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The Soul Mate Medallion


As he licks my lips, I open my mouth. His tongue twines with mine in a dance of passion and need. His hands go to my ass, as our kiss deepens. When he picks me up, I wrap my legs around his waist. Before he walks us back to the sofa, he kicks the door closed.

"I'm so fucking sorry. I can't say it enough to you." I look deep into his eyes seeing just how sorry he is. But I know that he was under a lot of stress, and was just pushed over the edge.

"It's okay, we'll work it out," I say, before I start kissing his neck.

"I made you cry. I shouted at you, when you hadn't done anything wrong. The worst part is I could've lost you forever. I came so close to it, and I never want to do anything that will repeat that chance."

"It is fine, Edward. We're fine. We both made mistakes. Together we'll build the bridge and together we'll get over it all. As one we can move on and grow from all of our mistakes."

Edward looks down at me with a frown. "Can it be that simple?"

I nod my head at him. "Yes, it can be and it is. That's my main problem with Renee. She can't seem to move on. It doesn't matter how many times I've told her, I'm sorry, pleading for her forgiveness. She just can't let go. She's held on to it all for so long, and now she can barely stand the sight of me. I hate that she doesn't want and won't be a part of my life. I miss her so much, but I can't change what happened, any more than I could stop bad things from happening. I love her still and miss her so much, but life must go on."

He sighs and leans in kissing me again. "She has no idea what she's lost."

I shake my head at him. "You know, I really don't blame her. My luck was really shitty. Hell, you lived with it for four months. You know what I'm talking about. Could you really say that you would stick around with that horrible luck, every day for the rest of your life?"

He looks at me and strokes my face. "Yeah, I could have and would, forever, if it meant I was with you. I'm in love with you. No matter what gets thrown at me, or at us, from now on, I'll be by your side. I just hope you'll be by my side too."

I look at him in shock. I can't believe that he said he loves me. He said he's in love with me. I know that he already said he feels like I'm his soul mate, so this really shouldn't surprise me, but it does.

"I love you too, and I will be beside you no matter what," I say, before I begin kissing him deeply again.

"Hey, now there are some things a dad doesn't want to see. His daughter dry humping one of his favorite baseball players of all time, is definitely one of them."

I feel myself blush as Edward sits up and grins. "I'm sorry, Dad, and we weren't dry humping."

Charlie raises his eyebrow at me, smirks, and then turns to Edward. "Well, Mr. Cullen, it seems we have a problem."

I look at Charlie as he looks at Edward. "What's that?" Edward asks, with a shaky voice.

"Your wonderful and friendly, league of camera toting stalkers, are camping outside of your hotel. It seems someone tipped them off." I hear Edward sigh. "Lucky for you though, you didn't unpack. It made me getting your stuff so much easier," Charlie says, as he drops a bag to the floor.

"What? How the hell did you get into my room?" Edward sounds more shocked than angry.

"Well, you see, those big artsy-fartsy hotels are all about getting their name out there, and making money. Now, if you'd have chosen one of the hotels here in Forks they: A—wouldn't have talked to anyone, and B—wouldn't have allowed me into your room without you being there or me having a warrant."

"Dad, there is only one hotel in Forks, and it's more like a bed and breakfast," I say. I roll my eyes at my father's theatrics, but laugh anyway.

"Yes, but they're more about making their guests feel like family, and like they're at home."

I stand up looking at Edward. "I'll take your bag up to the spare room and set it up." Edward nods his head at me, and my dad smirks.

I quickly take the bag up and set up Edward's room. When I get back downstairs, Charlie is no longer there. "The station called him in, he said he'd be back late," Edward says when he sees me looking around.


It's been two days and Bella and I are finally going back to Seattle tomorrow. In the past two days, the whole Tanya thing has been pretty much taken care of. That scandal being put to rest is a load off my mind. However, the media is trying hard to start a new one. Apparently, they are having a field day with the fact Bella is only nineteen.

Charlie is really the fucking best: guy, law enforcement officer, and father, I have ever met. The news vans and the paparazzi arrived in Forks and Charlie made sure none of them could get around Bella and me. Hell, the whole town helped out.

I had to hold back a laugh when Mrs. Newton broke one of the paparazzi cameras, after he took pictures of me with Bella eating lunch. Then there was Mrs. Cope, who stood and gave them all a talking to when she heard them asking Bella intimate details about her relationship with me.

But, best of all, has been Bella, she doesn't look at the paparazzi and be all happy and smiles. At the same time, though, she doesn't seem angry or bothered either. She just goes and does what she needs to do, as if they're not there. She's great with the fans that have come up to me when we've been out, and is always happy to take a picture of them with me if they ask.

She's really great with my younger fans, too. Every time I see her with one of the kids who come up to me, it makes my heart beat faster. All I can do is picture her with our kids in the future. She really is my soul mate and she is the one true love of my life. I love the fact that she's perfect for me, and together, I know we will have an amazing life.

Since today is our last day here, we're heading to the small ballpark to meet up with Bella and Charlie's team. As soon as they see me, all of them are full of big smiles. I called Emmett and had him send me a Fed-ex box of team pennants and I sat down last night and signed one for each of the kids. We're saving them for the end of the day.

"Okay, everyone, it's time to pick our teams," Bella says and she picks two of the children to be the captains.

"Okay, Isaac, you get to pick first." I watch him as he looks around.

"I pick Edward," he says pointing at me.

Bella shakes her head at him, "Sorry, Isaac, no dice. If Edward plays for your team, that wouldn't be very fair to the other team."

Isaac pouts at her. "But he plays on a team and he's still allowed to play even if it's not fair to the others."

I chuckle. "Heck, I like this kid, I'll play on his team," I say, as I join him.

Bella rolls her eyes at me. "Okay, the other team will have to make do with Coach Charlie then." Charlie's head snaps up and he looks at her.

"Bells?" Bella rolls her eyes and waves him over.

"How about Bella goes on the other team and I will be the umpire?"

I nod my head. "Yes, that sounds like a great idea. I mean she did beat James Hunter."

All the kids cheer, except for one. "Yeah, but he's not very good anyway." I look over to the other captain and grin at him. "But we'll still take Bella and beat you. Won't we Bells?" I watch as he gives Bella a huge grin, which gets bigger when Bella smiles back at him.

"Yes, we will Jake." Bella walks over to him and high fives him. The next few minutes are taken up with us splitting into teams.

Right now, Bella is up to bat. I look around and see that Jane is on second base. Since Bella is the last to bat, it's all on this. Jane will need to get home and Bella will need a home run for her team to win.

I want my team to win, but there is a larger part of me that wants Bella's team to win, too. Jane has been a real trooper through the whole game. Jane was born with some physical problems and runs with a limp. At first you could barely see it, but as time went on, she has begun to get tired and the limp became more noticeable. Jane isn't the only child on this league that has disabilities. Several children have challenges, and some are worse than others.

There is Jake, he has sever nerve damage due to a car accident, that claimed his mother's life. Jake hardly has use of his left hand or arm, but he never gives up. Isaac has Downs syndrome, Paul has ADHD and ticks. Heidi, Kate, Billy, and Jared are all autistic. Some kids come from bad homes and some just have behavior problems. Some of the kids have no problems whatsoever, but are small for their ages.

Ben's here today and it's made me take notice of the work Bella and Charlie have been doing with these kids. It really is something. When I do get back to Seattle, I'll need to talk to the team owners, my team, and coaches about helping them out. Charlie was talking to Bella about the fund-raising. So far they and the town are the ones that have been putting the money in.

Bella has helped to make all of their uniforms herself. Charlie says that they're just starting off and find it hard to get some teams to play them, because of the special needs. I'm hoping that I can change that, because these kids are really something. They may have disabilities, but the fun and enjoyment they get from playing is well worth any struggle.

Bringing my attention back to the game, I watch Bella hit the ball. She starts to run the bases, as she gets close to Jane she slows down. I watch as she waves her hand for Jane to get on her back. I chuckle as she jumps up and Bella gives her a piggy-back ride the rest of the way.

Jake catches the ball flung at him by Paul and goes to home base to hit them out, but Bella, having good hold of Jane bring her to her front and slides with her.

"Jane's safe," Charlie shouts, and Bella's team cheers. "Bella's out," Charlie say's with a chuckle. Bella looks up and glares at him. I smile, because I can see the fight in her eyes, but she was really out. Jake only tagged Bella, not Jane.

"Winning team is Isaac's," Charlie says and my team cheers and jumps around me. I look over to see Bella's team cheering to.

I ordered them all a meal from McDonalds and one of the team mothers agreed to go get them all and bring them to the ballpark. As Bella and the team mom pass out each meal, I go around and give each of the children their signed pennant. We have a nice time and enjoy the chicken nugget meals. After everyone is done and our mess is cleaned up, the kids start getting picked up. Bella hugs each of the kids and I smile watching her with them all. Charlie and I pick up and put away all the gear.

"She's really great with the kids."

Charlie looks at me, and then to Bella and smiles, as he nods his head. "Yeah, she's always been like that. Even as a child, she would often look after the others in her class. I think it's because she was more the care taker in her relationship with Renee, her mother."

"What do you mean?" I ask and he shakes his head.

"Renee is really laid back. You know, she would just have an idea in her head and do it. She never thought things through. I would often come home to find that she took Bella somewhere and forgot to take money, food or drinks with her. But Bella, would smile and seem so happy, that I wouldn't ever say anything. Even the times that Bella was eating something at ten at night, and it was the first thing she'd had since her breakfast.

"When Bella turned five and Renee wasn't sending her to school, was when I put my foot down. That's when Renee divorced me and took Bella away with her. Renee seemed to stay the same, but now she was spending the money that was meant to go for rent on other things. She always seemed to think that things would work themselves out for her.

"As Bella got a little older, she started to take over making sure things were getting paid. She's the one who made sure they had three meals a day. Bella even made sure if Renee was going out, that she had money for food and drinks with her. Bella essentially became the mother in their relationship."

I shake my head in disbelief as Charlie continues.

"The older Bella got, the more she did and the more noticeable Bella's bad luck was. I knew it was coming, before Bella was sent to live with me. Renee was complaining more and more to me about Bella. It was almost becoming like she thought Bella was doing things on purpose.

"When she finally sent Bella here to me, I was happy to have my baby girl home with me. However, I was sad, because every young teenaged girl should have her mom. Renee was a shitty mom, but she was still her mom. Within the first week, I knew that Bella had really changed. She was so upset every time something went wrong. It took me years to convince her that I wouldn't turn my back on her.

"I noticed as time went by, that she seemed so much older than she should be. Bella was made to be an adult at a young age and because of it, she never really had a mother, it was more like she was one. It was Renee's fault, but I also blame myself. I should've put my foot down years ago. I should've made Renee be the mother Bella deserved.

"Even with all of that, I'm so proud of how well she's always behaved. Bella has one of the purest and most caring hearts I've ever known. She seems to have used all of the experiences from her childhood with Renee, and turned them into something great."

Charlie looks away from me, and I know he's a little choked up. I knew by watching him with Bella, that he loves her unconditionally. Hearing his words and how heartfelt they are, make me have a new respect for this man. I can't help but smile. Even though Bella doesn't have a real mom, she has the best father ever. Charlie loves her so much and his love is big enough to make up for that of two parents.

The next day, I drive Bella back to her apartment. As the cameras flash, I walk with her, carrying all the bags. "I don't want to leave you yet," I say when we get to her door.

"Then stay with me," she answers. I kiss her neck, and I nod my head and she unlocks the door.

We go in and I kick it closed with my foot. I set down all of her bags and groceries we stopped and picked up before coming here. After a heavy make out session, I help Bella cook dinner for us. I watch her as she sets our plates out. I can't help but smile, because I still have her in my life. I'm so happy I didn't fuck up the best thing in my life.

I turn off the stove and walk over to her. I spin her toward me and kiss her hard. She runs her hands up my arms and into my hair. I pick her up and sit her on the counter, as I move between her legs.

"Please," Bella gasps out, as I kiss my way down her chest.

"Please what, baby?" I ask in a mumble as I continue to lavish her skin with my kisses.

"I love you."

"I love you, too, baby," I reply.

"Make love to me, please."

Her words do make me stop. I raise my head and I look into her eyes. "I want nothing more than to show you how much I love you," I say. She bites her lip and I close my eyes before kissing her soundly. "Are you sure, my love?" I ask.

"Absolutely," she pants into my mouth.

I pick her up, and she wraps her legs around me. I walk us to her bedroom. I place her down on her bed and begin to remove her clothes from her body. I pay attention to each and every detail of her skin. I kiss and lick each little freckle and working my way from her toes to her mouth, I lavish her body with love.

I've never felt like this before. This bond and this closeness we share, it's beyond words. She sits up and pulls my shirt over my head, and throws it aside. Her hands fumble slightly as she unbuttons my fly, but she just smiles and kisses me more as she continues. I stand and remove my jeans and boxers.

I move to join my girl on the bed. I know this is something I need to make special for her. I also know that first times are not all that great for girls. "I don't want to hurt you, my love."

"Edward, only you leaving me and not wanting me, could hurt me. Anything else is growing pains," she says looking in my eyes.

I pull her mouth back to mine, and I use my hands to massage and stroke her in all the right places. As my fingers nimbly twirl around her nub, she pants in my ear. I move lower and suck her tight peak into my mouth, before moving to the other. As I switch my time between her dark pink buds, I continue to rubs circles on her clit.

"More, Edward ... please, more," she pants.

I thrust a finger inside of her. I move my open mouth to replace my fingers. As her back arches off the bed, she moans louder. I soon add another finger and feel the snug walls of her insides flutter and hug my fingers. I continue my ministrations, and eventually add yet another finger. As I thrust three of my fingers in and out of her, I flick her bundle of nerves with the tip of my tongue.

"Ed-war-d," she moans out in a long wail, and I feel her climax take over her body. I help her to ride out the pleasure and I slowly crawl up her body. I reach for my jeans and pull a condom from my wallet. I roll it on and without breaking eye contact with her, and I position myself between her shaky legs.

"Are you sure about this, my love?"

"Yes, make me yours, completely yours."

"You'll always be mine, with or without this. I love you Isabella Marie Swan, and one day I will marry you," I say, as I push in quickly and stop when my pelvis touches hers.

I kiss away the tear that is falling from her eye, and whisper words of love into her ear. When I feel her body relax a little, I look up and see her teary smile. "I love you, Edward. Please don't stop now."

"I'm not sure I could if I wanted to, my love," I say as I slowly start to move. I kiss her and pepper her neck and collar bone with kisses and licks. I reach between us and rub and stroke her sensitive nub.

I'm so close and I know that she isn't, but I continue to whisper my words of love to her, as I fall over the edge. When our breathing becomes normal, I pull out and dispose of the condom in the trash by the nightstand. I move to her side and pull her into my arms. "Bella, you've just made me complete."

"Edward, I think we made each other complete."

"I think you are correct, my love."

"We should go eat our dinner, it's probably cold by now."

"I'm going to go warm up dinner, but only after I put you into the tub to soak. I love you Bella, and I promise it will only get better," I say still feeling bad I hurt her.

"Edward, it was great, because I was with you and we became one together."

"I love you," I say, kissing her deeply.

"I love you, too. Now I am going to shower and you get to warm up dinner."

"Yes, ma'am, anything for you."


"Positively, anything. You name it and it is yours, my love."

"Good, just love me," she says with a soft smile and love in her eyes.

"Always, baby, always."

The months have passed by fast and Bella and I are getting a lot stronger. The paparazzi have backed off us again and ninety percent of my fan base seems to have taken a liking to Bella. Most of them fell in love with her, when a picture of us and her team playing baseball was printed in the newspapers. A well written note accompanied the article.

The authors name was Jessica Stanley, and she wrote a heart-warming piece. The picture showed the team playing the game, with Bella and I. The article talked about the great work Bella and Charlie have been doing with the kids. Not only did my fans and others begin liking Bella, but the kid's team started to get a lot more notice. I still talked to my coach and team about helping them out. Right now, the whole team is here, waiting for them to arrive.

Last week we had one of the water boys call Charlie and arrange for us to play them. We gave him a false team name. All Charlie knows, is that they were coming to us. I arranged a couple of buses to pick them all up, including parents. The charter bus' windows are rather darkened out, so they weren't sure where they were going. We also hired two people per bus to entertain the kids and adults.

I smile as the buses pull up. I look around seeing that my whole team is here to great them. I watch as the water boys go into each of the buses to greet the team and families.

"The team that you're playing today are all out here to meet you, so come on off the bus," I hear one of them say. There is a bus blocking us from the kids. I smile as I hear them again. "Hmm, they should be here. Oh, wait I know what the problem is. Hey, drivers, move those buses," he yells.

"Oh, there they are," he shouts and everyone looks at us. It takes about four seconds before the kids all start screaming. After they all calm down, we walk them down to the field to begin our game.

"You kept this awfully quiet," Bella says, as she kisses me on the lips. "I can't believe you kept this from me."

I chuckle shaking my head. "I told you I had a surprise for you today."

One year later

I'm currently in the locker room getting ready for the game of my life. Bella is here with Charlie and both are sitting up in the stands along with Rose and my family.

I think back on this past year and everything that has happened. Tanya, my stalker fan, is behind bars. She got six years for try to defraud the government, and some other small charges along with it.

James, well, he no longer plays baseball. Having one too many charges in his name, the team dropped him and no other team is willing to touch him. A few months after Bella and I made up, we ran in to him. I swear I tried to hold my anger in, but he just kept pushing my buttons. Before my brain caught up with me, he was on the ground and I was still hitting him.

My sister, Alice, Rose, and Bella have all become great friends over the past year. I've often had to fight with them to spend time with her. Thankfully, Bella misses me as much I miss her, so I often win those fights.

Even Emmett and Jasper have grown to love her. Both of them have taken on the role of being the older, overprotective brother to her. Both have even threatened to hurt me—badly—if I hurt Bella ever again.

Bella's still in college now completing her second year. The main difference is I got her to move in with me last month. And I love it. Being able to see her almost all the time, being able to wake next to her every day, well except for when I'm at away games or training camp. I really hate the away games and training camp. Especially the ones when Bella can't come, because I hate being away from her.

Charlie still calls her every night and has a chat with her. He joins her when he can and attends quite a few of our home games. At one of our first games, he met our team massage therapist, Sue. They have just begun dating, and they both seem very happy together. Sue lives about half way between Seattle and Forks, so they don't have too much distance between them. It's only been two months, but things seem to be going really well for them. I know Bella is ecstatic that her father has someone she thinks he can love besides her.

Charlie and Bella's little league team are still going. They have grown and continue to play games all the time. A lot of us guys donate down time to the kids, and they have played several exhibition games here at our stadium. The team continues to strengthen and is drawing quite a crowd now, every time they play. I believe the kids team is the only real reason Charlie hasn't retired and moved closer to Seattle.

I know he misses seeing Bella every day greatly. Not only does he talk to her every day, but he comes and stays for a weekend at least once a month. Charlie and I have become quite close as well, and I do think of him as much more than a future father-in-law.

Renee is whole different kettle of fish. She came back into Bella's life about six months back. A few things happened to Renee and even though Bella wasn't anywhere near her, she still blamed Bella for what happened. She even made a point to come to me and warn me to stay away from Bella. She actually told me that if I stayed with her, I'd lose everything. She was pretty shocked when I told her that the only thing important to me was Bella. I told her, as long as I had Bella in my life, then I would be the happiest man on earth.

We don't see her very often, but she has had the audacity to ask me to help pay for all the damage that Bella's bad luck has caused her over the years. I bit my tongue and never said the things I wanted to say, for the sake of the woman I love and her feelings. Bella ignores her and lets her say whatever she wants and just lets it all go. I have a much harder time letting it go.

Charlie has a harder time, and the last time Renee tried to trick Bella into giving her money, Charlie put an end to it. Charlie told her to take the five thousand dollars he was offering her, and to disappear. I knew it'd make Bella sad, but both Charlie and I hated seeing Bella act as if she did not care, when truthfully it tore her up that her mother was such a rancid piece of crap. Renee skipped town with the five grand and last I heard she was dating herself a baseball guy from the minor leagues out of Florida.

"Come on, Edward, get ready. We need to get out there on the field soon." I turn and give Jasper a nod and take some deep breaths.

"It'll be fine. Everything will turn out just perfect, mark my words. You just have to relax and enjoy this".

"But want if ..."

Emmett slaps my back and looks at me. "There are no what if's, Edward. Let's go and make sure this is a game worth remembering."

We all walk out on to the field and my eyes go to the stands, where I know my girl is. As I look into Bella's eyes, she waves at me and I wave back. I shake my head as I hear the cheers of the other sport fans that are all accustomed to my wave and wink to Bella every time I walk on the field.

I managed to get my mind off of how important today is and get my head in to our game. By the seventh inning we are in the lead.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen this has really been a nail biter here today here at Safeco Field. Some of the top players today ..." I listen to the MC's chat about the game. Emmett gives me my queue and we walk back on to the field. I can feel my heart beating really fast, and I'm feeling like a weak kneed newborn colt.


"We are so going to win the world series this year!" I roll my eyes at my dad, Charlie, who's acting like a big kid.

"I think I'll go and get us some snacks," I say standing up, but my dad pulls me back down into my chair.

"What and miss the re-plays on the Jumbotron? Your man will be up there in the highlights, you should stay and watch them." I let out a sigh, but Charlie keeps a hold of me and I lean back in my seat and watch the big screen. I see the replays being shown and suddenly I notice the team coming back on the field. It's the seventh inning stretch and usually it lasts at least ten to fifteen minutes. I see it has only been three minutes, so I'm confused.

I look to the field and frown when I see Edward's team lined up from center of the third base line to the pitching mound. They all stand still and then the music starts. I recognize it straight away it's 'Marry you' by Bruno Mars.

"It's a beautiful night

We're looking for something dumb to do

Hey baby

I think I wanna marry you."

I look up and I see they are all doing this choreographed dance.

"Is it the look in your eyes

Or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares, baby

I think I wanna marry you.

"Well, I know this little chapel

On the boulevard we can go

No one will know

Oh, come on girl."

I chuckle and look at Charlie, as the whole team starts to dance more wildly to the music. It doesn't take long and everyone is cheering and clapping for them to keep going. I start to scan the field for Edward, but I don't see him anywhere. Just then the singing voice changes from Bruno Mars to Edward's.

"I'll go get a ring

Let the choir bells sing like

Ooh, so what ya wanna do?

Let's just run, girl."

I think I stop breathing as he comes to the center of the pitching mound along with my little league team, who are all wearing bright yellow t-shirts. I glance at the Jumbotron and see that it's locked in on my face for the entire crowd to see. I look back out to the field as the first of what I'm sure will be many tears slip down my cheek.

"Is it the look in your eyes,

Or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares baby,

I think I wanna marry you."

As the all whole team is now lined up, with the little leaguers, I see they are each holding a white poster board. As they hold up the boards in a line I read what they say. "Isabella Marie Swan, I've loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you, and I always will. Will you marry me?" At the end is Edward on one knee with a rose and a ring box.

I nod my head and Edward leaps up and runs toward me. He jumps up the wall and over it. He pulls me in and kisses me soundly. As he wipes away my tears, he places the ring on my finger. I kiss him with all my love and the loud cheering makes me jump as I pull back.

"I'm going to kill you for this, but I love you." Edward smiles and nods.

"I love you, my soon to be wife," he says and then kisses me again, before climbing back over the wall and onto the field.

I look at Charlie who's wiping away his own tears. "Did you know that he was going to do that?" Charlie nods his head at me.

"We all did." I turn seeing Edward's whole family is now standing behind me.

"I hate you all," I say before hugging Esme with more tears running down my face.

"Welcome to the family." I nod my head at her and hug Carlisle, Alice, Rose, and lastly Sue.

The rest of the game is a complete blur and I have no idea what even happened in it. Five minutes before the end, I run down to meet Edward at the locker room.

As he walks through the tunnel to me I run over to him and leap into his arms.

"I can't believe you did that," I say still crying away.

"There's more to come, baby." I frown looking at him. "You don't really think that I would bring out your whole little league team just for that, do you?" Edward picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. "Don't answer that, because the answer is no. Alice organized a party for us, and that's where we're going now. And before you say anything, there's an amazing dress in my locker just waiting for you." Edward starts to kiss my neck.

"Hey, you two better get changed, or you'll miss your own congratulatory party. The small gym locker room is free now, and all of your stuff is in there to get ready with. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Emmett says, wiggling his eyebrows at us.

"Welcome to the family, Bella," he says kissing my head and then walking away singing a song. "He's, ah, gonna get lucky in the locker room, yeah, yeah. He's, ah, gonna get lucky in the locker room, yeah, yeah. He don't care what we say, he's gonna be late and it'll be okay, cause, he's gonna, he's sure gonna, oh yeah ... He's, ah, gonna get lucky in the locker room ... yeah in the locker room!"

Edward shakes his head, as I chuckle feeling my face go red. Edward keeps a hold of me and walks us into the gym locker room. "Do you know how many times I have dreamed of having you in here? To claim you up against my locker?"

I moan as he pushes me up against his locker. I feel his hand go down my leg and up again, bringing my dress with him.

"Why did you need to wear panties?" he asks as he starts to kiss me neck.

"I want you, now," I say and Edward looks deep in to my eyes. He goes to move us and I shake my head at him. "No, right here, right now, just like you've always wanted. Take me against your locker. Like you said, and then maybe we can have round two in the shower stall, when we clean up." I move my hips and start to grind up against him.

Edward growls and he rips my panties off of my body. In one swift movement he enters me. I can't even tell you when or if he removed his pants, but I know that he is pushing me over the edge already, and he's still thrusting his hard cock into me. The moans coming from my mouth are echoing around the cement room.

As he pants against my neck, his thrusting presses me to his locker door. It is not painful in any way, my man does know what he is doing. As he nears his release, I suck his neck and mark him as mine. "I'm wearing your ring, Mr. Base ball star and you're wearing my mark," I pant.

He screams out my name, as his knees lose their ability to hold us, and he brings us down slow enough, so that neither of us are hurt. As our breathing becomes more regulated, he smirks at me. "Now, soon—very soon, I may add,—to-be-wife-of-mine, what was that about a second round in the shower?"

"Well, come on, sport. Let's see if you can hit another homerun!" I tease, as I stand and hold out my hand to walk to the showers.

Edward and I walk in to the hall and everyone cheers. I feel my face get red and Edward chuckle in to my ear.

"You give us away, baby, we did nothing wrong." He kisses me quickly, before all the kids run up to us.

"Did you see me, Bella?" Isaac asks me with a smile on his face.

I nod my head and bend down a little to him. "I did and you did great, well done, all of you. I just can't believe none of you told me."

They all laughed. "Edward said if we kept it real quiet, then he'd let us come to all of his home games for the rest of the year." I look at him with a raised eyebrow and he shrugs his shoulders.


I wake slowly, seeing Bella's hair spread out over my chest. I really fucking love waking up like this and I think I always will. I smile as I remember how well yesterday went. I know that she loves me with her whole heart, but she's still only twenty years of age. Getting married at that young of an age is a big deal, hell it's a huge deal. I feel myself grinning as I remember the look on her face and the way she nodded her head at me when I proposed to her.

I wasn't supposed to jump up the wall and go up to her, but I just couldn't stop myself from doing it. I needed her in my arms as my fiancé. Coach yelled at me for the extra delay during the seventh inning stretch at the party, but gave up, because I had what he classified as, a stupid ass grin, on my face that wouldn't go away.

I groan as I hear my cell ring. I look at the screen and see that it's Emmett. "Do you ever sleep?" I say answering the call.

He chuckles into his phone at my greeting. "No, dude, I'm a vampire and only need a few hours of sleep at best. Anyway, have you seen the news about you and Bella yet?"

I close my eyes for what every reason Emmett seems to know everything in the news about everyone on our whole team. "Emmett, I really wish you'd stop cyber stalking me."

He chuckles again. "I'm just watching out for my family. Besides, someone has to keep an eye on all of the stuff being written. Anyway, wake your beautiful sleeping beauty and crawl your grouchy ass out of bed and go have yourself a look. Call me back and tell me how she takes it."

Before I can get another word out, Emmett has hung up.

"Do you think it's going to be bad?" I look down and sigh at Bella's worried face.

"No, Emmett sounded cheerful, and you mean a lot to him. I think he'd be mad as hell if there was anything bad about you on the news." I kiss her head and we get out of the bed. I grab my laptop and we fire it up, and hand it to Bella. "Be right back," I say as I walk to the kitchen to get us something to drink. I can feel Bella's eyes on me and I turn and grin at her. "Are you checking my ass out?" I ask from the door.

"You betcha'," Bella says nodding her head at me.

I turn back around and shake my naked ass at her and hear her chuckle. I go get us each a bottle of water and head back to our room. I walk back to my side of the bed with the water bottles in my hand, as her eyes go to my cock, which is of course standing tall and proud for her. Her eyes lock with mine and I can see as much desire in them for me as I have for her.

"Later baby, we need to do this first," I say looking to the laptop screen. It only takes a few moments for me to start to grin. Bella and I seem to have a lot of reviews and from what I can see, most are really positive and support of our engagement.

Edward Cullen and the Mariners, did a flash mob dance to Marry You by Bruno Mars, at the game yesterday. The star baseball player even sang a part to his intended bride. At the end, Edward was down on one knee,with his team and twenty-two kids holding signs, as he proposed to his girlfriend of a year, Bella Swan. The now twenty-year-old, could only nod her head, since she was crying, what we assume is nothing but happy tears. Edward leaped from where he was kneeling and climbed the wall and pulled her in for a heart-warming kiss. Many fan's and spectators have all said how romantic it all was and that they could tell that this cute couple were in love.

We'd just like to say, congratulations to the both of them and if this past year is anything to go on, I'm sure they will be together for a very long time.

I keep reading and chuckle at how I've now become the most romantic sports guy ever. I smile even more, when people comment on how lucky I am to have found a special girl like Bella. I close the laptop and slide it under the bed. As I sit back up, Bella straddles me.

"Hmm, I think I like where this is going," I say, licking my lips. I pull her head to mine and I start to kiss her hard. Within seconds, she is riding me with a wild abandon and we quickly fall to pieces together. I just know that it'll always be like this for us together, because it's how it should be.

Nine years later

I sigh as I put on my uniform. Today is my last game. I'm retiring and becoming a coach for a kid's team. Bella and I have been married for almost nine years. We pretty much had a quick engagement, mainly because that's what we wanted, much to Alice's annoyance. However, when Bella became pregnant unexpectedly, it pushed the last card and we had our small wedding just as we wanted. Thankfully, Jasper asked her to marry him and she went about planning the wedding of her dreams, which was—according to Bella—ginormous.

Bella gave birth to a healthy boy. We named him Ben. Then two years later we had another boy, Michael. Then came Anthony two years after that. We were then graced with a daughter a year later, Charleigh. Bella is expecting next month, and this time we are having twins. We already know it'll be our second and third daughters.

As soon as Bella and I found out we were having twins, I was sent to the doctor to be fixed. Even with all the jokes in the locker room, I'm happy to do it for Bella and we have a big enough family. Though more children wouldn't bother me, I just know that I am happy and so is my wonderful wife.

Charlie has also gotten married to Sue and thankfully she seems to love Bella as if she's one of her own.

I smile as I head for the field. The game is long and hard and I can feel every bit of my forty one years.

"Next up to Bat, is Jacob Black, this is his first time folks." I smile and pat his back.

"Some of you may know Jacob as a member of the little league team that was run by the wife of our own Edward Cullen. He really has come a long way, but I'm sure we all knew this day would come." I clap as he scores a home run on his first hit. Jacob was lucky and a specialist, my adopted father, helped find a procedure that was able to get some of the nerve damage fixed. You'd never know at one time, Jacob could hardly use his left hand.

The rest of game goes by quickly and at the end I am presented with a large bottle of whiskey. I move over to Bella and wrap my arms around her, placing my hands over her tummy.

"Hey, baby," I say giving her a kiss. I bend down and kiss her belly twice. "Hey, there, girls, I hope you've been good for your mama. Daddy loves you both." Bella nods her head and I stand back up.

"Are you really sure about this?" I nod my head at her. I love playing baseball, but I know it's time to change. Five years ago Bella and Charlie opened a sports youth hall in Seattle. All are welcome regardless of where they come from or if they have any problems, whether it be, physical, behavioral or mental.

It's become one of the biggest in Seattle. Right now, they have ten workers, Isaac and Jane are two of them. I'll be number eleven, when I start on Monday, as the new baseball coach.

"The jeweler called, the two new charms are ready to be picked up." Before each of our children were born, we got two charms like ours made for each of them. One will be for them, the others for their soul mate when they find them.

I start to kiss her neck, even after all this time together, I still feel like a horny teenage boy around her.

"We've only got a half hour," Bella moans out and I smirk at her.

"That's enough time for me to have you scream my name twice." I push her gently against the wall with full intent of taking her one last time in the locker room.

No matter where life takes us, we will go there together. Lucky, or not, we are two halves of one whole. Bella is my soul mate and it took my lucky medallion to find her. Between my soul mate and the medallion, I'll always be the lucky one.

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