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Hey everyone this is my first ever proper fan fiction. I've done a one shot before on FF7 but I thought I'd try Naruto. I write stories on wattpad and honestly this one is a bit of a rip off of one I have on there. I just wanted to see how it'd go if I changed the context to Naruto.

This is a sasukexhinata fanfiction. I love narutoxhinata as well but I wanted to do something a little different. There's slight OOC to change it up a bit as well. Anyways, enough from me. Please read and comment I'd really like to know what you think. Thanks guys!
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Chapter One: Bumping into Uchiha


What the? I closed my eyes like 5 minutes ago, why is my alarm going off now?


Alright, alright I get it. I reached over and pressed the button to stop my infuriating alarm. After a few minutes of lying there debating between my soft bed and school I decided on the ladder and slowly picked myself up and headed into my bathroom. I was way too much of a scardy cat to miss a day of school.

My name is Hinata Hyuga, I'm a "nerd" at school who's been described as a good girl and OCD more than once.

My parents are the famous Hyugas so my family's well known and respected. They're also ridiculously rich. And what kind of rich people would they be if they didn't have a massive house.

It was two stories with 30+ bedrooms. But the best part is I'm the only one at the end of this hall. I claimed it helped me study being away from everyone else so my Dad had it extended on the end of the house.

He may not be the best Dad for support and so on, but he does his best with what he knows. My Mum died when I was young, since then he's thrown himself into work and hasn't really had time for anyone. The house is full but everyones always busy with clan business as well so I'm usually alone. I don't mind my own company though.

I walked into the bathroom and shut the door, I stripped off my tracksuit pants and t shirt, stepped into the shower and let the warm water wake me up and wash away the feeling of sleep.

Ten minutes later I was wrapping a towel around myself and drying off my hair. I looked into the bathroom mirror and studied my reflection. I had thick dark blue hair that reached just past the centre of my back, creamy white that was flushed from the shower and white eyes. Unusual right? A family trait.

Besides my face I had a very curvaceous figure that could be seen even through the towel. I'd filled out a bit more than most girls my age which I sometimes got embarrassed by. I always try wearing baggy clothes so people don't gawk at my chest as walk by. My family, along with a few others in town, specialise in martial arts, so I'm always training, when I'm not studying. So my body's firm and toned from hours of practice.

I quickly brushed my teeth, threw my hair towel in the basket, grabbed my hair dryer and started drying it.

A few minutes later my hair was falling in waves down my back. I put on my usual make up, foundation, brown eye liner, a tiny bit of blush and lip balm. I looked outside seeing the weather was raining and foggy. I and decided to braid my hair to the side in an attempt to keep it in place. I left my bangs out and with one last glance in the mirror exited the bathroom.

I made my way over to my closet and pulled out my school uniform which was way to revealing for my liking. It was a simple white top with navy lining and a matching tie, a navy skirt that barely reached the bottom of the shirt and stopped mid thigh. Navy socks that stopped just under my knees and brown formal shoes. I slipped it on and glanced myself over in the mirror. I HATED this uniform, my chest was about to burst through the material, I felt like a hooker. Returning to my closet I grabbed out the baggy navy jumper and slipped it on. Looking in the mirror I pursed my lips. I still wasn't happy but it would have to do. Remembering the weather I added a white scarf.

I grabbed my textbooks from my desk and threw them in my bag. Checking the time seeing it was later than I though I rushed downstairs.

I grabbed an apple from the kitchen hoping to sneak by the cook before he could lecture me on having a healthy breakfast.

I greeted a few people before wishing them a good day and exiting the house.

I was greeted by the cold frosty wind as I walked down the porch steps. Putting my head down to block the wind a little I grabbed my umbrella hanging next to the door, opened it up and started walking to school.

15 minutes later I walked through the school doors into the toasty warm air. After making my way to my locker, shoving in textbooks and my umbrella I grabbed out a few books and turned to look for my best friend Naruto. But.. before I could make such a journey I slammed into someone falling back into the lockers and sliding down. I closed my eyes wincing in pain holding the back of my head.

"Watch it" I heard a husky deep voice say. I opened my eyes and almost died. I had bumped into Sasuke Uchiha. The notorious bad boy and heart throb of the school. Looking around I saw people had gathered around us, half looking at me and in sympathy and others laughing. I looked back to Sasuke to see him staring down at me with his arms folded giving me a deadly look.

"I- I umm, I'm sorry" I stuttered out. "Oh look the little girl's sorry" said his friend who I recognised as Gaara, standing next to him giving me an evil grin. I took in both their appearances, they had the normal uniform with their bags slung across one shoulder.

Sasuke had deep black eyes and spiked black hair, Gaara had aqua eyes and red hair a bit shorter. Gaara was good looking no doubt, but right now I couldn't take my eyes off of Sasuke. His black eyes holding me in a trance, his plump lips making me wonder what they taste like.

Wait what? What the hell was I thinking? I scurried up off the floor and looked at the two mumbling sorry again starting to walk away when a hand grabbed my wrist and spun me back around. I came face to face with a smirking Gaara. "

I think you're going to need a bit more than sorry little girl."

I felt my face grow hot with anger, I didn't need to kiss the ground they walked on, why did he think they needed special treatment? I yanked my wrist away and glared at him. I knew I'd regret this later but something came over me that I couldn't explain.

"Don't touch me! And I said sorry! I didn't mean to run into him so no, you're not getting more than that!" I shouted and turned around stalking off.

Who did he think he was?

"You're gonna get it little girl!" I heard Gaara shout after me. I glanced his way again, he was fuming but I swear I saw Sasuke smirking. I turned my back around and started looking for Naruto again realising what I'd just done. I am so dead.