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Its been a week since Trigon was vanquished. Cyborg was sitting in his shop, working on a new piece for his arm, when Bumblebee walked into the room.

"Hey Sparky, you almost ready? Its about time to go." She said, with a look of worry on her face. A few days ago, she was almost dead, and now she has to jump back into the fray to rescue everyone else. Cyborg looks up at her.

"Give me a sec, Bee. I can only work so fast. I need to make sure my battery doesn't overload. And I need to put extra armor on for the trip. I should be ready in about 20 minutes. Why don't you make sure our packs are ready?" He was hoping she'd take the hint, but that wasn't going to happen.

"Sparky, nobody tells me what to do, and I already checked on the packs. You asked me an hour ago. Who knows how long the others can survive in Trigon's world?!" She looks worried, but Cyborg shrugs it off.

"I need to be prepared. I want to save them as much as anyone. My whole team, my family, was ripped apart in that last attack. I can't try to rescue them, and lose because I wasn't ready. Please, Bee, just let me finish." He starts working again, and Bee nods. She understands most of his pain, her team was taken too, but she hasn't been apart of a team for as long as Cyborg. She knew he was feeling distraught, and she chose to leave the matter be for now. As she turned to leave the room, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Look, Bee, I'm done. See?" He gestures to his metal plates. They look brand new, and have a lot more bulk to them. He then gives her a hug, and says,

"Let's go. Before its to late." They walk from the shop, to Raven's room. It was weird to be in her room, because the last time he was actually in her room, Beast Boy messed with her mirror, and they got sucked in. The same mirror that he was heading to now.

"Well... I guess its time then, right?" Cyborg asks, more to ease the tension than anything else.

"Ya. Sparky, I'm glad that I met you, just sayin'." Bee reaches out, and hugs Cyborg. Then, they both grab the mirror, and a black claw sucks them into what used to be Raven's mind...


It was dark, and full of souls. Raven could see that. Trigon had somehow managed to rip every soul out of the superheroes bodies. Only Bumblebee, and Cyborg managed to survive. Probably because of their higher mental tolerance. Raven just stared into the Abyss. That's what Trigon had called this endless void of whence he came. Its amazing really. He used to be like Raven, always trying to do good, regardless of his heritage. He met a woman, and fell in love, and she was killed in front of his eyes. That's when he let his demonic powers seize control, and what little humanity was hidden within Trigon was lost forever. He met Raven's mother, Arella Roth, and raped her. He made sure to make her live, so his child could be the portal to Earth. He wanted revenge on the evils of humans. They and taken his love away from him, and he would make sure nobody could live to love again. After he was done, he would rule over what was left of the planet, finally satisfied with himself. His plan didn't run accordingly, so he settled with taking away the souls of the ones who opposed him. He died knowing that Earth was doomed. Or so he thought. Since Cyborg, and Bee survived, here was still a chance that all of the heroes could be saved. Things could return to the way they once were. Raven could finally be with Beast Boy... The one she loved. She finally could express the emotions she had been keeping in for so long. If only she could find him, in this mess of souls...

The portal dropped them into a dark empty space, filled with seemingly inanimate asteroids. Cyborg knew better. Things could change in an instant, and he knew that they had to be careful. He turned to Bee.

"We need to be careful Bee. Things can go whack at any minute." He gestures to the open space.

"We need to go look for the emotions. My guess is they're in their domains, waiting for us." As if on cue, Happy appears, seemingly from nowhere, and starts parading them with questions.

"What took you so long? Hows the world out there? Ready to go?" She could make anything sound exciting.

"Whoa,whoa,whoa! Slow down jitterbug. Where's everyone else? Are they ready for us?" Cyborg couldn't help but ask some questions of his own.

"Ya they're all ready, I was sent to bring ya! They're at ole smartypants' place!" That meant they had three domains to cross. Hopefully things weren't in a disarray since Raven wasn't really... Attached anymore. They started out in Happy's place. It wasn't much different from the last time he was here. As Beast Boy said,

"So, this must be where Air Fresheners come from." Cyborg had said it out loud, and Happy stopped.

"Don't say things like that please!" She still had a smile on her face, but it was different, almost forced. It was almost like anything resembling something of Beast Boy's caused emotional problems. Raven's last thoughts must have been about Beast Boy. Or else the emotions must have different feelings for Beast Boy. Cybor looks embarrassed.

"Ya, sorry. I just miss miss him, ya know?" He looks depressed, in a way. Beast Boy was his best friend, so he was probably hit as bad as Raven and her emotions were. The next domain was Timid's maze. They found Timid waiting at the entrance, like last time. And she was as apologetic as ever. Strangely enough, whenever Beast Boy was mentioned, she would burst into tears. All of the emotions had an input on Beast Boy. Raven must have REALLY loved him then. The next domain was Brave's dojo, but she was nowhere to be found.

"She's probably already at the meeting. We were just waiting for you." Timid said, still as fragile as ever. Just as they were about to cross the threshold to Knowledge's library, they heard a voice.

"H-help... Me." It was weak, but Cyborgs enhanced hearing caught it.

"Guys, wait! Someone's in trouble!" He yelled. Everyone looked surprised.

"That's impossible! Nobody should be out accept us!"Timid yelped, and hid behind Happy.

They searched throughout the domain, until Cyborg caught a glance of movement with his infrared eye.

"Over here y'all!" He yelled, leading them to a lone tree by the outskirts. What they saw shocked them all. Brave was there, and she looked like she was attacked by a bear. The 4 rushed to her side.

"She's breathing, but just barely. Can you guys try to heal her?! Cyborg said, his voice pitched three times higher than normal.

"We can try, but no promises." Happy said. We was worried, they could tell. Timid helped her heal Brave as much as possible.

"All we can do is wait. We should take her to Knowledge's library with us. Something doesn't feel right here. Something's loose, that shouldn't be." Cyborg picked up Brave, and they walked through the portal to Knowledge's Library...

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