Hey! I wanted to write something with OC's so I decided to start a new story. This story is about five different people who show up in Jump City unexpectedly. They get taken into the teen titans and work to figure out why they were all drawn there. I need four OC's. Two girls, two boys. Heres the application:

*Real Name:


*Hero Name:

*Age: (looking for people around 15-17) Can be slightly older or if theyre immortal or something that's cool too.)

*Appearance: eyes-



Build of Body-

Anything unusual-

Anything theyre embarrassed by-

Clothing: *Civilian-

*Hero -


*Style in general-



*Skills:(knows any martial arts, extra language, good with animals, great dancer, really smart, etc.)


Things they like:

Things they hate:

*What type of guy/girl they like:

*History:how did they get theyre powers-



The parts with a * are mandatory, I don't care if it's really long after all i'm asking for their life story. I hope you leave me an OC but just to let you know I plan to ship them with others and form romantic relationships, also to put them into embarrassing situations. Send in Ocs! I cant wait to see what you guys come up with!