A/N: Last chapter. It's very short but I figured it should stand alone.

Hey cas?

Yes, Dean?

Downstairs filling out paperwork. We got the id and stuff but we need to put down some more details. Do u have a last name?

I… No, not really.

Well u need 1, they don't even believe that ur name is castiel

I'm sorry. I don't have a surname.

Ok can I just put Winchester?

Yes. Yes, that's… that's fine.

Ok gr8 we'll come up and get u in a sec


Dean? Sam?

What's up, Cas? This is Sam, by the way.

I… thank you.

What for?

For letting me be part of your family.

A/N: I realise they probably wouldn't use his real name, but just pretend like it's some sort of final document or something, and the brothers are pretending that they aren't Winchesters. Or. Something. I realised this after I finished writing it and I didn't want to change the planned ending. Also, if I've missed some crucial information here (for instance, if Cas really does have a last name), please forgive me - I am not yet finished with the show.

I hope you liked this little series!