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Annabeth gulped. Silena definitely wouldn't go easy on her. Swallowing her fear, Annabeth piped up. "What happens if you don't do a truth or dare?"

Piper smirked, laughing. "If you don't do a truth, you have to strip a piece of clothing. If you don't do a dare, you need to give someone a lapdance. And for a boy, you need to wear lingerie. Oh, and no doing two truths or dares in a row."

Annabeth gulped again. Turning to Silena, she said. "Truth."

Silena smiled mischievously. "When did you get so horny, that you needed to get frisky in public?"

Annabeth remembered that time to well.

"Percy," Annabeth greeted her boyfriend. "What's up?" Percy smiled.

"Just wanted to see my girlfriend!" He pecked her on the lips quickly. Annabeth giggled and sipped her iced tea from the cafe they were meeting at.

"So, Annabeth," Percy said. Annabeth looked up at him, curious. "I love you." When Annabeth laughed, Percy frowned. "No, Beth, I'm serious. You are the smartest, sweetest, funniest, and sexiest girl I've ever met." Annabeth blushed.

"I love you too, Percy."

"I- I wanted to know." Percy started. Then, changing his mind, he pressed her lips against his.

"Percy!" Annabeth cried, pushing him away. Percy looked confused; Annabeth sighed exasperatedly. "We're in public!"

Percy laughed. "Don't worry about that." Right then and there, Percy crashed his lips against hers. Forgetting her disapproval, Annabeth found herself enjoying it. He sucked her neck quickly, then pulled away, innocently sipping his drink.

Annabeth felt her vagina getting wet. She knew she'd had to do something. Smirking slightly, Annabeth pushed her hand under the table and found Percy's belt.

Percy looked at her questioningly but didn't object. She yanked the belt off and pulled Percy's pants down until they reached his knees.

Percy breathed in sharply when he realized what Annabeth was doing.

Annabeth pushed down Percy's blue boxers and grabbed his dick. Percy gave a startled moan.

Annabeth smirked and stroked Percy's dick, twirling it and twisting it.

Percy moaned louder, and shot her a glare. Others were beginning to stare.

With one final squeeze, Annabeth let go and grinned widely.

"I love you," Percy said smiling.

"You did that? Classic!" Connor Stoll laughed, clutching his stomach and wiping a tear from his eyes.

Annabeth glared at him. "Shut up! It's not like you've done better!"

"You've got that right," Travis Stoll snickered. "Like, there was that time when Connor and Megan were going shopping for waterbeds. What was that you said, bro? Sex on a waterbed was 'wicked'?"

"Fuck off, Travis." Connor said, shooting his brother a dirty look. "Annabeth. Your turn."

Her gaze lingered around the room, finally resting on Jason. "Jason, truth or dare?"

Jason wore an expression like, shit. Kill me now. "Um... Dare. Wait! Truth. Actually dare. Yeah, dare." Laughs sounded around the room. Annabeth grinned evilly.

"Great! Kiss the person who you think has the best boobs." Annabeth dared him. Jason looked around nervously.

Jason muttered something quietly. "Wear lingerie or insult Piper by kissing Silena?" Everyone laughed, except Piper. She looked mad.

Sucking up his courage, Jason went over to Silena and pressed against against hers. His hands went to her boobs, massaging them. Silena moaned loudly and wrapped her arms around him.

Beckendorf and Piper looked mad. Really mad.

"That's enough, you guys!" Annabeth said rushing to break apart Jason and Silena. "I said kiss. Not make out."

"Right. Sorry." Jason said blushing. "Okay, Piper, truth or dare?"

Piper said instantly, "Dare." Annabeth had a feeling she knew what Piper was up to. And she loved it.

"Okay. Um, I dare you to have sex with me." Piper looked absolutely livid, and Annabeth didn't blame her. Jason was just making out with some girl, and know he wanted sex? Unbelievable!

"I don't accept," Piper muttered without even thinking about it, her face stony. Jason looked down, ashamed. "I'll give a lapdance. Anna, help me pick out the lingerie?" Annabeth nodded and the two girls went to the closet.

"You don't need to do this." Annabeth said quietly, moving aside a hideous red chemise lingerie.

"I want too." Piper murmured back softly. "Do you like this?" She held up a sheer babydoll outfit, covered in sequins.

"Um no." Annabeth said. She spot something in the back, and took it out. "What about this? I love it!"

"Yes! It's absolutely perfect!" Piper agreed instantly.

It was. The black lingerie was a lace halter apron with cross front detail, lace trim, back satin ribbon ties, a bra, and thong.

Lucky for Piper, the bra didn't cover her nipples or half her boobs. Her stomach was wide open, as was her back. Her ass was clearly visible.

She was sexy.

"Woah, Piper, you look amazing!" The boys said as Piper walked out. Silena's eyebrows scrunched up in jealousy.

"Who are you giving the lap-dance too?" Leo said, there was an interest in his voice.

Piper looked at Jason, smirking. "Beckendorf."

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