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Raven opened her eyes. She was surprised when she saw she was in her room. She looked to her left, noticing a sleeping figure. It was Beast Boy, and it looked like he had been awake for days. Raven gave a slight smile at the sight. Even after all she had brought him through, he would still stay with her. This had to be love, knowing that he wouldn't leave her because of all of the problems thrown at them. Seemingly on cue, Beast Boy chose this moment to awaken.

"Hey, Rae. I'm glad to see you still alive and kicking." He said, with a gentle smile on his face. He was filled with worry, that was certain. When he had brought his two closest friends back from the Abyss, he feared for their life. Raven had tapped out all of her energies, and Cy had shorted out his internal systems. The only reason he was still alive is because of his human parts. His heart kept beating long enough to fix his internal computer. Beast Boy reached towards Raven, pulling her into an embrace. He couldn't help but let the tears fall. He had been frightened at the thought of losing his closest companion. He held nothing back, and let out his tears of relief. Raven just held him, full of surprise. She hadn't realized how much she really meant to him until this moment. She let the dam break, and her tears started to fall as well. There they sat, crying their sorrows away, glad that the fight for life was over, but still distraught over the losses. They had been, literally, dead for close to a week or more. That wasn't something they would get over quickly, if ever. They sat there, in the hospital room, together. Sharing this moment, and keeping it for all it was worth...

Across the Hall...


Bumblebee was jolted into awareness. There was only one reason that sound would be coming from Cyborg.

"Sparky? Are ya back?" She said, the astonishment temporarily rendering her almost speechless.

"REBOOT SUCCESSFUL. HAVE A NICE DAY." The voice said, hopefully meaning Cyborg was back to normal. Cyborg slowly opened his eyes, feeling a slight confusion as to his location. Bumblebee didn't wait for him to sit up, she jumped to him, and their lips met in a kiss.

"Man, I should die more often!" Cyborg said, causing Bee to glare at him.

"No, there is no way in hell I'm losing you again! I don't care if the universe is at stake, you are not gonna do something that stupid ever again!" Bee said. By this point, she was hysterical. Cyborg felt guilty for his joke.

"Bee, I'm sorry, I ju-" before he could finish, the door to his room opened, revealing Beast Boy, and Raven walking hand in hand. When they saw Cyborg, their jaws dropped.

"Wha?! You- explosion- circuits! You're awake already?!" Beast Boy said, full of wonder. Cyborg laughed at his friends reaction.

"Grass stain, you didn't think I was gonna leave ya that easily, did ya? I guess you guys got my blueprints right, seeing as I'm back." Cyborg was on the brink of laughter. Beast Boy's look was priceless. Raven looked at him, and even she couldn't suppress a small smile.

"I guess we should give your circuits more credit then, hmm?" Raven asked, giving a small smirk. Cyborg couldn't take it, he burst out laughing. Beast Boy still couldn't believe he was awake. Cyborg had literally fried his systems, and Beast Boy, himself, had put him back together again. The two girls looked at the sight, then at each other. Bee just shook her head.

"Even after dying, these two seem to have no bounds." She said, with a sparkle in her eye.

"You're telling me. All I heard from Beast Boy was how sorry HE was. I couldn't help but crack a smile." Raven said, looking at the laugh fest the two men were having next to them.

"Girl, you've got it lucky! Sparky, over there, would never admit something was his fault. He's as stubborn as I am. Guess that's why I love him." Bee said. Cyborg abruptly stopped laughing as soon as Bee finished speaking.

"Did you just say what I think you said?!" He asked, hoping it was so.

"Yes Sparky, I love you." Bee said, looking Cyborg in the eye. The two shared a kiss, and Cyborg smiled at her.

"I love ya too."

Beast Boy shook off the surprise once Bee and Cyborg stated to kiss. He turned to Raven.

"You don't wanna feel left out, do ya?" He said, with a wink, and a fang filled smile.

"And what do I get out of this?" Raven said, with a sly smile.

"You get the hottest green man on the planet." He said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Tempting, but you are the ONLY green man on the planet." She said, knowing how to goad him forward.

"Oh shush, and come here." He said, pulling her to him. He kissed her passionately, and she melted in his grip. The two were bonded by their pasts, and could only change for the better from that moment on.


While the two couples were sharing their kisses, the rest of the heroes were saying their goodbyes. The world had, seemingly, been returned to normal, and they all had cities to save. Relationships between members of other teams were formed. Speedy and the Green Arrow were planning to keep in touch, to test out new arrow creations. Kid Flash, and his uncle, The Flash, would keep practicing together, so that one day, Wally would follow in his footsteps. Robin was surveying the heroes, when Batman walked up next to him.

"I'm proud of you, Dick. You really maxed my expectations. Your team performed with valor, and bravery. You're a good leader kid." The Bat said, never one to congratulate. Robin looked at his former mentor, and father figure, and smiled.

"Wow, Bruce, was that a compliment?" Robin said, smile never leaving. Batman narrowed his eyes.

"Don't take if lightly, Dick. There's still room for improvement." Batman said, turning on his heel. Robin was glad for the compliment, but wasn't going to lose the chance to goad Bruce Wayne. He turned back to the group of heroes situated in the common room. He was glad he was a part of this team. He heard footsteps, and a voice.

"Hello, Robin." Slade said. Robin shuddered. Promise of change, or not, that voice would always send shivers down his spine.

"Slade... What do you want?" Robin asked, hoping it would be quick.

"I just came to tell you that I was serious about my change. I can't take out my frustration on the world, seeing as it wasn't the populace that made me the way I am, but rather, the military. I want to be able to be a father to my children, and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for tolerating me, through all of my plots of domination. Even through the pain I've caused you, and your team. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a child to see." Slade said all of this with his eerily calm voice. Robin still hated Slade, but was willing to tolerate him. If he was willing to throw away his evil ways, and clean his slate, the. Robin would give him a chance. He would keep a close eye on him, though, to be sure. He surveyed the group in the common room, seeing the other teams make their respective exits. He smiled at the bravery of the Titans, and the Justice League. Even in death, they don't stop fighting. They didn't give up, and he was proud.

In Raven's Room...

Beast Boy and Raven hadn't separated from their kiss, which was getting more intimate by the second. They wanted to show each other their undying love for the other, and they ended up in Raven's room. Raven broke the kiss, feeling nervous.

"Beast Boy, I-I'm not sure we should be doing this. I don't think I'm ready." She said, while in truth, she was afraid. She didn't want to risk hurting him with her powers. Beast Boy had know she would say something to this degree, and he was okay with it.

"Raven, I want you to be ready before we go that far, so I can wait. For you, I can wait." He gently kissed her, and they just laid together on Raven's bed. At that moment, they were content...

"So, that's how your father, and I got together. It only took the end of the world to realize it, but we are together forever." Raven looked at her husband, Garfield 'Changeling' Logan, and their daughter, Faith Rachel Logan. The Titans were still together, in the tower, but with a few extra occupants. Both Robin, and Cyborg each have a kid of their own, with their respective wives, and life was perfect. There was no more threat of demise from the likes of Trigon, and the villains of Jump City were starting to thin out, knowing that crime is hopeless with the Titans around. Slade has since kept up his promise, trading domination, for a normal life with his son. Kid Flash has now become The Flash, taking the place of his uncle on the Justice League. Things were going well in the Titans lives, and it will hopefully never change...

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