I just wanted to write a Male!Vivi and Fem!Luffy, leaving me with Snow White. All of the crew are dwarf, except Nami who might appear later, and Robin is also a male. Vivi will play Male!Snow-White while Luffy is the Fem!Prince, I know this doesn't make sense...

So this is my version of Snow White that doesn't follow the actual story.

Igaram knocked on the door, leaving a basket on their doorstep as he left. He hide behind one of the trees surrounding the house, waiting till they opened the door to find the basket.

"Who there? If you try anyone, I got 8,000 man army in here!" shouted a dwarf when he opened the door. No one was around, he searched the forest but he didn't see anyone.

"Who there?" asked Brook.

"What's that?" asked Chopper as he pointed to the basket on the ground.

Usopp, the first dwarf, leaned down and uncovered the basket. Inside was a baby! A baby boy with blue hair. "It's a baby!" reported Usopp.

"Why would a baby be at our doorstep? And why couldn't the baby be a girl!" asked Sanji. This house was full of shitty man, why couldn't there at least one girl!

"Wait, there a note," Chopper said as he picked up the letter. "Dear Seven Dwarfs, Please take care of this child, keep him away from sight. His name is Viven Nefertari, the heir to the throne, please take care of him. Signed by Mr. Eight"

"A heir to the throne!" said Brook.

"Viven Nefertari..." started Usopp.

"Seems like trouble's brewing at the castle," said Robin, he pushed past them and picked up the basket, "Guess we're keeping him."

Igaram smiled, finally he knew the prince would be in the right hands. "But I must get back to the castle before I get caught..." he said. He took off in the direction of the castle.

"So now we have to care for a baby," said Zoro as he sat in his chair. "Does anyone know how too?"

"Robin?" asked Franky.

Robin shook his head 'no'.


"Why would I ever take care of another 'man'!" thundered Sanji.

"Guess Curly-brow out," said Zoro. "Usopp? Chopper?"

Both of them shook their heads.

"So nobody knows..." said Franky.

"Too bad there isn't a woman here," said Usopp.

"Yes, a fine woman, a lovely figure, and nice..."Sanji was drooling at his image of a 'fine woman'.

"And some nice panties," suggested Brook, his mouth was also drooling.

"Stop dreaming, no woman would dare step foot in this part of the woods," said Zoro.

Sanji stood up and declared, "Then let's move!"

"We don't have the money," said Usopp.

"I don't want to leave our home," said Chopper whined.

"You don't have too, we can't anyways," said Robin. "Franky, could you build us a crib, highchair, and other necessaries for a baby."

"I'll build the SUPERR AWESOME CRIB EVER!" Franky declared as he picked up his tool belt.

"Do you need some help?" offered Usopp.

"Sure, Usopp-san," said Franky as he left the small structure, Usopp soon followed.

And so begins the life of Viven Nefertari with the seven dwarfs...

Igaram cracked the door opened to the castle. He turned his head and looked across the hallways for a oncoming messenger or servant, there was none in sight. He sighed and walked inside the door, wiping the sweat from his trip off his face.

"THE PRINCE IS MISSING! ALL THE GUARDS! ALERT THE KING! THE HEIR IS MISSING" screamed a servant running down the north hallway. When he came in reach of Igaram and grabbed his jacket, shaking him. "What are you doing standing there?! THE PRINCE IS MISSING!"

"Calm down Pell, I'm sure we can find him," Igaram said with a fake smile.

Pell looked at him as if he was crazy, "How am I suppose to calm down when the Prince is missing?!"

"Just relax, where was he last seen?"

"In the nursery, your wife and Maidy hasn't seen him since lunch!"

"Okay, I will go search the south towers."

"You do that, alert everyone to search!"

Igaram walked off, in the other direction of Pell, and hide behind the corner. Sweat was running off his face for lying, his napkin couldn't wipe all of it away he had to use the inside of his jacket. He started walking wards the south tower, making a good scene of searching for the 'missing' Prince. His search was interrupted when Crocodile walked in the room. "What's going on?" he asked Igaram.

Igaram leaned his head down, avoiding his eyes. "The Prince is missing, Lord Crocodile."

Crocodile stitch his face, a small smile taken place on his face. "Oh my, that's terrible! Poor Prince..." Crocodile said with fake concerned. He said it like the Prince was already dead, with no chance of resurfacing.

When Crocodile turned to leave, Igaram gave him a hateful look. He knew of Crocodile's plans on the fair Prince, and knew he was pleased about the disappearance of Viven. "What are you doing there standing! Shouldn't you be searching?" asked Crocodile with a mocking tone.

"Oh yes, my Lord" Igaram called back, and went back to 'searching'.

"Despicable!" Igaram muttered under his breath as soon as the footsteps faded away. "Causing King Cobra all of this trouble, his own brother! Attempting to kill his own nephew..."

"I just hope Prince Viven will be fine, the dwarfs are strong folk, and the only ones Viven could be left with during this declining ruled..." He said as he moped the dust from the trunks in the South Tower.

So how was this? Please give me some feedback on how I'm doing. Are the characters IC? Please leave suggestion and reviews.