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Just close your eyes

The sun is going down

You'll be alright

No one can hurt you now


Alice's face scrunched in distress, inside Bella's protective bubble shield the hand clenching almost painfully around hers felt… wrong. She glanced up at Jasper, taking in all the scars that littered his body, what she once taught tragically beautiful turned into an unsettling reminder of what he used to do and what he's able to do; Manipulate people to his cause.

Her lips settled in a grim line, fingers clenching and unclenching on her supposed mate's hand. Could she have been wrong all those years ago? Her visions led her to Jasper, and they fell in love, but instead of the pure love and adoration she felt whenever she looked at him before, now she merely felt… apprehension, and something forced.

Her mind scrambled for reasons as to why this was, one hypothesis was the Volturi's Chelsea fiddling with their bonds but Bella's shield was impenetrable to powers affecting the mind. There was one other possible reason, one she didn't want to think of but in light of the situation, was it possible for Jasper to manipulate her emotions to this degree?

The heady scent of blood assaulted her senses, her eyes snapped to the clearing, widening at the ever-growing black thing that made it's random appearance in the gap between the united covens and the Volturi.

Two figures were blasted out of the void; both heavily injured and looked to be one step away from keeling over. One was a blonde in some sort of orange jumpsuit and the other was an ebony haired teen in a high collared grey shirt and blue pants. Both seemed to be either ignorant of their audience or simply uncaring.

'Naruto, he can't be saved.' Kurama spoke softly, coaxing his partner to finally see the light regarding the Uchiha. 'I know you sensed it, his negative emotions. It's consumed him Naruto. There is nothing left for him but death. Redemption is not an option anymore.'

'I know, Kurama. That doesn't make it any easier, he was still my comrade.' Naruto thought stubbornly.

"Naruto! I want to see it, show me your tailed-beast mode. We're both at our limit, this is it, kill or be killed, either way your precious Konoha will fall." Sasuke cackled madly, goading the blonde into a state of rage. "Susanoo!" He roared, chakra pouring out of him at a rapid pace, coming together to form the ghastly purple warrior that engulfed him.

'One more time Kurama.' The blonde requested, fists clenching at the menacing sight of Sasuke's completed Susanoo. He cracked his neck, head turning slightly to the side as he gasped at the change in scenery. They were definitely not in the valley of the end anymore, and they had an audience. 'What the-'

'Focus. We can deal with this later for now we need to take Sasuke out.' The fox rumbled out, 'We need to make this fast kid, your body can't handle much more.' He voiced in concern.

'It's going to have to.' Thought Naruto, he's not a stranger to pushing past the boundaries of his limits; this time wouldn't be any different. "Let's go wild. Tailed Beast Mode!" The blonde roared at the influx of power and chakra he received from his partner. His shroud came, morphing into a miniature version of Kurama he glared at Sasuke as he gathered everything he had for one final attack, a concentrated bijudama against Susanoo's magatama shaped black flames.

The blonde grunted at the continued assault of black flames, his shroud protected him from the brunt of the damage but it was still hotter than hell and underneath all the chakra, he just knew his skin and organs were cooking. Mentally thanking Kurama for his rapid healing, he condensed the black sphere, pulling it back into his shroud's maw he shrunk it to the size of a slightly bigger than normal rasengan.

Sasuke grinned in insane glee at the sight. This was the moment he was waiting for, ever since their brutal skirmish at the valley of the end. He was done with the petty spars and the half assed attempts at fighting him in order to bring him 'home.' Scoffing at the thought, he prepared his Susanoo, gathering a massive orb of black flames in his secondary hand he covered the sword in Susanoo's primary hand with black flames as he grunted from the pull on his life force.

"Naruto!" Sasuke hollered, Susanoo's arm threw the massive ball of flames at the Kyuubified shinobi, he wasted no time in following up with the burning sword, aiming right at the fox's head where he knew Naruto would be.

"Sasuke!" Naruto bellowed, releasing the bijudama from his shroud's maw in a concentrated beam, he watched as it bypassed the orb of fire, carving a hole right at the center. The beam clashed with Susanoo's sword, it halted in it's path briefly as a power struggle occurred between the fiery sword and the bijudama.

Both combatants looked at the clashing forces intently, one grinning triumphantly and the other scowling as the sword began to dissipate and stagger back before cracking completely as the tailed beast ball cleaved a path straight through it and hit Susanoo's armored chest dead on. The shockwaves of the impact resulted in brutal winds; Naruto's focus immediately went to the group closest to him. Fearing for their safety he rushed over in front of them, shielding them completely from the backlash of the two forces colliding.

When the winds subsided Naruto's shroud uncurled from its defensive position around the group of vampires and wolves. "We did it Kurama." He mumbled. His grief at killing Sasuke crashed down on him at the sight of the crater that appeared in place of the massive Susanoo.

'It was necessary.' The fox supplied to comfort its host.

Naruto shook his head sadly, the chakra cloak receded and he dropped to one knee. Feeling his wounds and the chakra exhaustion finally take over his body, he grit his teeth as he forced himself into an upright position. Electric blue eyes scanned over the crowd he protected nodding to himself at their unharmed state, golden brows rose slightly at the sight of the wolves but he brushed it off. He's seen weirder things, he mused.

He phased out of sight and appeared at the center of the crater where his fallen brother lay bleeding. Naruto knelt down beside Sasuke, a weak chuckle escaping his lips at the glare the other teen leveled him with. "A teme till the end, huh?"

Sasuke scoffed at the blonde, "Shut up dobe." He claimed, the usual insult lacking the fire behind it as his life slowly escaped him. "Y-you were a worthy rival." Sasuke admitted weakly, holding a hand up for the Uzumaki to grasp.

The blonde took the offered hand, tears fell down his whiskered cheeks as the reality of what he did settled upon him.

'Naruto!' Kurama hissed in warning.


"But you're still a dobe." Sasuke spat, as he channeled the last of his chakra into a weakened chidori, intending for the lightning chakra to take down the sturdy Uzumaki.

"Bastard!" Naruto roared, he pried his hand away from the Uchiha's grip but it was already too late as the lightning chakra already circulated through his system. His heart went haywire at the electric current, muscles spasming and his hair spiking up ridiculously.

The blonde stumbled back and gripped the front of his jacket tightly, feeling his rapid and erratic heart beat his vision started to go dark. He fell backward fully expecting to fall on the frozen ground rather than something equally hard he discerned to be arms catch him to lay him down gently.

Glossy blue eyes scanned his surroundings for the person that caught him. His breath hitched as his rapidly fading vision caught sight of someone beautiful. "Hey look, it's an angel. 'Least I get to see something nice before I die." He mumbled wistfully.

Kurama snorted at his host's naivety, 'Be quiet Naruto, you need to save your energy while I try to heal us.'

'Okay, thanks partner.' He thought back. 'Hey Kurama-'

'Sleep' The bijuu commanded, sensing no negativity from the one that held his host he decided to place his trust in someone else outside of Naruto, just this once he'd hold out some hope. Besides, it's not like they could do much in their current condition, Damn Uchiha, he thought spitefully.

At the bijuu's command Naruto finally succumbed to unconsciousness, but not before taking one last glimpse at the girl that held him, a small smile curling on his lips at what could be the last thing he sees before he dies.

Alice gazed at the battle between the two teens in shock; She looked around her to see similar expressions of bewilderment on her coven and its ally's faces. When the purple warrior showed up, she felt the overwhelming hate flood the clearing but when the blonde appeared as a nine-tailed fox she felt warm as the wispy yellow energy caressed the surrounding areas. She stood rooted to the spot as the two clashed with what she assumed to be their most powerful attacks, the impact between the two sending shockwaves and wild winds around the clearing. She prepared to crouch down to hold her ground but that proved unnecessary as the warmth she experienced earlier became more prominent and invasive as the large yellow fox curled protectively around her and her coven.

Her golden eyes shut at the feelings that invaded her; Worry, grief, anger, concern, and love. A free hand reached out to touch the fox with strange markings, marveling at the power she felt from it she gasped as it started to recede, the shroud dissipated to reveal the teen in orange shaking and out of breath. He dropped to one knee and she was so tempted to approach and support him but the hand clenched tightly around hers prevented her from doing so.

The blonde turned, regarding everyone with his impossibly blue eyes and just like that Alice felt her world tilt on its axis. Her body clenched as a burst of heat from somewhere took over her being as their eyes met briefly, she didn't know what she was feeling but instead of seeing pale blonde hair and golden eyes in her future, it was replaced by sun kissed hair and blue eyes.

He phased out of sight, her vampiric eyes barely catching his movement. She continued to watch him as he talked to his… Rival? Friend? Enemy? In the crater, though she assumed it to be the first due to the pained expression on his face. She watched as they clasped hands, one last time as brothers and she inhaled sharply as the blonde stumbled back clutching his chest.


The ebony haired vampire attempted to pry her hand from Jasper's but he would not let go. "Let go." She hissed, possessed with something fierce to get to the fading blonde. She needed to get to him.

Jasper stared at the petite vampire in surprise, his hold on her loosened momentarily but that was all she needed to break loose. "Alice!" He whispered to no avail, she was already there, cradling the fallen blonde to lay him down gently.

Alice stared at the blonde in her arms in awe; His blue eyes pierced through her even in their glossy state as she gasped at his mumbled words. He thinks I'm an angel, laughing slightly her hand went to his chest, her laughter dying instantly at what she felt. "Carlisle, he's going through cardiac arrest! Help him!" She pleaded.

Carlisle looked at his daughter in dismay; He chanced a glance at the Volturi only to see them rooted to their side of the clearing watching the pair intently. The doctor saw the interest in Aro's eyes and knew he had to make his move lest the boy found himself under the mercy and service of the vampire royalty.

The doctor shot Esme a reassuring look and motioned for Jasper to stay put as he made his way to Alice. He knelt down beside the pair, golden eyes looking over Sasuke cautiously before placing his full attention on the blonde. Mimicking Alice he placed his hand over the blonde's chest but instead of the rapid beating he expected, he picked up a weak but steady rhythm. His attention shifted to the gashes and burns on the blonde, his brows rose as the burnt pink skin that slowly but surely turned back into its usual dusky color.

"Amazing! He's healing at a rapid rate." Carlisle uttered in awe.

"Considering all the other stuff he did, I'm not that surprised with the advanced healing." Alice voiced with a fond smile. A vision made it's way to the forefront of her mind, she saw the blonde wearing the robes of the Volturi, body shrouded in yellow energy as he hunted for his prey; Her coven. Alice's head snapped up, her lips curling into a grimace at Aro, Caius, and Marcus' approaching forms with Jane and Alec flanking their backs. "The Volturi!" She hissed, cradling the blonde's head protectively.

"Peace, Cullens. We've already established Renesmee's apparent harmlessness with the hybrid you've brought." Aro's haughty voice addressed Alice. "But now we approach for an entirely different matter. This child must be brought back to Volterra."

A growl escaped Alice's lips at the monarch's intentions. "You will not take him."

The condescending smile on Aro's lips fell a little but it picked right back up as he shifted his focus onto Carlisle. "You know old friend, our friendship can only pardon so much before I must… impose our laws."

Carlisle tensed a bit at the veiled threat nevertheless his compassionate nature followed through in concern for the blonde. "What will you do with him?"

Aro tsked at his old friend, "Surely you weren't blind to his rather interesting abilities? If this is what he is capable of as a human." He gestured to the crater they were standing at, "What more when he is one of us? The possibilities are endless!" The monarch exclaimed in child-like glee. He might just get end up with the strongest pawn in the set with the acquisition of the blonde.

"He doesn't know of our existence, Aro. There is no reason for him to be turned against his will, why not give him a chance to figure out what he wants to do? It's obvious he's not of this… dimension, do you really think he'd be so reciprocal of the idea of falling into place as one of your guards?" Carlisle hedged diplomatically.

Aro's lips pursed in impatience, he motioned for Jane to come forth and both Alice and Carlisle tensed at her approach. Without Bella's shield they were both susceptible to Jane and Alec's gifts. "Well then, let us try to wake him. Jane." He commanded.

Jane's scarlet eyes homed in on the unconscious nin, fire seemed to dance across her eyes, a smile blossoming on her face as Naruto's face twisted in pain.

"Stop!" Alice pleaded; She sensed the others approach her, most importantly Bella as the blonde in her arms relaxed once again when the shield expanded to accommodate them.

"Enough, Aro." A calm voice interrupted.

Everyone's attention whipped to the usually silent Marcus, said vampire merely raised a brow at the attention he garnered before continuing on with his spiel. "I agree with the patriarch. The boy shall remain here and they will educate him in our ways, giving him ample time to decide which path he will take, either become one of us or death." He spoke nonchalantly.

"Marcus-" Aro started.

"Enough. We will be taking our leave." Marcus droned. He looked at Aro, a flicker of emotion not seen since the death of his wife appeared on his face and it was enough to cow the more outspoken of the monarchs. "But I wish to have a word with young Alice here... Alone." He added as an afterthought.

Alice looked up at the less intimidating monarch, she offered him a hesitant nod and looked at her family to give her okay. They backed away slowly, keeping their eyes trained on the retreating figures of Aro and his cronies to make sure they didn't balk on their word, or rather Marcus' word.

Marcus waited ample time for the other vampires to retreat, he didn't usually speak but when he did his words were only for his intended's to hear. "I've seen it." He spoke softly, in a somewhat dazed tone.

Alice's brows pulled together in confusion, "Pardon?" She asked timidly.

"The bond that formed, it was bright, consuming and powerful." He murmured wistfully. "Not unlike-" Marcus stopped himself; He shook his head slightly a hint of a smile playing on his lips. "Take care of him Alice, a bond like that is rare to come by. Do not let it dwindle." He spun around at those words, as he walked back to his coven with all the grace and then some a vampire could possess.

The petite vampire stared after him, his words only confirmed her earlier assumptions. If what she felt earlier from one fleeting glance from the blonde could elicit a reaction from the stoic monarch then her and Jasper needed to talk. She didn't even want to think of the extent of his manipulation or the fall out of their argument but it can't be helped. She wasn't about to take this revelation laying down.

She shielded her thoughts, making sure to think about anything but Marcus' parting words and the contrasting feelings that clashed in her mind. She needed to hide this from Edward until she could resolve things with Jasper and only then will she bring it up with her family.

Alice glanced down at the slumbering blonde, running a hand through his disheveled hair she allowed a smile to grace her lips despite the situation.


Jasper's tone was uncertain, as it should be, Alice thought. She turned to him slowly, her tone devoid of emotion as she spoke softly, "We need to talk."


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