Sam sighed for about the tenth time that minute. It was her method of filling the silent room with noise and of reminding herself that although alone, she had work to do. She sat staring at the large monitor, her PADD was connected into, scrolling through the spreadsheet of names, facts and dates McCoy had given her. It contained all the basic information of every member of the USS Enterprise. It was quite a job - not that she was complaining. Most likely she would still be working on it tomorrow, surprisingly it wasn't as simple as she had first envisioned. But planning out the vaccination schedule, it was better than standing around the ship looking like a lost lamb, which was not a good look , especially on her first day.

Sam blinked drawing her eyes away from the document to study the room. Her room. Wait… It was her room right? Yes it did have her name on the front but the way events were playing out no doubt something else was going to go wrong. Someone would come along and evict her from the room, she would be told that there is in fact another Samantha Brown on the Enterprise and yes this is her office,not yours.

The room was mostly empty actually. Apart from the desk with the monitor and her plugged in PADD it was bare. The other features of the room included a giant Starfleet symbol on the wall and a Federation logo on the floor. Sam had always considered it a weird design choice to put logos and things on the floor, it meant that every who walked through the room would step on them… Obliviously it wasn't meant to be a mark of disrespect but… She sighed again, pulling herself out of her jumbled thoughts. She needed to concentrate and focus.

Sam scrolled further along the page glancing over the names, none of them sparked recognition, just as she had figured. Sam hadn't known that many people at the Academy but now it was a fresher start, a new life. Sam's gut twinged with the feeling of guilt. She probably shouldn't be just skimming through all of this data. These were real people. People with dreams, hopes, goals and lives…

Sam yawned.

Cringing at the enormous sound she had just made she tapped her nails against the desk. The room was too bare. It was making her head hurt. She knew she should've brought that damn cactus. The space needed a pot plant and Sam wanted some sort of company. It wouldn't be entirely professional to throw it across the room in a mad rage but if she was frustrated she needed some sort of releasing the tension…

Speaking of professionalism, what was wrong with Yeoman Colt? Doctor McCoy's explanation seemed too weak and strung together. There was something else too. There had to be. It wasn't a personal attack on her was it? Well, she was flattered if Colt actually perceived Sam as some sort of threat. As if! Anyway even if she was bitter about having an apprentice or anything, she shouldn't have lashed out at Sam. She could have been at least civil. One question didn't count as 'pestering', if she had asked a dumb ass question then maybe. It would make sense then. Maybe she was missing something… There was always something, a story to explain it? At least there always had been in her mum's TV shows…

Sam winced at her own thought of home, it had been a long time. She should probably send some sort of message to remind her family that she's she alive and hadn't run off with a guy or anything - she had been accused of that being her plan when she told her family she was applying for Starfleet. The accusations were still implanted in her memory. Crisp as ever. The message could wait, she had other things to do, and besides it wasn't like her family had bothered to get in contact with her.

The older Yeoman probably had some unspoken with something that Sam wasn't aware of. It was no use running stupid scenarios and deliberating it, the only way of finding the truth was confronting Colt. Sam wasn't going to do that any time soon. After one conversation it felt like there was some sort of … feud between them? Feud sounded too strong. She was probably just paying too much attention to things again, over thinking stuff.
Sam left the pestering thoughts at the corners of her mind , and opened up a new page. The white of the blank document was a blessing but a short one, because as soon as Sam had opened the next link she was faced with yet another spreadsheet. She grimaced but carried on none the less.

She clicked on the last link, the exhaustion of the day was starting to pile onto her. To say it had been a long day was an understatement of a monstrous kind. All she wanted to do was collapse onto her bed and feel the wave of sleep take her. Sam rubbed her eyes as she saw the display of her monitor. A small chuckle escaped her mouth. He had sent her a map of the ship. She wasn't going to get lost any more.

Sam closed her work of the day and began wandering out of her office and to her quarters. The hallways were empty asides from the occasional tired looking officer or engineer that like Sam were crawling back to get some sleep. Sam didn't bump into any ass hole guys so she found herself smiling through her tired composure. It was a peaceful walk and gave her the chance to admire the ship, the Enterprise was just as magnificent empty as full with rushing people . Every surface looked new and every curve and line complemented the next. Who ever had designed it… Sam couldn't quite remember. They had designed new Eden.

The light was off when she entered the room. Meredith was curled up lightly snoring, blonde hair falling in wisps over her face.
Sam smiled and collapsed onto her own bed. This could turn out to be great. No - the greatest thing ever. All day she did not see Yeoman Colt again and although alone in a blank office was a tad lonesome, she had plenty to do and she would grow warm towards it. Besides she rather liked her own company.
Maybe… Maybe at some point she would get to be on bridge properly too. Not in a permanent position just for a day or two. Colt had to get ill at least one during the next five years.

Sam grinned at the thought, feeling her eyelids start to droop she quickly changed into skimpier clothing. While the temperature of the ship was regulated she preferred being on the cold side and then snuggling up in the covers. It was the same at the Academy. Sam brushed her teeth and dropped her uniform to the floor. She would…she would sort it out in the morning. Her thoughts wandered and the ease of sleep started to creep onto her. Her last conscious thoughts was of the guy from earlier. The one with the piercing blue eyes and roguish smile… Why did she bump into him? She was leaving the bridge and that was the exact way he was going…It didn't make any sense. Who was he?



Sam peeled open her eyes and leaned over to find a button to shut up the buzzing. It was too early, too soon. Sam rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms before letting them flop by her side. A loud yawn exited her mouth as she did. She wiped her mouth and eyes while attempting to get up without getting head rush. It was apparently worse on Star ships according to magazines from back home… Not that she used to read them… regularly. They were trashy magazines that only had one or two true bits of knowledge, which were buried under heaves of crap, fake crap and made up shit.

She looked over at Meredith who was already up, dressed and watching her with a bemused expression on her face.

"What was all of that?"

"Er…I was waking myself up."

"Right… Good to know that my room-mate is absolutely nuts."


"How was your day yesterday then? I see you didn't die."

Sam explained her wandering round the Enterprise lost, finding Colt, getting shoved away from Colt, McCoy, the endless spreadsheets and then the mysterious ass.

"You sound like you like this 'mysterious ass'. Am I right?"

Sam made a sound between a chuckle and a snort. Attractive as always.

"No! I've met him twice and don't you remember from yesterday? You talked to him too."

Meredith cocked her head.

"At the Medical bay…?"

Meredith continued to furrow her brow in confusion. Sam decided to leave it.

"Anyway I've got to get to the med-bay early, so see you later."

Sam waved goodbye, wished her a good day and hoisted herself out of the comfy heaven making her way to the shower.

She let out a murmur of admiration for whoever had invented the shower and then the person who had installed them into Star ships. Smiling at the addition of coconut and vanilla shower gel her mind drifted to last night. She remembered being confused? She was confused about… About the jerk-face.

Sam stepped out of the shower and continued getting ready for the day. She brushed through her wild hair, trying to flatten it down while zipping up her boots and putting back on the dress. She noticed two croissants on a napkin on her bed, her lips spread into a smile. Her room-mate was too good to be true. She would have to remember to return the favour at some point. It couldn't be that hard right? She had five whole years.

She left the dorm with a spring in her step and a smile on her face. Sam was ready to face the day, excited even. Yesterday she had just about finished the vaccination planning and now she was ready for anything!

Sam turned and body slammed straight into someone.

"Sorry!" She had bumped into a hurried looking man who kept running his hands through his hair.

"Weel, that's a damn good thing t'en iasn't it lassie."


"Sorry. I'm just in a wee bit of a rush and all. As yeer can probably teel."



"Do you er… Need any help?"
The Scotsman stopped,eyeing her up and down pausing slightly, probably deciding if she would be able to help him or not Sam thought.

"Have yeer seen Jim anywhere lass?"


"Jim! The Captain!"

"Oh no… Sorry."

He eyed the badge on her chest.

"Wait a sec- you're the yeoman lass. Yeer can give this damn message to Jim instead."

The Scotsman handed her the PADD, he waved as he left her standing a little shell-shocked in the hallway. Well…that was different. At least he was nice. Who ever he was.

She sharply made herself to the bridge where the Captain no doubt would be. It was weird that the strange man didn't know where the Captain was. He would be in the bridge of course.

She opened the familiar door and straightened herself on seeing Colt. Well this was official Starfleet business. Sam made her way towards Colt, head held high in an attempt to appear 'confident'. She approached and made an awkward cough to alert the superior of her presence.

Colt whisked around and pressed her lips together at the sight of Sam.


"I have a…A message for the Captain."

"Well, as you can see the Captain is not here currently." Sam quickly surveyed the room just in case Colt was... No, the famous chair was empty and everyone else was already sitting down busy.

"Could you give this to he arrives?"

Colt opened her mouth to no doubt provide a dismissive comment but instead her eyes flickered toward the door and she mumbled under her breath about 'otherwise engaged my ass'.

"It looks like the Captain has arrived."

Sam turned away, nodding and murmuring a small thank you,to face the Captain.

Realisation smacked her in face and Sam wanted to hit her head against the nearest wall.

It was then jerk from yesterday. Which didn't make any sense, except it did. It made perfect, horrible, awful sense. Sam replayed the scene from yesterday in her head, all the insults, all the… He was wearing the same as yesterday, a yellow coloured top and… there it was. The badge with the small Captain inscription. She should have noticed yesterday. Why didn't she see it yesterday? After all the Academy to become more analytical. She had been too busy staring into his stupid, blue eyes.

She had called the Captain a jerk, jackass, ass hole and many more colourful things in her head. No wonder he had raised a brow at her. Sam assumed that she would never see him again, now she was going to speak with him again in the next few seconds. She was going to have to face the consequences of being an idiot. A stupid, stupid, stupid idiot!

Sam gritted her teeth and made her way towards the Captain. Better get this over with.

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