Chapter Two: Screams.

(Destiny's POV)

Books. So many goddamn books... I'm in somewhere that reminds me a little of someone's work study, thus the desk, apple computer and paperwork, but then it seems like a doctor's practise with all the weird beeping machines, wires, needles, blood, bandages, painkillers and the bed which I'm lying on. I look at myself, shit! I'm naked. In a strange place. Well today's just peachy, isn't it! I think to myself sarcastically.

My body isn't how I quite remember it. By that I mean, I know I had bruises all the way from my head to my toes, and I had a few broken bones here and there, oh yeah and a couple of deep cuts. But now my eyebrow is basically slit in half, I have a massive gash down my leg and my arm has cuts all over, which are again, deep.

What do I do? Ha. I know, scream. Solves everything. I just scream at the top of my tiny lungs and eventually, 2 women burst in, which I didn't expect to come in. One is a blonde teen and the other is an older brunette. The blonde has a grumpy, annoyed face but the brunette's face is soft and caring.

I shuffle to the back of the bed before they speak, and attempt to cover myself with a sheet.

"Hello my dear, my name is Esme Cullen and this is my daughter Rosalie. What's your name?" Says the brunette. I don't answer, I just stare, especially at the pot of noodles the blonde is carrying.

"Ok, well answer in time, we're only here to help you," Esme smiles sweetly. She's nice. Sort of. "Here, eat up. You're bones..." She sighs and hands me the pot of noodles and a fork.

I grab it quickly and we both seem to make an effort to not come in contact with each others skin. I read the side of the pot. It reads "Pot Noodles. Original Mild Curry Flavour," Looks yum. I dig in and swallow roughly. It deeply burns my throat, but I have food.

Within a minute, it's gone and I hand the brunette the empty pot. I smile weakly at her. She smiles back, and asks, "What's your name? It's ok though if you don't want to answer yet,"

"Destiny Melbourne," I mutter.

"Hi Destiny, and how old are you? 12? 11?"

That is frankly quite rude... "I'm 15. 16 in December,"

The blonde raises her eyebrows. "Geez. We all got that wrong,"

Suddenly I'm curious... "Who is all? Who else is here?"

"Well, myself, my husband who is your doctor and checking over you is Carlisle, our adopted daughters Rosalie and Alice, then our adopted sons Emmett, Jasper and Edward. Everyone is eager to meet you. But not yet, of course,"

I nod calmly. Well this is a completely new environment for me...

(Edward's POV)

"Edward, can you help me find some of Rose's old clothes?"

"Edward. Listen to me!"

"EDWARD! Stop staring into no where!"

"Look at me or... Or I'll kick you in the balls!"

"Edward! Fine... I'm dying!"

"I'll call the Voltori now for them to kill me!"

"Wanna have sex with me? Sure, I'd LOVE to..."



She sighs and sits down beside me. "You could of told me that before I started trying to get your attention... So what's the girl's name?"

"Destiny Melbourne," I reply almost automatically.

"Ooohhh nice name. How old?"


"15! Oh my god she's anorexic! So, what's her background story?"

I sigh heavily before muttering. "I don't know. I can't read her mind,"

Alice doesn't over react this time, she's more comforting... "Awwww it's ok Edward. Must be scary for you... Are you looking forward to meeting her? I mean, you did save her life..."

"Yeah. I am. I really and truly am,"