As A Friend

Mio Amato


For as long as they can remember, Natsuki and Shou have always been friends, even if they were rivals in in terms of Violin competitions; even after Shou found out about Natsuki's alter ego, hidden behind those glasses of his, Satsuki (the demon).

Since then, Shou was almost inseparable from Natsuki. To prevent the glasses from falling off. Even going as far as entering the same academy. Since coming there, they both found new friends, the love of their lives, and mentors.

Even after graduating and having their debut, they were still beside each other. But after the "prince" came, Natsuki realized that he was slowly losing his bestfriend. He slowly realized that Shou was becoming closer to Cecil.

He might not show it, but he is frustrated with everything. Shou was inching away from him, and he can't do anything about it. What with their overlapping schedules. He can't find the time to confront Shou regarding the issue. If they were free, he was always surrounded by everyone. When they're at their room, the eerie senpai was always there. He really had no time alone with his cute Shou-chan.

His world literally crashed down when, one day, he saw Shou blushing while looking at the retreating back of Cecil. It was like the world suddenly decided to weigh him down with all its might.

He felt himself quietly retreat towards the garden, where he sat himself in a pretty secluded area and silently cried.

Shou never blushed at his presence before. He only blushed before Nanami or when Natsuki was forcefully putting a cute outfit on him. Never did he blush at what Natsuki did. No matter how sweet they were.

Natsuki realized that he really was just that; a childhood friend. Other than that, he's just an idiotic homo who liked cute things.

But because he loved Shou, he couldn't bear to see what little they have now vanish completely. As a friend, he decided, he'll stick to what things are. Never mind his feelings, Shou was always more important for him.