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[....] Bakura

{....} Ryou

/..../ Yugi

//....// Yami

^....^ Jakan

*....* Joey

~....~ Malik

#....# Yami-Malik

+....+ Seto

=....= Seth

'....' regular thoughts or written words



Kaiba looked down to see Yugi pulling on the hem of his coat.

"Is Bakura really... Dead?" the midget asked.

'Amazing!' Kaiba thought. 'I know he's the same age as Joey and the others, but he reminds me so much of Mokuba! Maybe it's the eyes or the height... Just amazing!'

"I don't know Yugi." he answered aloud.

The two looked over to where Yami was picking up the peices of the Ring, almost reverently. He handed them to Yami-Malik, who tied them to a string, which he hung around his neck. He'd been the only one who could really call Bakura a friend, after all.

"I'll kill them," they heard him mutter, clenching his fists. "I'll kill whoever did this to Bakura and Ryou..."

"I've never seen them like this!" Joey said, low enough so the yamis wouldn't hear. "Yami-Malik I understand, maybe even Jakan. But Yami and Seth?"

"Well, think about it," Kaiba said. "They're the last members of their civilization, not to mention their entire race. One of them was just killed. Of course they feel that way."

"I never thought of it like that..." Joey mused.

They heard a whistle and turned to see Malik hunched over the bed, staring at something. "What is it?" Yugi asked as they walked over, the yamis joining them a moment later.

"A note." Malik said, straitening up.

"Hey, yeah! We don't know what happened to Ryou!" Joey said. "I don't see him laying around anywhere, so he must be all right!"

Yami frowned as he read the note over Malik's shoulder. "Define 'all right'. We don't know who's blood this is, and the note isn't helping."

"What's it say Yami?" Yugi asked.

Malik read it aloud. "'Dear friends, holders of the Egyptian Millinium Items, Your precious Ryou is fine... For now. If you want to see him alive again, meet me at Stone Henge at midnight on November 16. Bring the Millinium Items. Yours, Meghan."

"I don't know anyone named Meghan..." Jakan said. Everyone else shook their heads 'no' as well.

"Stone Henge is in England!" Joey said, a sweatdrop forming on the side of his head. "How are we supposed to get there in two weeks?"

Kaiba frowned and waved his hand in front of Joey's face. "Hel-lo! Multi-millionaire here! I can get us there easily."

"Ok, so why would this 'Meghan' want the Millinium Items? She had the Ring and apparently destroyed it." Yugi pointed out.

"So maybe that is why she wants them, to destroy them." Yami-Malik said, fingering the fragments of the Ring that hung around his neck.

"In that case we can't give them to her! We can't let her have them in any case!" Yugi burst out. "We have to rescue Ryou before she does anything to him!"

The eight looked at each other in silence for a moment. "So we're going to England?" Joey asked finally.

Kaiba shook his head. "Can't. I can hire a jet to get you there, but I can't leave right now. I have work."

Seth frowned. "You work too much, my hikari." he said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well, Mokuba has a school play he's gonna be in next week, and he'd kill me if I missed it." Kaiba said, ducking his head a little in slight embarrassment.

Ignoring the snickers coming from the hikaris Yami nodded curtly. "Right. Let's get to it then."

So that is how, several hours later, Yugi, Malik and Joey found themselves on a plane headed west, towards merry old England. The yamis were relaxing in their soul rooms, Joey was flipping through a magazine, and Yugi was asleep.

~Hey Yami... You wouldn't really kill whoever did this, would you?~

#I don't know aibou... I sure feel like it at the moment!#

A pause. ~The Ring's broken... So Bakura's gone for good?~

#I'm not sure... Like Seth, Jakan, Yami-Yuugi and I, he's already dead. So maybe it just released his spirit into the afterlife or something.#

~...He was a friend to you, wasn't he Yami?~


Not another word was spoken between Malik and his yami until they landed about six hours later.

"Hey Yug', we're here."

Yugi groaned and opened his eyes to see Joey's face two inches from his. His eyes widened. "Gah! What a sight to wake up to!"

Joey pretended to be hurt. "Aw, Yug', it was either me waking you up or Jakan. Malik and his yami went to go get our bags."

Yugi gulped. "In that case, thank you!"

^Why do I have the feeling I've just been insulted? Were you talking about me again?^

Joey let out the mental equivilant of a laugh as he and Yugi gathered their carry-on luggage and left the plane to meet Malik. *Never mind Jakan. You should know by now that it's always better not to ask.*


"So," Malik asked as they stepped outside into the cool fall air. "Where's that hotel Kaiba booked us?"

Yugi rummaged around in his back pocket for a moment and came up triumphant with a small peice of paper. "Let's see..." he scratched his head. "Um..." Turning, he snagged the coat sleeve of a passing business man. "Could you tell me where this address is?"

The man turned. "Sure thing. But shouldn't your parents know that you're wandering around the city by yourself?"

Malik and Joey burst into laughter and Yami let out a mental hoot as the man told Yugi where to go.

//Aibou, that was priceless!//

/Says you. You never get teased about your height./ Yugi said, pretending to pout as the three hikaris decided the hotel was close enough to walk to and started down the street.

//Because I'm not vertically challenged.//


There was a slight pause. //Aibou,// Yami's mental voice was serious. //Let me take over, or get someplace you can let me out. I need to talk with the other yamis.//

Yugi blinked. "Um... Yami says he needs to talk with Yami-Malik and Jakan."

Joey and Yami-Malik nodded, apparently getting similar requests from their own darks. The three moved into a nearby alleyway, and after checking to make sure no one was paying them any attention they let their yamis out.

As soon as they appeared, all three yamis turned to look to the east, towards the back of the alley.

Joey frowned and tugged on Jakan's coat. "What is it?"

The yamis turned to look at their hikaris, slight looks of disbeleif on their faces. "What is it?" Yugi repeated Joey's question, then added one of his own. "Do you sense something?"

Frowning slightly, Yami nodded. "Yes... Another Millinium Item."


*grins* I'll leave it at that. I have most of the plot worked out now, it's all just a matter of putting it to paper.

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