I Don't Want To Change the World I'm Not Looking for New England

The ride over to The Penny wasn't awkward. It should have been awkward. But it wasn't. It was like she had never left. Bantering and joking like old times. Like before everything went so wrong.

The laughter came so easy between them. It hurt. A nostalgic thought overcame her.

"What happened with us"?

The banter died.

"What happened with us? You walked away from us, again. That's what happened".

"No… that's not".

"Yeah that's what happened".

"No, you broke up with me".

"And I said I was sorry, that I made a mistake. That I'd do anything to make it up to you. To make us work. You did not feel the same way".

"I did feel the same way".

Things hung for a moment in an awkward silence.

"You broke my heart".

"Well you got me back".

There was a tense stillness. Thousands of things unsaid. Andy doesn't look at him.

"Why her"?

"She's… we get along. She's smart and funny. She's not complicated".

Like you. He didn't have to say it. Those unspoken words lingered like a bad smell.

He paused, and looked at her.

"She's not you".

"Does she make you happy"?

His gaze turns to the street. His face turns to her after a few moments.


Andy smiles, looks at him with an expression he cannot decipher. He smiles back.


She lingers for a moment, and then slides out of the passenger seat. He watches her leave, mouth agape. He couldn't get the right words out. There were so many things he left unaired. Things he wanted to say. He's angry and he's hurt but he wished things turned out differently.

Author's Note

First off, thanks for reading. Writing is not my forte. I usually prefer to spend my down time reading. But in light of the recent angst I am feeling toward Rookie Blue, I have decided to try writing again. I would like to make this story multi-chapter but I have little time. I will try.

- MisterBlueButterfly