Kirk woke to the insides of his eyelids turning a rosy hue.

Was that…? He squinted. It was. Sunlight was streaming through the window onto his face. He hadn't experienced that in a long time. He felt the warmth of it. The beams split through his lashes, and he could see dust particles floating through the room.

As he became more aware, he remembered what had happened the night before. He felt himself blush hard. They had… and he had... stopped them.

When had he ever stopped in the middle like that?

Never. He wasn't that kinda guy. Sex now, questions later, was his usual MO.

But not this time. Cause this was important. Spock was important.

He looked to his left, to see Spock still asleep, mouth open slightly, eyebrows unusually relaxed. There was just the slightest tinge of green in his cheeks.

A sign that things were still wrong. Spock never slept in. He needed way less sleep than Kirk did, as a Vulcan. Usually he meditated for most of his time off shift.

Kirk supposed Spock could have meditated last night while he was sleeping, but somehow he doubted it. He'd never seen Spock behave that way. Lustful, emotional, embracing his human side, and not due to a Khan-induced fight.

He seemed intoxicated, but he didn't have anything on his breath – his eyes weren't bloodshot or his pupils dilated. He seemed totally physically normal, except with his personality. He definitely didn't seem like he was trying to be Captain-y.

In fact, he'd called Kirk Captain last night. Speaking of which – back on mission.

Bones would be waiting for an update from him.

Kirk's communicator was on the floor next to his shirt, on the other side of the bed. But the bed was pushed into the corner. The only way to the communicator was over sleeping Spock.

Kirk bit his lip. Very slowly, delicately, he sat up, one hand leaning behind him.

Turning his torso, he brought his other hand over Spock's back, to the far edge of the bed. He wasn't touching Spock, but his hand depressed the mattress ever so slightly.

Spock shifted, towards Kirk's side of the bed. He took the opportunity to lean on his far hand and hop over, feet landing lightly on the floor.

He bent down to get the communicator, and flipped it open, calling Bones.

There was no answer. Maybe Bones was asleep right now? He wondered what the shift was on the ship right now. It wouldn't necessarily correlate with daylight on the planet side.

He called again. Listened for an answer.

Two arms encircled his waist and lifted him easily off the ground and into the bed again.

"What are you doing, Jim?" Spock asked sleepily. Everything he said was degrees off of normal. Spock was never sleepy. He was asleep or he was alert, there wasn't much of an in between.

"I was going to put on my shirt," he came up with on the fly.

Kirk closed the communicator and stuffed it under his pillow. Spock spooned him, snuggling his nose in the space behind Kirk's ear.

"Do not do that."

Kirk shifted to face him, noticing that Spock was not loosening his grip around Kirk's waist.

Spock's eyes were still pressed closed.

As long as Bones wasn't answering anyway… maybe he could enjoy this just a little bit? He realized he was conceding to the devil on his shoulder, but hey, when else could he do this, than when he was suspended?

"It's morning here…" he murmured to Spock, wondering what his reaction would be to operating on real time, rather than enforced time.

Spock's eyes opened at that, brown irises looking almost amber in the rays of sun. He angled himself into Kirk's shadow. "It is. Is this what the morning is like in Iowa?"

Kirk smiled at him. "You remember my home state?"

Spock returned the smile, but didn't answer the question.

"Yeah, it's a lot like this. No roosters here though."

"What are roosters?"

"They're an animal. A bird. Hens are female and roosters are male, and they have colorful feathers and they crow when the sun comes up. A long time ago, farmers would wake up when the roosters crowed. That's how they knew to start their day."

"What does the crow sound like?"

Kirk laughed. "You want me to crow for you?"


"Well, ok." He sat up, and Spock released him. He puffed up his chest, held his arms out like wings, and gave his best crow.

Spock laughed. Lines formed at his eyes and in his cheeks. Lines Kirk never got to see.

Kirk would crow a thousand times if it meant seeing those laugh lines again.

He sat back again, closer to his Commander… uh, his acting Captain.

Spock reached over and touched his index and middle fingers to Kirk's.

"Do you miss your father?"

That was out of left field.

"I wasn't even born when he died, so I guess not. I never knew him. I miss my mom sometimes." That made him suddenly remember, Spock's mother had died on Vulcan. "Do you miss your mom?"

"Yes. But you remind me of her. That comforts me."

Kirk hadn't thought about that. It must have been weird to be raised with one parent as a total alien compared to everyone else around.

They were quiet for a few moments, hands held now.

"You have any other personal questions for me?" Kirk finally asked, rolling into him, setting his chin on Spock's chest.

"There is one thing I was curious about…"

Spock furrowed his brow. Kirk's stomach flopped for a second, hoping it wasn't something he'd done.

"A human once made this gesture to me. And I do not know what it means."

Spock held his hand up in the traditional Vulcan greeting, 'live long and prosper,' but then he did something unimaginable. He flicked his tongue quickly, between his middle and ring fingers.

Kirk burst out laughing. It was so awkward. Spock performed the gesture without expression, totally neutral.

"Who did that to you?!"

"One of the cadets at Starfleet Academy, many years ago."

"And you never asked Uhura?"

"I admit, I was hesitant to ask her. I thought she might laugh, like you just did."

"Uh-huh." Kirk wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. "I'm sorry."

"I am not worried. I have no worries now."

That brought Kirk out of his hilarity. Right. Spock was not right in his head. Maybe he conveniently fell into the fantasies that Kirk had for the two of them, but this wasn't how things would be if he were normal Spock.

"That tongue gesture is usually used to suggest oral sex – cunnilingus. But it's an old gesture. And it has a negative, taboo connotation on Earth."

"I see. That is humorous." Spock smiled. And then after a moment,"I should have assigned him detention. That was not appropriate."

Kirk chuckled. He gave Spock a kiss on the jaw. Spock turned his head down and put his lips on Kirk's. The sun made them golden, mirroring Kirk's emotions at that moment.

Kirk's communicator chirped, pulling them out of the moment.

Spock immediately seized it from under the pillow.


"Not now. You promised that we would take a tour of the colony. Afterwards, you may have the communicator back."

Kirk wasn't listening. He tried to reach it in Spock's hand.

Spock pressed a hand against Kirk's chest. Kirk leaned away from him and stood up on the bed.

Spock stood up too, pocketing the communicator. He grabbed both of Kirk's hands, spun him around and held them together behind him.

"That is an order, Jim."

"Ow, ok. Sheesh. From lover to hostage in two seconds."

"That was your decision. You can be both, if you prefer."

Kirk breathed hard. That was… not an angle he'd ever thought of, but it was working for him.

"Let's take the tour, Captain Spock."