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Whoever kept selling the idea to hormonal teenage girls that angsty, troubled artists made the best lovers was a big. Fat. Fucking. Liar. Shuichi learned this through hard experience; it wasn't fun either.

He learned that he was more likely to receive a disparaging remark than a love poem, and romantic evenings together were pretty much out of the question- Yuki's idea of a romantic night alone was fucking in the shower until the water got cold and Shuichi was shivering for half an hour afterward.

Speaking of fucking, that was another unpredictable thing with these troubled artist types. You're in the mood, you try to get it on, but they're so absorbed in their work that they simply shrug you off and tell you 'not now.' So you go to bed and wait, but they take so long working that you end up falling asleep before they come to bed. At other times, Yuki would bend him over and fuck him senseless three or more times a day. At least, that's how it always was with Yuki.

Yuki got up at all hours of the night, pacing the floor and grumbling to himself. This always, always woke Shuichi up too. It irritated him at first, but then he realized it was because Yuki had nightmares. (It was hard to believe that someone as tough as Yuki could still fear something so childish...) Sometimes Yuki would whimper in his sleep, tossing around

Sometimes Yuki simply disappeared for days on end, with his cell phone off and no fucking clue where he went. Shuichi would worry himself sick, not eating and barely sleeping, until he came back home. Shuichi would start to scold him, but then Yuki would sweep him up in a passionate kiss and he would forget he was even angry. Shuichi hated that, because Yuki never told him where he had been all that time. And after they'd made love once or twice, Shuichi found himself not caring.

Yuki was as cold as his namesake; he could be petty, he could be cruel, he could be mean. He was possessive, yet he was distant. He made Shuichi cry as many times as he made him deliriously happy.

And yet...

Yet, despite all the heartache, all the scary times, all the break-ups and make-ups they've had over the years, Shuichi wouldn't trade it for anything. He was madly in love, and that was that.

And Yuki loved him back. His love was intense. It was violent. It could even be scary. But that just made it so much sweeter.

Alright, so maybe loving a troubled artist wasn't exactly overrated. But it was a lot more work than those romance novels would ever admit. He didn't mind it, though. Yuki was more than worth it. And he knew that Yuki was trying hard too.

That's what really mattered, right?