Written for mahmfic over at the comment_fic community. The prompt being "Doctor Who, 11+Rory/Amy, Next time, try not to get us killed on our honeymoon"

"It really isn't that hard is it?" Rory asked with heavy sigh. "It was our honeymoon! If there ever was a day you were not planning to let us put out life on the line this was it!" he was leaning heavily against the reeling inside the Tardis as he pulled his hand through his hair in a tired manner. Amy, his wife was nowhere to be seen, probably taking a dip in theTardis giant swimingpool, or something similar. Hopefully she wouldn't get lost in the giant maze the Tardis really was, but if she did... well he and the doctor would just have to find her if it came down to that.

"Well it's hardly my fault!" The doctor whined as he was running around, hitting a lever here and a button there. "It's not like plan for a disaster to happen, that would just be silly." he swirled around on his heels so he was facing Rory. "Don't forget who got you onto that spacecruiser in the first place" he pointed out matter of factly with a goofy smile on his face. "It just wouldn't make any sense for me to place you on the most luxurious cruise there is only to ruin the experience. If I really wanted to ruin your honeymoon I would just have taken you to Anima Persis and left you there for a few days. Nasty planet, really."

"Well I find it rather curious that we can't have one single day of from saving the universe. It's like you are some kind of gigantic disaster attracting magnet of some kind," Rory muttered under his breath as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Oh please," the doctor sighed as he corrected his precious bowtie. "There are humanoids with the ability to use their skin as a connection point on a nanoscoptic level to..."

"Wait what?" Rory interrupted the doctors train of thoughts. It was really hard to keep up with the doctor sometimes. "Let's just pretend for a second that I am not a 900 year old timelord that has seen the entire universe, aright?"

"Nooo Rory, I havent even seen the half of it, really" the doctor shaked his head but decided to drop that subject after seeing the look on Rory's face. "Well, what is really important to know is.. umm.. I look nothing like them, okay?"

Rory was just about to open his mouth in protest and say that, no, it wasn't aright at all. But Amy choose that very moment to walk back into the controlroom of the Tardis.

"Boys," she sighed. "Just drop it," the doctor grinned sheeplishly for himself as he swung back to fidget with the different gadgets infront of him. "And you," Amy muttered accusingly making the doctor turn back to face her. "Next time, try not to get me killed on my honeymoon, aright?"