Hey guys! I'm back and I know I have been gone a while, But I'm going to try my best to finish up some stories I have been lacking in writing in and this one only has one more chapters so I want to finish it for you and go on to the next! So without hesitation I give you chapter 2 3

Hachi looked into the mirror and sighed, she didn't know what she was going to do. Nana had been so distant lately... and she just didn't know what she was going to do with the feelings she was getting for her. Tying the last string on her lace dress in the back she slipped on her heels and walked out of the bathroom to see Nana drink some water. Hachi smiled and walked over to her "Good morning Nana" She giggled.

Nana looked over at the other and smiled "Good morning Hachi, your dressed cute where are you going?" she asked softly lighting a ciggerate. Hachi smiled softly and reached for the other matching strawberry glass, the ones that Nana had bought once more when she moved back in. Filling it with water she took and sip and looked at Nana "Work, I got a job at that clothes store that sells cute dolly things!" she said excitedly. Nana chuckled and took another drag of her ciggerate. "I was wondering why you have been wearing such cute things, been spending a lot there?" she teased.

Hachi puffed her lips out and pouted "Employee discount" she huffed. "Well they look very cute, I'm sorry that I've been too busy to notice you got a new job" she smiled apologetically. Hachi giggled and gave her trademark smile shaking her head "not at all, I'm so glad that your band has gotten to popular!" she said cheerfully. Nana smirked at her "I suppose so" she laughed taking another drag of her ciggerate. Hachi smiled and took a sip of her water "Well I have to go or I'm going to be late!" she smiled pouring out her water and sitting the cup in the sink. She leaned over to Nana and hugged her tightly 'oh… the tingles in my stomach are coming back…' she thought to herself as she hugged her.

Letting got she smiled and ran out of the apartment not wanting Nana to see her blush. Walking down all the stairs was a good distraction for Hachi at what she had to think about… if only Nana was a man, and then she wouldn't have any issue. "Why can't she be a man" she sighed out loud walking out of the building and catching a taxi.

Once she got off work she looked at her watch to see the time, she recently got a cool new digital watch... a matching one with Nana… had the date and everything. She looked at it in surprise "It's my birthday…" she spoke out softly. Smiling to herself she walked down the street to get a cab "I hope Nana comes hope kinda early tonight so I can see her before my birthday is over" she wished quietly. Once she arrived at the building she looked up at her windows hoping to see a light on, there wasn't. "It's no big deal… Nana didn't promise to be there, she probably doesn't even remember my birthday" she sighed opening the apartment door and starting the walk up the stairs.

Once she reached the top of her floor she walked down the hall staring down at the ground. 'Why am I even home…I could go hang with Junko…though I'd just be the third wheel...' she sighed at her own thought. Walking to her own door she unlocked it and walked through only to be scared by Nana "SURPRISE!" she yelled and popped a popper at her. Hachi looked at Nana in surprise "I thought you had a party tonight?" she asked in disbelief "I made the others do it so I could spend your birthday with you!" she smirked. Hachi felt tears prickling at her eyes and she sent herself flying at the other hugging her tightly. Nana patted the girl on the back and laughed softly. "Thank you Nana…" she spoke softly against Nana's chest sobbing softly.

"Why would I miss your birthday?" she laughed and hugged her back. Hachi pulled back and leaned up looking into Nana's eyes. "Nana…" she said quietly. Nana looked at her arching an eyebrow "yea?" she asked slightly worried. "I have a problem I think… I fell in love again" she whispered softly never taking her eyes from Nana's. Nana looked at her and smiled "well who is it, a married guy, someone you can't have?" she asked. Hachi shook her head and felt the tears coming down more aggressively. "My best friend…" Hachi said quietly. "Junko?" Nana asked completely taken back. Hachi shook her head, closed her eyes and leaned up slightly touching her lips to Nana's red ones. Nana stared at the girl in confusion but didn't pull away.

"Hachi?" she asked softly. Hachi felt the tears falling from her face "If I was a man, then would you have wanted to be with me?" she asked her heart feeling like it was going to break out of her chest. Nana laughed softly scaring Hachi. Nana smiled at her and leaned forward kissing Hachi's forehead. "You don't have to be a man to win my love… simply say those three magic words… and I might tell you I already fell pretty hard" she whispered.

Hachi looked up at her tears flowing down her cheek and she leaned up kissing Nana gently and then pulled back looking at her happily "I love you, Nana" she whispered back. Nana smirked and leaned down "Close… but not it" she teased. Hachi looked up at her confused then a smile rose to her face.

"Nana, Kiss me."

God dang I love that couple m if you ask me they should have so got together the show was basically about the falling in love! But whatever Lol that's what the fanfic's are for! Well seeya next time!