers back down and thrust two in, rubbing her thumb in hard strokes, for just a few moments, feeling walls already clench around her.

But she'd been wanting this for days, and she didn't want it to be over yet, and despite how much her own body wanted her to continue, she pulled her hand out, prepared to meet confused, lustful eyes. The need she saw in them made her clench her own legs tighter together, and she took her girlfriend by the hips, walking her backwards, tearing off her shirt and dropping it to the floor as they went.

Pants were only at her knees before Arizona decided it really didn't matter if they were all the way off, and pushed by the shoulders, making her fall onto her back and climbing on top of her, her mouth quickly reclaiming her girlfriend's before her hand went back to slip under lacy underwear.

A strong hand held hers in place, stopping her feather light touch as she panted against her lips, "Arizona, n-no teasing. Please."

It was that please that broke her. She knew they would have more time later, anyway, and she quickly slipped her fingers back inside, pumping quickly, rubbing her palm over her distended clit in time her thrusts. It hardly took any time with a consistent rhythm before those hips bucked up roughly, mouths parting as a series of amazing moans filled the room.

And all too soon, it was over, and that tall body melted onto the mattress, and Arizona slowly drew her hand out before resting her body on top of her girlfriend's, lifting her other hand to stroke at soft hair until her breathing returned to normal, ignoring the throbbing between her own legs.

Lifting her head from where she had it rested on her chest, she smiled down at her, "This has been a really long week."

As a hand trailed up a smooth back, blue eyes were met with a satisfied smile, "You're telling me."

Arizona lowered her head, pressing a light kiss against those full ones briefly before pushing herself up onto her knees and crawling over to the corner of the bed, reaching down to retrieve the shirt she'd all but ripped off minutes ago. Pulling it into her hands, she unclipped the nametag and ran her finger over it, fixing her girlfriend with a raised eyebrow, "Lauren Boswell?"

Her girlfriend answered with a lazy, "Hmm?"

Giggling, she dropped it back to the floor where it fell with a thump and she crawled back up, trailing her hand up a tan stomach, between her breasts before resting it over a still fast beating heart, "Calliope, where did you even get that nametag?"

A bright smile flashed and Callie found the energy to push herself so she was sitting up, "I was just going to walk in and surprise you, but the women at the table outside of the doors stopped me." Full lips pressed against the side of a pale neck as a long-fingered hand slipped under the back of Arizona's shirt, running her hand up her spine, eliciting goose bumps, "I saw that this nametag was still left on the table, so I picked it up and apologized for being late."

Still giggling a little bit, she turned her head, purposefully gaping her mouth, "Calliope Torres, you stole entrance into the fellowship conference! What if this Lauren Boswell really was running late, and when she got to the front doors to get in, she's just locked out?"

Callie's low chuckle in her ear made her shiver, and she watched as her girlfriend kicked her pants the rest of the way off before she slid behind Arizona, her legs coming to rest on the outside of the blonde's, her hands coming up to unbutton her shirt, slowly, as she pressed another kiss to the spot right below Arizona's ear, shivers arising on the skin, as she knew they would, "Well, you see, I thought about that," she whispered, loving how Arizona's head fell back to rest on her shoulder.

Blue eyes, already darkened with desire, looked up at her, "You thought about it?"

Sliding her hands down, she ran them over the smooth skin of Arizona's stomach, tugging the tucked in shirt out of her pants, "Mhmm. And for a second, I told myself that maybe I didn't have to surprise you, and that I shouldn't steal her only entrance into the rest of the conference… but then I remembered that she was the woman who hit on you – what, was it two years ago? – when she came to Boston, and then I decided that I really didn't feel bad."

Her hands came back up, fingertips slipping into the blonde's bra, fingertips just grazing her nipple. Arizona gasped, her warm breath hitting Callie's jaw, "I don't feel bad, either."

Smiling, she brought her head down to rest against her girlfriend's forehead, while one hand held that perfectly sized boob, tweaking the nipple with her fingers and walking her other hand along the skin right above the dark jeans, "I don't think we should keep talking about –" in a quick movement, she undid the snap and the zipper and slid her hand down over Arizona's underwear, cupping her through the wet fabric, "– Lauren Boswell."

She didn't really even remember who she was, and especially not now, as her girlfriends hand moved over her, clouding her mind that much more, "Yeah," she breathed out, seeking a firmer touch.

Arizona couldn't control the way her hips jumped up into the touch, her lips seeking out Callie's in a quick kiss before she dropped her head back down to a strong, tan shoulder, need quickly rising inside of her. As those fingers moved over her boy shorts, she dug her hands into the smooth thighs that surrounded hers, groaning, "Calliope."

That low voice in her ear made her impossibly more turned on, "What? Do you want me to really touch you?"

Quickly nodding, she arched into the hand that suddenly twisted her nipple, "Shit – god, yes. Touch."

A strangled scream made its way out of her throat as Callie's hand finally dipped inside, and lightly ran over her, fingers not actually making contact where she wanted them to. Her breath was already starting to come faster, and her heart skipped a beat just as her girlfriend's palm brushed over her throbbing clit. The touch was brief and it left her aching for more.

One hand lifted of its own accord, digging into that dark hair, her toes already clenching in preparation as Callie's face came down, nudging hers to turn so that plump lips could seek out her earlobe before she whispered, "You teased me, against the door."

"Barely," she managed to get out as that mouth worked wonders on her ear. Callie knew her and her body too well, so that when she tried to wiggle her hips in a way that could make those fingers brush over her, her hand skillfully evaded. Turning her head and opening her eyes so she could see those dark brown ones, she was so not above pleading, "Please –"

And that was all she managed to get out before two fingers slid inside of her, moving quickly as her thumb came up to brush her aching clit. Her heart felt like it was jump started and she slammed her head back on Callie's shoulder, "God! Yes!"

Those long fingers curled upwards inside of her, finding that spot, making her buck up into the touch. Long, caramel legs hooked around hers, stilling anymore movements from her as those fingers continued to thrust in and out at such a fast pace she wasn't entirely sure how Callie was managing to keep them sitting up in their position. And then her thumb pressed down against the side of her bundle of nerves, moving quickly back and forth as her hand stilled and the fingers inside of her mimicked the motion and she didn't think at all anymore.

Callie connected their mouths again, and Arizona could feel her lips move as she spoke and the way she spoke the words into her mouth, "Happy sex-iversary, baby."

Her orgasm tore through her, like being hit with a freight train and despite her girlfriend's hold over her legs, she couldn't stop the way Arizona's hips jerked as pleasure coursed through her veins. Aftershocks moved through her as those long fingers continued to rub against her, knowing exactly when the pale, slim body has had enough, and just as the last shudder passed through her, she breathed back, "Happy sex-iversary." Her entire body relaxed into Callie's as her hand reached up and played with the ends of that gorgeous dark hair, "I love you."

Hot breath washed over her hear, as the Latina murmured into it, "I love you, too." Now those lips pressed against her cheek then her forehead as her arms slid up, wrapping around Arizona's waist and scooting them both backwards, so that Arizona's back was cushioned against her girlfriend's soft, warm, naked body.

By the time Arizona found her strength, she realized she was lying there with a smile on her face, her head pillowed against Callie's shoulder and hands resting against the strong forearms wrapped around her waist. With a happy sigh, she pushed herself up onto her knees so she could turn around, taking off her own shirt and bra that were both just hanging onto her arms at this point and tossing them off the edge of the bed.

Raking her eyes up that body, she scooted closer, running her hands up her legs until they reached her girlfriend's hands and she locked onto them, "How is it possible that you look even better now than you did six years ago?"

A perfect eyebrow quirked up, "It's not. You're just blinded by love."

Blue eyes fell down to take in her breasts, "Um, nope. Believe me, as a completely impartial judge, your body looks even better now than it did in med school."

The hands that hers were being held in tugged down, sending her toppling back on top of that body that really did look even better. Sometimes she thought Callie looked even more beautiful every time she saw her. Looking up, dark eyes were staring down at her, amused, "An impartial judge? I'm pretty sure you'd still be with me if I became hideously deformed, that's how non-impartial you are."

She shrugged, then used Callie's own strength to push herself up and plant a kiss on her lips, "Calliope Torres, you could never be hideously deformed." Then she giggled, and pressed their lips together again, sighing at the feeling before another laugh bubbled up, "I guess by my own admission, I give up objectivity. But that doesn't mean it's not true."

One of those hands pulled away from her and came to rest on her hip, right above the jeans she was still wearing unbuttoned, "I don't think you're more gorgeous now than you were that night at Joe's; it's just not possible. You stopped my heart then and you still stop it now. It's a consistent factor that I love about you." That hand slid against her skin, her thumb stroking around her belly button, "I hope you realize how much I miss having my heart stopped around the hospital."

Arizona leaned back, straddling her lap, "Well, it's not like our in-hospital sex life is truly suffering," she replied, thinking of the way they've managed to arrange their schedules in the last two months.

Callie brought both of her hands up now, stroking down her sides, "I know. Thank god for lunch breaks."

In the last few months, Arizona had finished her residency at Mass Gen and proceeded to start her fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital, while Callie was still there to finish her residency. The hospitals were less than a ten minute drive apart and were even closer to their apartment, so it wasn't as if they were hurting to see each other most days. Plus, as Callie said, most of their days they managed to get lunch together, as long as they didn't have a surgery planned. And lunch could consist of actual lunch, but more often than not, if they had more than twenty minutes, it consisted of lunch, plus some on-call room time.

This was their fifth official sex-iversary, and in the last few years, they had even sometimes had to celebrate it in said on-call rooms at the hospital. But for this one, Arizona was attending her first fellowship conference, in New York. The conference had already been going on for five days, and was scheduled to continue for two more. She'd been sitting in the last session of the day when the voice she'd been dying to hear and had been counting down the hours until their skype date spoke low in her ear from behind her, "Dr. Robbins, what a surprise."

Arizona had turned around and she knew that shock was evident on her face, "Dr." Torres was about to drop from her lips, but then she saw the stolen nametag and she smirked, "Boswell. It truly is a surprise. I didn't expect to see you here."

In fact, Callie had had a surgery scheduled, but her girlfriend had leaned down, her breath hot on Arizona's ear, "My surgery got moved to an emergency last night. I'm officially off for the next two days, and I thought: what better way to spend it than in a hotel with my girlfriend?" Brown eyes had looked around them to make sure no one was paying attention before she nipped her teeth into her earlobe, then blew cool air on it before pulling back, "So… this session… is it mandatory?"

It had been, yes. But the lecture was already over, and they were just taking a break before starting the follow-up questions portion. And the lecture had been tedious, and Arizona couldn't imagine it would get any better with the questions part. Her hand had already sought out Callie's and started pulling her toward the exit, throwing her a look over her shoulder, "Not anymore."

Her girlfriend's smile shined brightly at her, "Thank god."

Reaching up, Arizona combed her fingers through her girlfriend's hair, the dark locks curling slightly around her fingers before she looked at the clock with a sigh, "I just want to lie in bed with you for the rest of the day."

Back home, they were still living in the same apartment that they had first moved in to together, back when Callie was still in med school. It felt so strange to even look back on those days, the days where their relationship had been anything but completely stable. Thinking back to when she'd refused to spend the night with Callie by her own free will, and now when they had nights apart she had trouble sleeping.

It was just such a weird thing to think about. And it made her laugh.

Regardless, they hadn't had the chance to just spend the day in bed together in what felt like months, even though she knew it was only just a few weeks ago. Either way, they hadn't had a full day off together in weeks and especially considering she'd been in New York for almost a week…

Dropping her forehead back down to Callie's, she sighed as she felt her breath against her lips as the Latina responded, "So let's do it."

Blue eyes rolled, thinking of the detailed itinerary that she had received upon arrival to the conference and subsequently memorized, "Because there's a social dinner mixer that's mandatory attendance."

The same groan that mirrored the way she was feeling fell from those luscious lips, "What time?"

Looking at the clock, she wiggled her hips against Callie in frustration, "Ten minutes."

Then her eyes wandered back down to her very naked girlfriend's very naked chest… and stayed, heart starting to race again and her mouth went a little dry, "Uh, I don't think it's really all that important to go."

Callie reached to the pillow on the apace next to them and rested it over herself, her grin devious, "Arizona Robbins, I refuse to be the reason you ruin your nearly perfect attendance record to everything work and school related. Besides, we have to be there in ten minutes and I need to find my bra."

Poking out her bottom lip, she let out an overdramatic sigh and lifted her leg, flopping onto her back on the bed as Callie scooted to the edge and found her recently kicked off pants and underwear, then pulling them up her legs before looking around the room before her words registered in Arizona's brain, "Wait, we? Babe, this is for fellows! They know who's supposed to be there and who isn't."

Callie turned around, that same smile still on her face as she reached down and picked up the magnetic nametag, "I know."

Shaking her head, unable to stop herself from smiling, she pushed herself up and reached for where her own shirt and bra were discarded near the foot of the bed before redoing up her jeans. Then she scooted to the side of the bed where her girlfriend was sitting, after she had just slipped the straps of her bra up and over her shoulders.

Arizona's hands reached out and nimble fingers re-clasped the bra she'd hurriedly thrown off not nearly long enough ago, scraping her teeth lightly against the back of Callie's neck just for one more little taste before they had to go, "I hope you know that to the few people I've already talked to in the last few days about my personal life, I've already bragged about my gorgeous, talented fifth-year resident girlfriend. This might throw some people off."

The taller woman turned her head to the side, her smile shifting from her mischievous one to a sweet one that was reserved mostly for the blonde, "Good, then I'll take off this imposter nametag as soon as we get in, then. I don't want to ruin your image as the nation's most impressive pediatric fellow with a hot resident girlfriend."

Pushing herself to stand and waiting for her girlfriend to re-button up her shirt, she offered out her hand, linking their fingers together as they started to head out the door, "On the contrary, walking in with you can only boost my already awesome reputation."

And, she wasn't going to lie, this conference had been good for one thing: it had proven that the horror show she had turned in to in the last few years of working in the hospital had paid off. With the batch of other surgeons in their own fellowship programs here this week, she was the best. As she was studying under Dr. Krasner, one of the most respected pediatric surgeons in the world, even assisting him on his grant funding in the last month, people were already starting to know the name Dr. Arizona Robbins.

Callie sighed, "I love having such a talented girlfriend."

"You're going to love it even more after dinner," she promised.

As Callie's light snores filled the room, making it sound like home, and buried her face into the crook of her neck with that smile as she closed her eyes. It was the first time she'd actually gone to bed feeling tired and worn out in the fucking best possible way, only slightly comparative to the exhaustion after a long, fulfilling surgery, in a week.

Snuggling as close as she could into caramel skin, she sighed, having missed the weight of her girlfriend's arm draped over her hip in the last few days. Sleep came easier than it had in what felt like far too long.

And as the loud ringing of her cell phone ripped her out of that sleep nearly two hours later, she sat up quickly, for a second forgetting where she was and thinking it was her hospital pager calling her in to work. Shaking her head, she ran a hand through her hair to push it away from her face, and groaned. Lifting Callie's arm, her girlfriend moved her leg to hook it over Arizona's waist, her heavy tired voice muffled as her face was smashed against the pillow, "Don't go."

She didn't want to move. But she wiggled around to scoot out from under her leg, "I don't know who's calling me, but it's probably for good reason if it's after midnight."

Callie sighed into the bedding, after having been woken more by her girlfriend sitting up so abruptly rather than the ringing of the phone. Lifting her hand, she rubbed at her eyes, which she was forcing to stay half open, curious as to who was calling her girlfriend at this time of night, when everyone who knew her, knew that she would have been sleeping by now.

Arizona slid to the edge of the bed, her feet landing on the floor softly as she bent to pick up her pants that Callie had pulled off when the two of them had come back from dinner and dropped next to the bed, where her cell phone remained in the pocket.

Her eyes were starting to close of their own volition, but they opened in curiosity as Arizona answered the call, "Dad? What are you…"

She trailed off and Callie watched as that mussed blonde hair shook as Arizona's voice raised just a notch, and then took on what Callie had come to realize was her commanding resident tone, "Dad. You're mumbling, I can't – what?"

It was the way that her shoulders dropped and her voice started to panic that caused Callie's own heart to jump up in her throat and she pushed herself up, sliding to the edge of the bed next to Arizona, whose head was shaking back and forth, vigorously, "No. No, that's not… no."

The last word was whispered and the phone fell from her hand, bouncing on the bed before dropping to the ground.

Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you're ready to tackle the future with BLP Callie and Arizona, because we're back! Just to clarify for any possible questions: Arizona has now finished her residency at at Mass Gen and is now in the beginning of her peds fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital. Callie is in her last year of residency at Mass Gen, so it's been six years since they've known each other and four years since the very end of the last story.