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Surprise! Sorry I'm running out of ideas of introducing my story. Well ya'll know the deal, rated M and blah, blah, blah

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Tsubaki and Maka just stared at their masters. They were in the torture room in the basement of DWMA. Tsubaki's mistress, Ms. Marie, was naked sitting on an electric chair with her legs wide open to give better access to Maka's master, Blair. Blair was also naked and on her knees in front of Ms. Marie. Blair spread Ms. Marie's vaginal lips and slowly dragged her tongue across the slit.

Both women heard the door open and lazily looked at the doorway to see their pets standing, shocked at the scene in front of them. Blair brought her head up and asked, "What took you guys so long?"

Maka quickly recovered from her shock and answered, "It was Kim and Jacqueline master. They came out at the end of the day and well a fight almost broke out between Jacqueline and Ox."

Ms. Marie snapped out of the bliss of the sex that was given to her by Blair and asked concerned, "Oh my god! Are Ox and Jacqueline alright?!" Even though Ms. Marie dominates Tsubaki from time to time, she truly was a caring and trusting teacher. Tsubaki answered, "Oh they are alright mistress, Kim stopped the fight before it happened." Ms. Marie breathed out in relief and said, "Thank god."

Ms. Marie looked at Tsubaki and realized she was cool headed, something that a person shouldn't be when they have a vibrating dildo inside them. Ms. Marie stared at Tsubaki with a eyebrow raised and asked, "So how's the vibrator?"

Tsubaki gulped and stammered, "Well- you see- I uh..." Ms. Marie finished for her, "Took it out even though I told you not to?" Tsubaki gulped again and nodded. "I'm sorry mistress! Please forgive me!"

Ms. Marie just looked away without a second glance at Tsubaki. Tsubaki tried to take a step forward but Ms. Marie said, "If you want my forgiveness so bad you better not walk like a human with pride and dignity, crawl like the little bitch you are." Tsubaki felt herself become wet when she received an order from her mistress and immediately got on her hands and knees. She crawled toward her mistress and when she reached her, she stayed on her hands and knees.

Ms. Marie looked unimpressed but reached down to pat Tsubaki's head. "You seem a little hot with all those clothes on, how about you take them off." Tsubaki nodded and stood up to take off her clothes. Ms. Marie looked somewhere else as if uninterested but she watched Tsubaki from the corner of her eye. When Tsubaki was fully naked, she got back down on her hands and knees. Ms. Marie held up her right hand and did a 'come here' motion while her other hand opened her vaginal lips.

Tsubaki crawled closer to her mistress and licked her hand, slowly going closer to where she was instructed. After what felt like an eternity, Tsubaki licked the outer lips of Ms. Marie while playing with her own clit. She licked up the slit to flick her cliterous. Ms. Marie grabbed Tsubaki's head and held her close while moaning, "Fuck~ that's it my bitch! That's it~" Tsubaki licked down the slit to find her hole. When she reached it, Tsubaki swirled her tongue around it and slowly got closer to the opening. She then penetrated Ms. Marie with her tongue, rocking her head back and forth to help her as she masturbated. Ms. Marie threw back her head and moaned, "Oh god~!"

Maka and Blair watched as the two had sex and felt their own need rise. Blair looked at Maka and then around the room to find anything to use. Blair's eyes went to the electric chair Ms. Marie was sitting in and felt a tinge of disappointment at not being able to strap Maka in it. Blair continued to look around the room, but everything she saw was either too complicated for her to use or looked too dangerous to be used on her Maka.

Blair decided that her and Maka were going to take a little break from the rough sex to just make love. Blair looked at Maka and asked, "Do you want us to play our game or do you want us to make love?" Maka looked up at Blair and asked, "It doesn't matter to me, what do you want to do?" As an answer, Blair bent down and claimed Maka's lips. Blair slipped her tongue inside Maka's mouth and surprising her, started to lovingly dance with her tongue instead of just dominating it as Blair usually does.

What really surprised Maka was that she found that she preferred this kind of kissing instead of the rough kisses she would be forced to receive when Blair dominated her. Maka playfully pushed Blair's tongue back into her own mouth, testing if Blair would go back to dominating her or not. Blair in response wrapped her arms around Maka's waist and pulled her in closer. Acting on instinct, Maka wrapped her arms around Blair's neck and stood on her toes so Blair wouldn't have to bend down so much.

Ms. Marie watched as the couple made out lovingly and felt sad that her and Tsubaki's relationship was only based on the rough sex. Looking down, she saw Tsubaki stare at her as she ate her out. Ms. Marie smiled lovingly and stroked Tsubaki's pony tail which cause Tsubaki to jump in surprise. Pulling back Tsubaki asked, "Mistress?" Ms. Marie shook her head no and said, "I'm sorry but we can't keep doing this." Tsubaki felt herself about to cry when Ms. Marie continued, "I do like the rough sex but don't you think its starting to get a little old? I want to be able to really make love to you and I can't do that if I am your mistress. So from now on, we are a couple."

Tsubaki couldn't help it she just giggled. When Ms. Marie looked at her confused, Tsubaki explained, "Sorry its just that- I already thought we were a couple." Tsubaki bent her head to lick her lover again, but felt a light tug on her ponytail. Looking up, Tsubaki saw Ms. Marie pat her lap, silently telling her that she wants Tsubaki on her lap. Tsubaki oblodged and got up to sit back down on Ms. Marie's lap. Tsubaki grabbed both sides of Ms. Marie's face and pulled her close so she could kiss her lips. Ms. Marie wrapped her arms around her new girlfriend while slipping her tongue in Tsubaki's mouth.

Blair and Maka were still kissing passionately when Blair pulled back. Maka bent up to kiss Blair's lips again. Blair looked around and saw an empty table. Pointing to it she said, "How about we lay down over there. Maka nodded and followed Blair to the table. When Blair reached it, she laid down and when Maka tried to lay next to her, she shook her head no. Maka felt hurt rush through her when Blair grabbed her arm and pulled her on her lap.

Maka looked confused as to what Blair wanted until she saw Blair lean up to lick her breasts. Maka felt her tongue trace her nipples and Maka threw her head back moaning, "Yes~" while grabbing the back of Blair's head to pull her closer. Blair brought her lips around Maka's right nipple and started to suck on it. Maka began to trace Blair's cat ears which made the women giggle around the nipple in her mouth. Blair alternated between nipples until Maka moaned with every suck.

Ms. Marie still had Tsubaki in her lap but they moved around so that both their pussies were facing each other. Tsubaki lifted her hips so their pussies would connect and both women moaned out. Ms. Marie pulled Tsubaki closer to her body so their pussies would stay connected. Ms. Marie bounced Tsubaki in her lap so their pussies would rub against each other. Tsubaki bent her head to lightly suck and bite Ms. Marie's neck to mark her as hers with a hickey. Ms. Marie just moaned out and bounced Tsubaki faster. "AH~ baby yes~!"

Blair was now kissing down Maka's stomach and grabbed her legs. Pulling them, she made Maka fall back with her lower half sticking in the air with a little yelp of surprise. Blair rearranged herself so that she was on her knees with Maka's pussy in front of her. Blair felt a rush of lust when she saw her lover's pussy but also some guilt at never treating her with licking it.

Blair bent her head and licked off the wetness on Maka's out lips. Maka grabbed the edges of the table and moaned, "Blair~" Having her name moaned out for the first time by her lover made Blair lose all control of her lust. She stuck her tongue between Maka's lips and licked up the slit. When she reached the clit, she flicked it around a few times before dragging her tongue back down. She found Maka's hole and licked directly at her core. Maka moaned out, "AH~" and began to tremble in pleasure. Blair fingered herself to the noises of Maka's pleasure

After a few minutes of Blair licking Maka and masturbating and Tsubaki grinding with Ms. Marie, all four women felt themselves reach their limits. Blair was now frantically licking Maka and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Blair was now pumping her fingers inside of herself twice every second. Ms. Marie and Tsubaki were covered in sweat and were moaning each other's name while grinding their pussies together as fast as they could. To them reach their limits, Ms. Marie stuck two of her fingers between their pussies so there would be something more solid to rub against.

Maka was the first to come, gripping the table's edges and moaning loudly, "BLAIR~!" Blair licked up Maka's cum and felt herself come as well. Maka grabbed Blair's hand and licked off her cum. Tsubaki and Ms. Marie quickly followed. Ms. Marie and Tsubaki clunged to each other as they felt themselves climax. Both moaned out, "YES~!" as their cum mixed together and drip to the chair.

All four women rested with their lover to catch their breathes. When they did, Maka kissed Blair and Tsubaki kissed Ms. Marie. Maka pulled back and cuddled with Blair as Tsubaki did the same with Ms. Marie. They looked at each other and got up to put on their clothes.

Maka left with Blair first and headed toward their apartment. When they reached it Blair opened the door and both women saw Soul 'cook'. 'Cook' as in almost burning the apartment down. Blair and Maka just laughed hysterically when Soul fumbled with the fire extinguisher and put out the fire at last. Soul looked back at Maka and saw for the first time how beautiful she really was. He dropped the fire extinguisher and walked toward Maka. Grabbing her shoulders, Soul tried to kiss her cheek but Maka shook her head no. Soul looked at the floor and said, "I really fucked up huh?"

Maka just chuckled and said, "Yeah but you did stay cool all this time." Soul looked up and smiled sadly while scratching the back of his head, "Hey, can I come home now?" Maka just nodded and smiled, "Of course." Soul tried to kiss Maka again but Blair grabbed her and pull her out of the before Soul could. Soul looked to see Blair glaring at him, eyes slitted, while holding Maka close to her. Soul looked at Maka and she said, "Soul I'm with Blair. I have been with Blair for a very long time." Soul sagged his shoulders and walked toward his room. Maka looked at Blair and asked, "Do you think I should've at least drop some hints before just outright telling him about us?" Blair just shook her head, "Soul is many things and being oblivious is just one of them. He wouldn't have gotten the hints." Maka nodded in agreement and walked out of Blair's hug. Walking to her room, she changed into her pajamas and heard scratching on her door. Opening it she was greeted by cat Blair who rubbed her head on Maka's left leg purring before walking to Maka's bed and claiming the pillow as her own. Maka just chuckled and slipped into the covers, grabbing the cat to cuddle with her. Blair looked up and said, "I love you Maka." Maka drifted off to sleep while saying, "I love you too Blair."

Meanwhile at Blackstar and Tsubaki's apartment

"Yo Tsubaki!" Blackstar greeted Tsubaki as she enter their apartment but stopped mid step when he caught sight of the woman behind Tsubaki. Ms. Marie raised her hand and waved at Blackstar while smiling. Blackstar automatically yelled, "Okay whatever happened it wasn't me! I have no idea how my awesome and handsome face was painted in the boy's bathroom saying how great and awesome I am!" Tsubaki faced palmed while Ms. Marie held both hands up in a surrender gesture, "Oh no, I actually came here to talk with Tsubaki." Both women stared at Blackstar waiting for him to get the hint. After a minute, Tsubaki sighed and added, "Privately Blackstar." Blackstar said a little, "Oh well I guess I could run a mile or two around town." Blackstar left without another word. As soon as the door closed, Ms. Marie lifted Tsubaki bridal style and carried her to her room. Ms. Marie laid Tsubaki on her bed and crawled in beside her. Tsubaki giggled and asked, "So what did you want to talk about?" Ms. Marie held Tsubaki closer and said, "How much I love you." Tsubaki turned around so she was facing Ms. Marie and claimed her lips. Pulling back Tsubaki nuzzled Ms. Marie's neck, "I love you too." Both women fell asleep in each other's arms.


Author's notes

So what did ya'll think? Oh and FYI: Blackstar caught Ms. Marie and Tsubaki when he came back and suffered a massive nose bleed. Soul and him now talk about the two love birds and wonder what they do in bed.