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Coastin' with the motion of the ocean

Whirlpools swirling, twisting twirling

Hawaiian roller coaster ride.


Naruto leant up against a boulder in his modified mindscape, he looked at Kurama lounging lazily in front of him, tails lazily swishing back and forth the as the two talked about their current predicament.

"Would it be so bad?"

The blonde quirked a brow in response, a puzzled expression settling on his face.

"Would it be so bad to start over here? The elemental nations and Konoha are safe, we've gotten rid of the major threats and the rest you know the others can handle. Our presence will be missed, yes. But think about it this way, when all is said and done our presence in Konoha will disrupt the delicate balance of power that needs to be maintained for some semblance of peace."

"But Konoha is our home." Naruto resolved stubbornly. "Our nakama is there… Baa-chan, Sakura-chan, Kakashi-sensei and everyone!"

"There is no guarantee that we can go home. My theory is that we got here due to the massive influx and concentrated collision of power from our Rasengan and that bastard Uchiha's Chidori ripping a hole through space and time. We're lucky enough to end up in a hospitable dimension rather than somewhere akin to limbo."

Naruto looked downcast at his partner's news. "Then how come nothing happened when the bijudama and Susanoo collided? If power is all it takes, we've got plenty of that! We can just do… whatever we need to get home."

"Perhaps this dimension is better equipped to handle our power. Even if we go nuts with the full extent of our power it is not guaranteed that we'll land back in the Elemental Nations if we manage to rip a hole through this dimension. Are you also willing to risk upsetting the balance in this dimension for the unlikely chance of plopping right back home?"

The blonde clenched his fist in frustration, "So that's it then? You're giving up?" Naruto questioned rhetorically, a hint of betrayal lacing his voice.

The bijuu exhaled harshly and stared down his host. "I'm tired, Naruto. You WILL be my last container. I have no interest in going back to the Elemental Nations only to get sealed once again when and if your time comes. I'm tired of the fighting and the hatred. Is it so selfish of me to wish for a peaceful existence for both of us? You deserve it just as much as I do."

Naruto looked at the bijuu in shock, he's never seen him so exhausted. "We have peace back home." He argued weakly.

The fox snorted, "Bullshit. You know as well as I do that peace in the elemental nations is as short and fragile as a mortal's life."

"Maybe it wouldn't have to be that short if we were there to keep it."

"You mean enforce it?" Kurama asked rhetorically. "Remember what Itachi said. We've done our part and now it's time to trust the others to continue what you've strived to do."

"So what do I do now? I've worked so hard to be the Hokage and it was finally within reach. I gained everyone's respect and acknowledgement. I have people that I love… But now it's all gone. By staying here I feel like I've betrayed Ero-sennin and Nagato's final wishes. How can you tell me to start over? I finally had everything and now… I have nothing." Naruto blinked back the tears and took a deep breath to calm himself.

"You adapt, just like you've always done. It will be hard, no doubt about it but take solace in the fact that you have achieved your goals, we have brought peace to the elemental nations, maintaining it will now fall on the others and the future generations. While I don't know how to comfort you with your loved ones… you can mourn for now, later you'll look back and cherish all the good times you had with them." Kurama murmured somewhat awkwardly, unused to words of comfort.

The blonde nin looked down, he didn't want to admit it but Kurama was right. This would be the perfect chance to start over, he wouldn't be Uzumaki Naruto the kyuubi container and war-hero. He wouldn't have to constantly look over his shoulder for any attempts on him or his comrades, he could just be.

Endless possibilities played through in his mind, one in particular had both him and Kurama purring in content. It was a vision of him with a family, his kits. He knew the repercussions of raising a family when you're a capable and powerful shinobi and whilst the thought of family was too dangerous for Naruto in particular in the Elemental Nations, it was a complete possibility here.

"Wouldn't that be nice." Naruto mumbled wistfully. He snickered, "You're getting soft fur ball."

Kurama merely hummed his approval, eyes shutting lazily in content at finally getting through his partner's thick head. "Time to wake up Naruto." One eye peeked open as he smirked at his container, lashing a tail out, he flicked Naruto's forehead hard enough for the sage to leave an indent in the boulder. Chuckling at the blonde's indignant squawk, he rolled over fully intent on taking advantage of this rare moment of silence seeing as his loud-mouthed partner would be too preoccupied with dealing with those… things. "Feh, getting soft my ass." He snorted.


Alice stared at the sleeping shinobi in bewilderment, she knew she was emulating Edward with the creepy-stare-at-you-whilst-you-sleep behavior but it was so damn hard not to. She couldn't explain what it was she was feeling exactly since A. Her heart wasn't functioning so this tight gripping sensation in her chest didn't make sense to her at all. And B. as a general rule of thumbs her species was cold, but in the presence of the blonde teen she felt hot.

"Alice." A quiet voice cut in through her reverie.

The petite vampire tensed at Jasper's presence, they haven't spoken to each other since their return from the field and as much as they tried to contain the issue amongst themselves their family still sniffed out their problems. Hence their extended hunting trip to 'show Nessie the great outdoors.' Alice could only smile at their thoughtfulness.

She refused to look at him, edging closer to the downed teen her hand reached out to trace the dark lines on his cheek, a small smile curling on her lips as his face scrunched from her touch. "Why?"

Jasper's honeyed eyes focused on Alice, his gift sensed her inner turmoil, anger and disappointment that he knew was directed at him and a sense of completion and elation for the injured teen. His fists clenched in anger, it would be so easy to wipe out the child, so very easy. Then maybe things could go back to the way they were.

Alice growled. "Don't even think about it." She spun around, taking a protective stance in front of the sleeping teen.

He threw his hands up in surrender, "My apologies." He murmured sheepishly.

Crossing her arms her brow rose impatiently at her soon to be ex-husband's silence. "Answer my question Jasper. Why." She hissed.

"Because I need you." He whispered somberly. "I love you, Alice."

"You don't manipulate the people you love Jasper." She threw back, her lips set in a grim line.

Jasper huffed angrily, his eyes shut as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. "But that's where you mistake the extent of my manipulation." He grimaced, that sounded even more messed up out loud. "It was only in the beginning… I only wanted for you to love me and need me as I did you. Over time the extent of my… adjustments faded, because what you finally felt for me was real. Alice, you love me." Jasper pleaded desperately, he didn't know who he was trying to convince, Alice or himself.

She stared at him, mulling over the words that she wanted to say out of the thousands zipping through her mind. "While there might have been a time that was true, I can't put this behind us Jasper. A relationship cannot be built from a base of lies and what you've done… You betrayed my trust, if this never happened would you have told me?"

His silence spoke volumes. "Tell me the other reason Alice." He prodded after a few minutes, it was time to hammer the final nail on the coffin, "Why won't we work anymore? We've been through so much together and you'd throw it all away for what, this child?" Jasper didn't even bother hiding the bitterness in his tone.

She shook her head, no use crying over spilt milk it happened and that's that, getting angry over this just wasn't worth it. "He is my mate." It wasn't a question and they both knew it. The finality of her tone struck something deep in the both of them. This was the end, and while Alice felt saddened (she didn't know if that was purely her or Jasper's emotions affecting her) a little part of her was eager to move on. And as old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens and she was definitely not spending an eternity brooding about her recently closed door.

"You don't have to leave." She spoke softly as an image of him leaving played out in her mind. "It will take awhile for me to fully get over this and forgive you but it doesn't mean that you have to exile yourself from our family."

"You may be able to forgive me but what of the rest of our family? I guarantee you Emmett's going to kill me." His lips quirked up in morbid amusement, "Or maim me at the least for hurting his 'precious little sister'" Jasper teased.

Alice rewarded him with a small smile despite the situation, "Well-" She stopped at the sound of rustling sheets along with a pained moan.

Both vampires zoned in on the teen, two sets of golden eyes widened as the teen smacked himself in the headhard enough for the bed to groan in protest.

"Ow." Naruto mumbled, what the hell, he definitely didn't mean to smack himself into another coma. Blinking the pain back his vision was greeted with a crème colored ceiling. That is all. He took a deep breath; letting it out slowly he took those few seconds to jump-start his memory and analyze the situation. I'm definitely forgetting something. Okay, it started at the Valley of The End, his rasengan and that bastard's chidori somehow ripped a dimensional hole and they landed kami-knows where and Sasuke… Sasuke. Sasuke, shit! Naruto knew the protocols with missing-nins and leaving that Teme's corpse lying around was definitely bad news.

He sat up abruptly, surprise etched in his face as he flew off from the bed and crashed straight into the wall. The sage heard his tenant cackle madly, baka-kitsune! What the hell is going on?

'The gravitational force here is weaker than the elemental nations.' Kurama mused to his unamused tenant, barking out in laughter at his partner's cluelessness.

And that's supposed to help me how? Naruto deadpanned growling mentally at Kurama's silence. He felt a small hand on his back and he tensed, how could he have been so careless to not sense the other presences in the room. Another hand found its way to his chest and he found himself extracted from the Naruto-shaped dent in the wall gently.

'Think about gravity seals idiot.'


Alice rubbed soothing circles on his back as she giggled at her mate's mishap. "Don't move." She cooed gently, smiling broadly as he relaxed in her hold.

Naruto's mind on the other hand was going a mile a minute. The female's voice and touch relaxed him and he wasn't entirely sure if he liked it. Don't get him wrong, he enjoys a woman's touch just as much as any guy but to have someone he didn't even know have this kind of power over him, known or unknown to the female was disconcerting.

'Just stop thinking and enjoy it! Or are you gay… I always knew you and that Te-'

Shut up! I am not gay! Naruto screeched in his mind, She's not speaking Japanese but… I can understand her. What gives?

Kurama merely purred in response, 'Like I said Naruto, don't overthink it. I've taken care of everything; we're lucky I recognized their manner of speech so I've taken the liberty of tweaking your voice box as you slept to better suit this dimension's language. And before you ask, yes I implemented their language in that puny excuse of a brain you have now shut up and let me sleep!'

Bastard fox! Naruto waved a mental fist at his tenant angrily. He'd get him back later he decided deviously. Looking down at the cold hand on his person he marveled at its complexion, he hasn't seen skin that pale since well the Hyuugas and this person was even paler than them. It was definitely a stark contrast with the dusky skin of his chest… Wait, chest? Looking down he realized he was only dressed in a pair of black boxers that definitely weren't his. Naruto gulped audibly and felt the heat creeping up his face, he meant to turn slowly to face the other occupants of the room but in his embarrassed haze he forgot one little thing. He wasn't used to this world's weakened gravitational energy thus resulting in a collision of something hard against his family jewels.

He didn't know how it happened but it did and with a sharp intake of breath his eyes squeezed shut at the sharp pain from his… junk spreading all through out his body in a haze of nausea. He grabbed whoever it was holding him tightly, his head dipping down to rest on a tuft of dark hair as he used the unknown female to support himself up from the crippling pain.

Alice on the other hand was completely dumbfounded at the rapid turn of events. Not that she was complaining from her spot nestled in her mate's tight embrace. How she got there however was a complete mystery… Wait, oh, she thought in realization. She vaguely remembered her thigh hitting something soft and then this. Judging by his reactions she nailed him right on the spot, or rather spots and not in the way she wanted to. She giggled at the ridiculousness of it all, "Sorry." She blurted out between giggles.

Naruto groaned in pain, he heard the woman's amused giggles and despite the pain he managed to grin weakly, "S'okay… Not your fault… Not used to gravity." He bit out.

The petite vampire pulled away slightly to look up at her mate. His face was scrunched up in pain though it was contradicted by the wide grin on his lips bearing out his larger than normal canines to her. "Gravity?" She asked her mate.

He nodded, sighing in relief when his healing factor kicked in, "The gravity here is weaker than what I'm used to." Naruto reiterated Kurama's words hoping she would understand.

Alice pondered her mate's words and nodded, it would explain Carlisle's diagnosis. The sunny blonde in front of her had denser than normal bones with even more densely packed muscle fibers that allowed him to perform feats above and beyond average human capabilities. But then again he was from a completely different world, she figured it must have been a hostile one to force its inhabitants to evolve to a higher state of being. And that was without the weird powers she saw her blonde using and his healing capabilities.

She heard the front door shut and she figured Jasper must have left to give them some privacy. She frowned momentarily at the thought of her ex-husband in pain but it was hard to feel anything besides excitement and curiosity around her mate. She'd deal with her grief later.

Naruto took the woman's silence as a chance to observe her. She was beautiful, short dark hair framed her heart shaped face and her golden eyes were framed by thick black lashes and accented by her high and pronounced cheekbones. Her nose slanted elegantly to her plump lips, a deep ruby color that was set in a soft smile. His eyes flicked back to hers and the blood once again rushed to his face when he realized she was watching him watching her.

"I umm… Sorry I've just never met anyone so beautiful." He mumbled out, instantly regretting his words at her wide-eyed expression. Finally noticing their close proximity he took great care to control his movements as he slowly lifted his arms off her, he tried to step back but her hold on him remained solid. "Uh… miss, mind lettin' me go?" He mumbled beyond embarrassed.

Alice snickered, "Right, I forgot you don't know my name yet, Naruto." She smiled at his bewildered expression, "Well let's fix that! I'm Alice Cullen and I'm your mate." She said bluntly.

She's my mate… Hmm mate? Holy shit mate! He gaped at her, what the hell did mate mean anyways he wasn't an animal and as far as he knew the mating thing only happened to the animalistic Inuzukas.

'Who cares, she's hot.' Kurama huffed out, irritated at his partner's loud ramblings. Was it too much to ask for some peace and quiet? Apparently it was.

She is… He agreed whole-heartedly, moving on! I don't know anything about her and this was our chance for a clean break to be normal and this is definitely anything BUT normal. Naruto ranted mentally.

'Naruto. Shut up and take a deep breath. Don't bitch about the situation when you're lookin' at her like she's a bowl of ramen kit. The way I see it is 'don't look a gift horse in the mouth'' The nine-tailed fox rolled its eyes at his jailor. How on earth did the kid survive without him?

I am not looking at her like a bowl of ramen! Okay maybe I am but whatever! What's this got to do with looking in a horse's mouth? And where the hell do you come up with a horse anyways?

Kurama sighed heavily and resisted the urge to face-palm. 'It means don't question a good thing. Now pay attention to your woman, you know what happens when you don't.' He finished ominously as he played a montage of memories with Naruto flying through the air or two inches deep in the ground courtesy of air-Tsunade or Sakura's fist.

Alice observed Naruto's facial expressions switch from fear, annoyance, anger and then back to fear. It was as if he was having a conversation only he was privy too. She shrugged, oh well we all have our demons. Seeing the glazed look in his eyes replaced by panicked alertness she continued on to say, "I know you have a lot of questions and don't worry I'm here to answer all of them so… shoot." She finished awkwardly.

Naruto squinted at her whilst he thought, his head cocked to the side as he regarded her calmly and sensing no deceit or malicious intent in her he voiced his first question, "First thing's first. How come you don't have a heart beat?"

The vampire looked up at her mate with a guilty smile, "Well you see…" She laughed sheepishly.


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