Chapter 1-random-ass portals and welcome to Silverant!

During the Chunnin exams before Hinata's fight with Nenji, Naruto talks to Hinata to cheer her up(still too dense to notice her feelings for him).

"Hinata you'll do fine!"Naruto says with his fox grin

"O-o-okay Naru-"

then all of a sudden a portal shows up out of no where and sucks Naruto in.

"NARUTO!"Hinata loses her stutter and jumps in the portal after him.

An unknown figure with an orange swirling mask with one eye whole jumps in as well with another figure with a black muscle suit long spiky white hair has white eyes with black center has amour plates on the black suit, wields a long 5 foot long katana blades, black headband, and has a white...tail, but will land in a different location(care to guess who the first one of the two is?)

(Naruto and Hinata's location)

Hinata tries and succeeds in grabing Naruto's hand."NARUTO!"Hinata yells

"Hinata?"Naruto sees Hinata grabbing his hand trying to save him and his eyes go wide 'why, why did she come after me?'he wonders.

Hinata is still very desperate to save Naruto"ugh" she pains

Naruto starts to black out.

Hinata gets closer and embraces Naruto tightly as to not get seperated, and painfully ties something together to ensure they do not get seperated.
and then she black out.

-the unknowns' location-

the two figures are standing in a town being attacked by the desians and they spot the figures"Die! Inferior beings!"

"Inferior? you don't even know the meaning of the word, prepare to join me in my plan for world peace."

"CHARGE!" a desian attemps to stab the orange mask figure but goes right through him."what the hell are you?!"

"I'm your salvation." he traps the desian in his pocket dimension.

"who the hell are you"

"Where I come from, the mere proclamation of my name instills war, my name is POWER, the few I let live today are to tell their leaders of me, My Name is Madara Uchiha" the orange masked figure says with malice as he glares with the sharingan.

"I'll let you have fun 'Madara'."the other figure says.

"Of course Sonneilon (OC)."'Madara' completely massacres the Desians with ease collecting living ones as well as dead ones in his pocket world in his eye, the survivors running scared as hell.

-with Naruto and Hinata-they woke up days ago in Iselia and decided to learn about the new world they were in through school and Naruto quickly became freinds with Lloyd and Genis.

-in class-lol momment starting now.

Woman's Voice" Lloyd Irving, wake up! Lloyd!" She begins to approach and throws an eraser at Lloyd.

Lloyd "Gahh!" (Lloyd sets down the buckets, and rubs the sleep from his eyes).

Woman "…How do you manage to sleep standing?

Lloyd:" …Oh. Professor Raine. Eh…is class over?"

Naruto"ha I wish I could say that."

Rain "(Sigh) Never mind. Let's have someone else answer the question. Genis, how about you?

Genis" Yes, Raine." Raine turns and walks back to her desk. Genis stands and answers "Mithos, the hero, brought about the end of the Ancient War in the Holy Ground of Kharlan."

Raine "Correct. Afterward, Mithos, the hero, formed a pact with the Goddess Martel to seal away the Desians whom caused the war."

Lloyd butts in, "But the Desians came back and are now causing everyone to suffer!"

Naruto"Yeah, if they come here, I'll beat them BELIEVE IT!(ugh, irritating, Sheena must beat this out of him)

Raine 'well he certainly is confident, and hyper.' "Today is the Day of Prophecy. It is a very important day, which the Chosen of Mana will receive an oracle from the Goddess Martel. Now, Chosen One…Colette."

Colette (stands up from her seat)" Yes, ma'am."

Raine "Tell us about the journey of world regeneration."

Colette" Umm .. alright… It is a journey to seal the Desians. Upon passing the trials of the Goddess Martel, the Summon Spirits that protect the world awaken, and mana is restored."

Raine "Correct. I suppose we should expect the Chosen herself to know the answer to that one. Mana depletion is the cause of the current food shortages and droughts. It is said that this occurs because the Desians consume vast amounts of mana in their human ranches."

Lloyd woke up again and Colette looked back at Lloyd for a brief moment and turns around, Naruto snickers at the two.

Raine "The Chosen's journey has two purposes—to revive mana as well as defeat the Desians. Now, for the next question—" Suddenly a bright blindingly light appears through the window

Lloyd "Wh…what was that?"

Colette "That's…"

Naruto "MY EYES!" Naruto screams comically. leaving everyone to cover their ears. [lol]

Raine: Settle down class… It would seem that the time for the oracle has come. I will go and check on the chapel. Everyone, stay here and study on your own. Is that understood?

As Raine starts to leave … Colette stops her; Professor! I'll go with you!

Raine: No, Colette. If it is the oracle, the priests will come here for you.

Wait here with everyone else. Colette: Yes, ma'am. (After a few minutes Lloyd tries to leave the classroom, Genis catches him)

Genis: Lloyd! Where are you going? Don't tell me you're sneaking out! Raine will get mad!

Lloyd "I'm really curious to find out what really happens to Colette when she receives the oracle. They always talk about the Chosen of Regeneration and the Day of Prophecy, but no one tells us what really happens."

Genis "But my sister said to stay and study by ourselves."

Lloyd "It's research."

Genis"That's an exuse!"

Hinata "not really, the best way to learn is through experience."

Naruto"yeah! Believe it!" he yells

Genis 'huh why is it no elves have ever thought of that?' he thinks while rubbing his ears "maybe Naruto would be a good weapon against the desians, though through sound alone." he chuckles

Naruto"jerk..."he mumbles.

Genis "Honestly, Lloyd. It's not pretty when Raine gets mad!

Lloyd:"Okay, fine. Sheesh… Man…I was really looking forward to seeing what happens with the oracle." Suddenly one of the temple pastors comes stumbling in, tightly clenching his body.

the 5 leave the classroom, outside.

Lloyd "What's going on? It's awfully quiet."

Naruto "too quiet..."

Genis "Where did everybody go?"

Frank "Colette! Thank goodness you're safe."

Colette "Father!"

Genis:" Frank! what happened to everyone in the village?"

Frank "They're all hiding. The Desians invaded the village just a short while ago. Thankfully, no one was hurt. They passed through the village and headed for the temple."

Genis "Why? Iselia has a non-aggression treaty with the Desians!"

Lloyd "Yeah, that agreement where they don't attack the village as long as we leave the human ranch alone, right?"

Colette "Yes…Grandmother said it's to protect me… Oh! Where's Grandmother?"

Frank "Phaidra is in the temple preparing for the ritual."

Lloyd "Phaidra's in the temple? But that's where the Desians… We need go .. NOW."

Frank "The priests are there with her. There's no need to worry. Now, Colette…"

Colette" I know. I promise to fulfill my duty as the Chosen."

Frank "Good luck, Colette. Now, Lloyd, Genis, Naruto, Hinata. You four should go on home.

Naruto "I really doubt Priests can fight desians, your going to need us right Hinata."

Hinata "y-yes o-of c-course N-naruto."

Lloyd "Like hell, I'm worried about letting Colette go by herself. I'll go with her to the temple."

Genis "Lloyd's right, im going too."

Frank "But…all right. Thank you. I'll wait at the house. Come back immediately if anything happens." (The three start heading towards the exit. However, a monster blocked the exit.)

Lloyd "Whoa, it's a monster!"

Naruto"heh easy kill, shadow clone jutsu!"(50 clones show up) "alright time for my new move I've been wanting to test out!" he does the Naruto Uzumaki Barrage.

Lloyd saw that this was done without an exsphere so he is currently gasping with amazement with Genis who is also having an amazed look. while Hinata is just looking dreamily at Naruto, Colette is just clapping her hands and some how trips on...nothing?

-with one of the five grand cardinals-

"sir we got problems, a weird man with a mask and a Monkey-tailed human showed up earlier and Massacred the entire first battalion BY THEM SELVES, then our spies tell us they kidnap survivors soldiers, and do something they call'reanimation', they kill the soldiers they kidnap to do the 'reanimation' one of them announces that his name starts wars, and he calls himself Madara Uchiha, he demands we surrender or he will kill and reanimate all of our men under his control, the other one simply goes by Sonneilon."

"You get defeated by Inferior beings and told to surrender by them!? execute him now!" Kvar says 'this could get troublesome, better tell the lord Yggdrasill.


starting to get rather dark huh, oh don't worry it will get all the horryfying, as more desians who died are brought back through reanimation, My OC is supposed to replace Kabuto with reanimations so there, also be ready to see the real Madara in later chapters.