Chapter Six: Like A Painting.

(Edward's POV)

I feel as if I have pushed Destiny. I feel I have forced her to like vampires. And I don't like that idea.

"So, how are you feeling today?"

"Very good Carlisle, thanks for asking," She replies, not taking her eyes off me. But then again I can't stop thinking about her. And she seems to really like me. Like like. Love like.

"So, you know the drill, please take off your clothes," He smiles, looking closely at his notebook.

Destiny smiles at me softly and weakly as she slips off her pale blue long sleeved shirt, then her black tracksuit bottoms, then her black bra and her grey pants.

In the mirror, there is a girl. She's short and looks 11. She has scruffy bleached blonde hair that is shaggy and cut jagged and wonky around her head. Slate grey-blue eyes that have years in the corner of them. She has a deathly pale complexion and her body is like a painting. Purple, black, yellow, olive and blue bruises, red cuts and white scars. But still with her looking like this, she is drop-dead gorgeous.

(Destiny's POV)

Seeing myself battered and broken is... Painful. I don't understand why Edward loves me... I'm so ugly and broken! I can't help crying. Just to think that Niamh did this to me...

An icy hand touches my shoulder.

"It's ok Destiny, you're fine," He whispers, his voice as soft as the wind.

I sniffle. "It's just seeing m-myself like this... It makes me upset, ttthinking my s-sister did this. It also makes mee wonder why y-youu love me..."

"I love you Destiny, never forget that. I will always love you. Forever,"

"Forever," I agree.

"Ok Destiny. You are doing well. As you know, when you first came here, 28 days ago, you weighed 6 stone and you had 3 broken ribs, a fractured elbow, a fractured shin, your skull had a crack in it and you had concussion. Well I'm happy to say that only one rib is still broken and your elbow is still a little weak. You're fine. I was thinking, why don't you go out today?"

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"I mean, take Destiny out of town and take her out to do something fun," Carlisle smiles as he leaves.

He looks at me with a smirk. "Whatcha wanna do today then? What was your favourite thing to do back in Ireland,"

I think hard, but I already know what.

"Swimming. I adore swimming. It's meant to be fairly sunny today, so can we go?"

He hesitates. "I'll take you swimming, definitely, but it can't be at a public pool..."

"Ok," I grin. "Where then?"

He smiles hard and wraps his arm behind my waist.

"Let's just say I know a very special place,"

Author's Note: I hope this chapter was ok, but the next shall be really good! I can't wait for it! They're gonna go on their first date ;) Love ya x ***DEDICATED TO ZAINAB AND LILLYZ***