The room was slient as the blue-haired male walked into the room. The King's face went into shock, but it turned into a smile. "Hello my boy, hasn't the years gone by."

"Hello...f-father, I guess it certainly has," Viven replied. His eyes traced the figure on the bed, it was a man, who had some of the face features as him; he was suppose to be his father. The father he hasn't seen in years, the father he never knew he had.

"Come here, my boy! Is it too much to ask for a hug?!" Cobra stated, his fragile arms outstretch as he took his son in. A tear slipped from his eye, he finally gotten to seen his son. "Thank you, Lady Luka. Thanks for bringing me back my boy!"

"Thanks for what? I didn't do anything!" Luka disagreed with his statement.

"You did more than you ever thought about, Luka." He looked back at his son, the grown up version of that missing baby from years ago. "I guessing you've the pleasure of meeting Lady Luka."

Viven laughed, "She tried to eat my duck, then she comes in and kisses me!"

Luka's stomach took that cue as it grumbled. "Duck~" she uttered as drool came out of her mouth. "That's the reason why I found you! Where's the duck?!" she asked in a blunt tone as she searched Viven's body for the duck.

"Huh?" asked Cobra. He looked between the two of them and smiled. "Pell! Get these two some dinner!"

"Yes, Milord!" Pell replied as he left the three.

"Why, ain't you two cute together!" Cobra said looking from his boy and Lady Luka. "You know, my boy, you two were in arrange marriage!"

"Wait, what?! Her?" Viven questioned. He wasn't getting this royally stuff. First he founds out his father is the king, then he met him, and now he founds out he's been engage with this chick.

"Good! Then the duck would be my property!" Luka exclaimed as she hopped over and kissed Viven on the lips, "It's better when you're not dead!" With that she left the room.


"You'll get use to it! She's just teasing, but I would get her a duck before your friend becomes dinner," Cobra laughed.

The End~!

I know the ending was sloppy, I couldn't think much of the ending and I suck as marriage scenes. After so long, this is finally finish! Thanks for reading and reviewing!