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It took hard earned skill to get into the Academy not luck. That's what she had told herself when she applied, that this was something that would happen to other people not you. Don't get your hopes up and don't expect anything. 'Cause if you do… you won't get in and then you'll have to stay with your delightful family and you'll be stuck on earth forever. No space, no stars, nothing.

It was a harsh reality but at the time but one she had grown accustomed to, after all revising astro-physics in secret and reading any book that had any connection to the Academy or Starfleet while trying to keep it from your parents. For as long as possible? It did things to you. But yet with any secret it was only a matter of time before you were found, no secret could be buried forever.

Luckily this was not the present case. She, Samantha Brown had got into the Academy and got to leave her backwards family for the stars. She had even got through the Academy in one piece, granted she didn't really have many friends and she kept to herself mostly… But in the scheme of things that wouldn't matter she was going to make something of her life and she was going to go against everything her dad had taught her. 'Space is evil, space will only lead to destruction and death.' Her family hadn't exactly moulded well into to 'space age' and hadn't accepted it either. Sam never knew why, it was never explained to her why her father had such an objection to everything outside the atmosphere so Sam just looked up to the stars and dreamed in secret.

Surprisingly though when the week before she was to leave and by then her parents had already shouted at her till they were hoarse, her dad had grunted at her that he was proud. It didn't make sense at the time and it still didn't make sense now. But she had left her mother, father and sister for a better life without looking back so she wasn't going to start now.

She had studied and given upon friends and family to peruse her dreams. To finally look out into space, the final frontier. To actually go on missions and venture out into deep space. It was a fantasy then

now it could be a reality. Hopefully she would get assigned to a ship but at the moment she was to take a job here at the academy.

It was still a dream come true however cliché it sounded

and although it wasn't the full package she wasn't one to be ungrateful and

she had achieved a lot considering her meek beginnings growing up in a family who didn't even talk about space.

The safety lights had come on outside, tinting everything with a pale blue hue. It used to be distracting and annoying but after four years it had become a sign of home. Her real home. It had been a very tiresome day and long drawn out graduation. Most people would be hitting the bars or partying or even celebrating the recent defeat of Khan. Not her. Samantha Brown had only been to two parties in her life; the first had been terrible and the second she had got drunk and lost the only friend she had. So she was glad that instead she was pottering around her room trying to decide whether or not to keep the dying cactus or just leave it.

She turned around when she heard a sharp knock on the door, swiftly dropping the old textbooks that she had decided on binning- they were only collecting dust in an otherwise chaotic room- and opened it. First she noticed the uniform, Starfleet standard issue, he was also old. Not an ageing man but one who had seen a lot in his time, it was clear from the wise look in his eyes and the Captains engravings on his shoulder. Stunned to see a Captain she took a step back. He was an actual captain, of an actual ship, he would have been into space and seen other planets, been on other planets, fought against evil and protected the good. But she guessed that the norm among Captains. It wasn't an amazing thing in Starfleet, quite normal, only something extraordinary to her.

"Good evening Miss Brown." The man interrupted her musings and brought her back into reality. However the fact that he knew her name and therefore was at the right door and wasn't just going to ask her if she knew where another student or graduate was or to ask her directions in the maze that was student accommodation. No he was here to talk to her… Most likely.

She could feel the look of stunned joy slowly gravitate from her brain to her face and blinked opening her mouth to try and form a reply. This could be it, he could actually fulfilling her dreams or telling her that in fact she was being sent home… She pushed away the hopefulness and ignored the doubts remembering when she applied to the Academy, don't get your hopes up just to see them swan dive off the nearest building.

"Good evening , Captain…?"

"Jameson, and I'm glad to see you've got your wits about you. You're going to need that in deep space."

He gestured for the door and Sam hastily let him in, eager to find out what he meant.

"Now please sit down Samantha we are short on time and I have much to discuss."

Sam perched herself on the messy bed, cursing at her general untidiness and why the Captain had to interrupt her while she was clearing her room ready to move into different quarters.

"I gather you accepted the teacher position?"

"Yes sir, thank you again for offering me-"

"-cut the bullcrap Brown we both know you want to go into space."

"I.." Deciding that lying would ruin everything for her or come back to bite her in the ass like it almost had before, she sighed.

"Yes sir, I would like to eventually go into space."

"Good. The enterprise leaves in 2 days. You won't need to bring anything with you, everything will be provided for. Only.."

He eyed the dying cactus and the clothes strung all over the floor.

"Only what you wish to keep as personal items."

Sam looked at the Captain in surprise, was this really happening? Was she going to wake up in the hospital ward in a few minutes? But the Enterprise was a bit of a leap even for her dreams, the flagship of Starfleet.?

"-and make sure you make friends on board 5 years is a long time for a lonely yeoman."

Sam blushed, it wasn't her fault that her social skills weren't polished. She had tried on several associations only to fail miserably and not connect to the person at all.

"I appreciate your concern but I'm sure I will be…"


Did he say 5 years?

"Captain Jameson I think there has been a mistake, I've been assigned to be a teacher at the Academy not… Anything else."

"There's no mistake and I would gather your things quickly and get some rest it's an early start


He stood up and began walking towards the door.

"Tomorrow? You said I had two days!"

"My mistake. Goodbye Miss Brown and good luck"

Sam watched the Captain's back slowly get smaller and disappear round a left corner before closing the door and facing what had just happened.

What had just happened?

A Captain (who in hindsight was mostly a little drunk) had just told her she was going to be going on the Enterprise. For FIVE years. Things like this just didn't happen to her. Yes, she had got into the Academy and at the time she hadn't believed that would happen but this was something else entirely

Life changing didn't cover it. She was going to be on the flag ship for the Enterprise, the ship that had brought justice down on Khan and stopped the seeds of a war with the Klingons.

She could quite get her brain around it and she only had till tomorrow! That was hardly anytime at all and it was already getting late and she still had to tidy her room. Although that wasn't her main priority, she needed to stay calm and stop panicking about this.

She peeled off her clothes and placed them in a heap on the bathroom floor. There really was no point in worrying about being messy when she was going into space the next day. Sam stepped into the shower and let the water begin to wash away all her worries.

She laid down on her bed kicking aside the remaining clothes and textbooks. She turned off the lights and closed her eyes. She needed rest, like the Captain said it was going to be a big day tomorrow. She rolled over adjusting her pillows and covers, what if the Captain was lying? What if when she turned up the next day to enter the ship they all laughed in her face and told her that he was joking? Sam stared at the ceiling above her. The blue lights were beginning to dim, in the next hour only two would remain on. This wasn't the first night when she could sleep.

She exhaled and inhaled copying a Vulcan breathing pattern which was supposed to relax you. They had learnt it in class as a strategy for coping under pressure. She rolled over once more onto her side and examined her room.

On the other side was an empty bed were her room mate used to be, Charlene had dropped out of the Academy in the second term. She had changed her mind about what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be, so naturally left Sam all alone. Nobody else had joined and if they did then they didn't want to share with Sam. It no longer mattered, she was leaving this building anyway and now joining the Enterprise?

She let her eyes drop and she curled the duvet around herself as she let thoughts of deep space, uncharted territory fill her head. She leaned over to her bedside table to set her alarm and saw a white envelope sitting on top. Her brain began whizzing around banging against her skull and her body jolted awake, she quickly opened the letter eager to see her dreams be confirmed or instead crushed.

Dear Miss Brown,

Starfleet are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to become part of the Enterprise crew on her five year mission. You are to be secondary Yeoman and to step up to the position in the required circumstances. The ship will depart at 9:00 am earth time and you will not be required to bring any additional equipment Apart from the exception of comfortable clothing to wear for departure. You will also be required to document the voyages of the Starship Enterprise and send monthly reports back to Starfleet HQ. You have been chosen for this role because of your passion for learning and enthusiasm towards you studies. I wish you good luck and please remember to arrive with plenty of time before departure as a medical examination will be required.

Chief of Staff, Starfleet Operations- Fleet Admiral Paul.

Sam held the letter out in front of her as if was made of fragile glass. It was true, she was going on the Enterprise. Before now she hadn't really believed it and was afraid that it would turn out to just be a hoax but now this letter confirmed it, it even had a recognisable signature at the bottom of the letter. Just as her acceptance letter to the Academy had one.

She suddenly got out of bed and jumped into the air, dancing around her room in celebration. At long last! Deep space awaited her, and so did a good nights sleep. She managed to step on the rouge cactus before climbing into bed but even that could shake her good mood.