So Bart has just announced that he is getting married to Julie Quimby, the mayor's daughter. Wondering what happens next? Read it.

"Lisa?, Bart asked, Earth to Lisa?" Bart felt that Lisa might not be happy. " Lisa Simpson, annoying braniac little sister?"

"Hey!" Lisa yelled. Bart laughed and slapped her on the back.

"Good old Lisa." Lisa rolled her eyes and got back to the main subject .

"So you are marrying a Quimby?" Lisa was shocked. Why would a rich girl dig Bart?

"Yes, Julie is really nice. Wanna meet her?" Bart said.

"Sure" Lisa replied wondering if she would actually be like Mayor Quimby. Bart walked over to a brown haired girl that looked a year younger then Bart.

"Lisa, I'd like you to meet my future wife, Julie Quimby." Julie turned around and looked like a rich snob. She was wearing a outfit that looked like it was from France or Italy.

"Erra, Hi, you must be Liser." Julie said. Yep, totally the mayor's daughter.

"It's Lisa." Lisa said knowing she would be a snob. After Julie said whatever, Nelson came up behind and hugged her.

"Hey babe, welcome back." Nelson kissed her on the lips and then said " You wanna go out some time?"

"Nelson, you know we're not officially dating." She said and he looked sad. "And yes, I'd like to go out with you." Nelson smile lighted up again.

"How bout we go to Moe' s." Nelson said,happily. " Your old enough to drink."

"Okay, when?" Lisa had never drank before.

"How about tonight, this party is getting lame." Nelson said seeing that Maggie was making out with what was her boyfriend and Lenny was drunk. That was it besides Bart saying bye to Julie and she not saying it back.

"Sure." Lisa grabbed her coat and went outside to Nelson' s car. He opened the door for her.

"Here you go, my lady." Lisa rolled her eyes basically out of her head.

"Still not your lady." Lisa laughed and they drove away to Moe' s and Lisa thought why would Bart even like Julie.

So we have met Julie and seen a little romance between Nelson and Lisa.