Author's notes

Alright this is my first Soul Eater fanfic so please be gentle with me. This takes place right after the battle for brew and Maka is a 'little' crankie after not being able to do genie hunter again.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing; not Soul Eater or its characters or anything to do with the anime

"JUST GET OUT SOUL!" Maka threw her pillow at her partner's head and felt satisfaction when it hit him straight in the face. Soul took the wise path and dashed out of Maka's room and slammed the door before the meister could throw anything else at him. Soul noticed Blair staring at Maka's door from the couch all freaked out in her cat form.

Blair looked at Soul and asked, "What was it this time?" Soul felt his anger spike again and yelled, "Its the stupid genie hunter! Maka thinks that just because I did it right that ONE TIME in the battle for brew that we could do it just like that." Soul faced Maka's door and yelled with all his might, "IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!" The apartment almost shook when Maka's voice screamed out, "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE SOUL!"

Soul just huffed and looked at Blair. Blair shrugged her cat shoulders and stared at Maka's door again. Soul saw something in the cat witch's eyes that unnerved him. Was that malice? Wait what am I thinking? What could Blair do to Maka or me? Just calm down Soul, remember, stay cool no matter what. Soul looked at Blair again and she looked like her usual smiling self. Soul sighed and told the cat witch, "I'm going to sleep over Blackstar and Tsubaki's apartment for the night." With that, Soul turned around and walked out the apartment.

Blair watched as Soul left. Finally. Its been almost two weeks now since he last left. Blair looked back at Maka's door and felt excitement flow through her. Tonight is going to be great.

10:00 P.M. at Blackstar and Tsubaki's apartment

"How can Maka be so- so stupid!?" Soul punched the table and immediately grabbed his hand feeling pain course through it. Tsubaki just sighed, "Soul don't you think you're being a little too rough on Maka?" Soul glared at Tsubaki and before he could say anything Blackstar stepped in, "Who cares what Maka thinks? She's just a bookworm unlike the great Blackstar!" Blackstar punched the air a few times as if there were invisible enemies.

Soul pointed at Blackstar, "See that's exactly the problem! She thinks that just because she gets straight A's that she could do anything she wants!" Tsubaki sighed again, "I don't think that's what Blackstar's saying." Soul and Blackstar ignored her and continued to point out Maka's flaws. After half an hour Tsubaki decided that she had enough of the boys and left to take a bath.

When her bath was filled with warm water, Tsubaki slipped in, sighing in content as the water cooled her nerves. I wonder what Maka's doing right now... O wait, she already told me what happens whenever her and Soul get into fights and he leaves. Thinking about it, Tsubaki slipped her hand under the water and lightly traced her vaginal lips, making her moan softly. Tsubaki rubbed her slit with her fingertips and slowly dragged them up to her clit. Tsubaki used her other hand to tease her nipples, making them pucker and become ultra sensitive. Tsubaki bit her lower lip so the boys wouldn't hear her as she masturbated. She then slowly entered herself and started to finger bang herself. "Mmm~." Slowly but surely her fingers picked up speed and soon her fingers were pumping inside her twice every second. Feeling herself approaching her limit, Tsubaki brought the hand that was playing with her nipples to her clit, rubbing it in tight circles. As Tsubaki came, her back arched and despite her efforts, she gave out a loud, "OH GOD~!" Tsubaki brought herself down from cloud nine by still rubbing her clit, slowly stopping and relaxing against the tub's side.

The door suddenly flew off its hinges and crashed into a wall, causing Tsubaki to scream in surprised. Blackstar stood with his left foot out, having kicked the door in, and Soul stood right behind him with a bat raised, his eyes looking for anyone to hit. Tsubaki shrieked and quickly covered herself with a towel to hide her naked body. Both boys immediately gained a nose bleed. Soul passed out but Blackstar kept his ground even though he staggered a bit. Holding her nose, Blackstar yelled, "What happened!? Me and Soul heard you scream and thought somebody was attacking you!" Tsubaki blushed and answered, "No Blackstar I just saw a spider and it kinda freaked me out." Blackstar just shrugged and said, "Okay but if you see anymore spiders just let the great Blackstar kill it for you." Tsubaki just sighed and said, "Of course Blackstar."

Meanwhile at Maka and Soul's apartment

"Mm~ oh yeah~." Maka moaned as she rubbed her pussy. Maka was lying on her bed naked with one hand playing with her right nipple, the other between her legs. Oh god I needed this so bad. Maka continued to play with her clit, just as her master instructed her to whenever they were going to play with each other. Master wants me to play with myself as she gets ready, but god I hope she hurries. Maka spread her legs further and her back arched as her hips started to hump her hand. "Oh fuck~" Maka saw her door open and Blair was standing there, with a cop hat on her head, her cat ears sticking out of the hat where she put holes in it. In her right hand there was cuffs and a ball gag and in the other was a riding crop and a spike collar with a leash clipped to it. Blair held up the collar so that Maka could read the tag;

Blair's Bitch

If found please return her to Blair at Scyth Weapon Soul's apartment

Just seeing the tag caused Maka's pussy to become wetter. Blair looked at Maka with a cruel look saying, "Hello slave." Blair used her booted foot to close Maka's door.

Author's notes

Yeah I know I ended the story at a bad spot. Why? CLIFF HANGER MOTHA FUCKA! XD O and so anyone not into BDSM would know where this story is going. HEHE