by WSJ

WSJ: *jumps up and down excitedly* Yeah! It's the sequel to my story A Yami of my Own! You don't have to read that before you read this, but it would help.

Ryou: *sighs* Are you ever going to get around to finishing Visions of the Heart?

WSJ: Um... *sweatdrop* Eventually?

Stuff you need to know: Ok, I know I said you didn't have to have read AYomO. *sweatdrop* But there's still things you need to know. If you've read it, skip this part.

First off, Joey has a yami, known as Jakan, and the Millinium Pendant, created by Yami-Yugi to seperate Jakan from Bakura. Jakan was evil all through AYomO, although at the end he says he repents. Joey tends not to believe him and keeps a close eye on him though.

In his past life Jakan was one of Yami's advisors, and a master of a dark magic known as the Dark Arts. He betrayed Yami and tried to kill him, but was subdued and sentanced to be sealed in a Millinium Item. Originally Yami was going to seal him into the Ankh but made a mistake and sealed him into the Ring with Bakura. To get all the details of how that's possible and why Ryou didn't know you'll have to read AYomO. ^_~

Kaiba also has a yami, Seth, and the Millinium Pyramid. The Pyramid was created by Yami-Malik to save Seto's life after he fused with Seth. Seth is quiet, and generally he and Seto get along. In his past life Seth was a High preist to the god of chaos, Set. He made a deal with Jakan that Yami never knew about, but that comes to light in chapter 5 of AYomO.

Tristan, Grandpa and Tea know nothing about Seth or Jakan. In chapter 2 of AYomO, Tristan was knocked unconcious and he thinks the fight he had with Jakan was just a dream.

Meanwhile, Isis, Mokuba and Mai do know. There, I think that's it. ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own the cast of YGO, but Jakan, Seth, the two new Egyptian Millinium Items, all five of the English Millinium Items and the English Item-holders are mine.

Summery: Ryou's been kidnapped without the Millinium Ring and taken to his home country of England. Yugi and crew chase after him and end up entangling themselves in a living legend; that of King Arthur and five Merlin-made Millinium Items. Watch out Yami, we're not in Egypt anymore!

[....] Bakura

{....} Ryou

/..../ Yugi

//....// Yami

^....^ Jakan

*....* Joey

~....~ Malik

#....# Yami-Malik

+....+ Seto

=....= Seth

'....' regular thoughts


16-year-old Yugi Moto glanced over at the empty desk beside him, absently fiddling with the chain that held the Millinium Puzzle around his neck. 'I wonder where Ryou is... He was gone yesterday too.'

The sophmore heard a soft snore coming from behind him and turned to see his best friend, 16-year-old Joey Wheeler, asleep in his chair with his eyes open.

Yugi chuckled and started to turn back around when he caught a sudden tightening in Joey's jaw and the skin around his eyes. Yugi yelped and jusmped up, not caring if he got in trouble. He had to get away from the gaze of Jakan's electric blue eyes...


In their seperate soul rooms, four sets of yami eyes snapped open. Four yamis jumped out of their aibous' seats. Four yamis raced out of the school rooms, unheeding to the teachers' calls.

They had to get to talk to each other, had to get to Ryou and Bakura's.

As they sped down seperate sidewalks towards one destination, Yami, Jakan, Seth and Yami-Malik each had the same thought.

'This cannot be good...'


WSJ: *sweatdrop* I know, really, really short and the notes are longer then the actual story, but it'll get better, I promise. ^_^;; Just hang in there for me. Suggestions are welcome.

Joey: *wanders in and picks up the sketchbook laying on WSJ's bed* Hey, these are pretty good, but there's none of us! *pouts* They're all Gundam Wing!

WSJ: *shakes her head* Nope, check the last one I've done.

Joey: *flips to the end of the sketchbook, then blancs and drops it* Aarg!

Bakura walks over and picks it up, then immediately drops it.

Bakura: My eyes! I'm blind!

Yami-Malik: *picks it up, then bursts out laughing* Bwahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joey and Jakan!!!!!!!!!! With no shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WSJ: *sniffles* Well you don't have to pick on me!

Mai: *grabs the sketchpad from Y-Malik, her eyes go wide and she begins to drool* Joey-chan....

WSJ: *sweatdrop* At least someone likes it...